First Time Caught.

Being naked is something I do often and have done for awhile. But the first time I was caught was when I was about 16 years old or so. I was with my best friend, who was also naked ,and we were caught by my best friend's mom and her cousin. Allow me to elaborate:

One day, my friend and I went her house after school. Going to her place when school ended was a tradition of ours for awhile because both of us loved being naked, but I couldn't do it too often at my house since my mom was almost always home. So one day, we got into her house and ******** down, like always. My friend's mom was at work, or so we thought. In reality, she had the day off and was at the grocery store a mile or 2 away from the house. We were just sitting in her living room watching TV when my friend went into the kitchen to go get some food. Almost as soon as she got into the kitchen, I saw her mom's car pull up. I ran to the kitchen, told her what I saw, and we both didn't know what to do. She told me to follow her into the guest bedroom, since it was the closest room to us. So we went in there and locked the door. The problem? Our clothes were in her living room.

So we were both leaning our bare butts against the door, looking up at the ceiling trying to think up a plan. We heard a door open and close, and knew her mom came into the house. My friend said that maybe the two of us could make a run for her room and I could borrow some of her clothes, but I said we probably couldn't make it past her mom. Then, it seemed like we had good luck, because we heard the bathroom door open and then close. We figured her mom was in the bathroom and this was our chance. So we opened up the door and made a run toward her room, which required us to run past the kitchen and up the stairs.

Well... my friend's mom was not the person in the bathroom. Her cousin whom we both did not know was visiting was. And her mom was standing in the kitchen, staring straight at us and I still remember her saying "Hi there girls, I... why are you two naked?!?!" This of course made her 20-year-old female cousin emerge from the bathroom, to see our bare backs exposed. We both looked back and fourth between the two and laughed nervously. We then explained why were nude, and my friend's mom did not exactly approve but her cousin who was lucky for us a free spirit, convinced her that we did nothing wrong and this was totally natural and we should be applauded for our confidence. She said she wouldn't tell my mom, as long as we both got dressed and I went home right then. But I wasn't allowed over my friend's house for a few days. Heh heh, I guess her mom can't look at me the same way anymore.

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Wat a great story .....would enjoy an add . I'd also love to hear more stories

Fun story. Hope you continue in your naked ways! ;)

My first time getting well & truly caught was when I was fourteen and riding my bicycle naked in the rain. (Long story.)

That sounds like an adventure. Have you shared it on EP?

@acco73: I sometimes share it privately with people who have taken the time to get to know me.

Fair enough. It must be quite revealing on a much more personal level beyond what is in your 91 other stories...

I have posted 94 stories. EPSupport raped three of them.

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Nice story....

A great story. I bet your hearts were pounding loud. lol

Great story !!!

I became a nudest at 20. I am nude always at home and anywhere else I can be naked. I love the lifestyle and the feeling of freedom.

at least it wasn't to embarressing .i got caught a few times to not cuz i wanted to be naked .mine werent good either i was a late bloomer i startedto bloom at 12 but stalled so i was almost bald down their till i was 16 and my size didnt grow much either till i was 17 then i final peaked at 19 experience!!!

I can't count the number of times I've hung out naked at a friend's house. Luckily, I was never caught by her parents.

Yeah, I laughed about it a lot afterwards =P At the time, I didn't think it was funny though haha.

A great story, i am glad you could enjoy it, there was a good explanation, and that things worked out for you.

Yes, that's what we were afraid of her thinking. It wasn't the case, and good thing she was there to help us explain.