Caught Sunning Nude

     One day late last spring, before the weather turned so terribly hot, I decided to sun on our deck in back nude.  Our back yard is enclosed with a privacy fence, with a lot of shrubbery and trees.  There is a space on the deck that gets good sun, and is secluded.  I went out side in my bikini, laid out the beach towel, turned on some music, had a cold drink, my sun glasses, suntan lotion, and my new Michael Connelly  book.  I laid down on my stomach, and started reading.  First I took off my bikini top, and a little bit later, I took off my bikini bottoms.  I loved the feeling of the sun on my bare body, it felt so soothing, and also enjoying the feeling of the cool breeze on my skin.  I was listening to the music, and reading, and I kept hearing a "snip" every now and then and I thought I heard voices.  I looked around and didn't see anyone.  I looked between the fence in the neighbour's yards, and there was no one there.  I went back to lying on my stomach nude and reading, but still occasionally heard the "snip", and the sound like someone was talking.

     I eventually got up, and went back in the house, and refilled my drink.  I stood at the back door, and looked out, and could not see anyone.  I went out and laid back down on the beach towel, and rubbed suntan lotion on the front of my body, and laid down on my back.  I was reading my book, and again, I heard the "snip", and voices.  The sun felt so great, and I stretched out my arms and legs to soak it all in.  I heard the "snip" again, and out of the corned of my sunglasses, I saw two men on the telephone pole in the next yard, they were up at the top working on something.  Both men were looking my way, I could see them with my sunglasses, but I do not think they could tell that i could see them.  My first inclination was to cover up,  but then I thought what the heck, nothing they could do about it except look.  I sat up and rubbed suntan lotion all over the front of me again, then laid back down and stretched out again.  This went on for a while before the sun moved out of the area where i was laying.


     I do not now how good a view the guys were getting, but I felt really excited, laying stretched out like that for them to see.  I picked everything up, and went back into the house.  I looked back out the door, and in a few minutes, the guys were gone.  I assumed they did not want to make noise and leave while I was still outside sunning.  I hope the guys had as much fun watching me as I did sunning for them.


KimberlyAnnJ KimberlyAnnJ 36-40, F 34 Responses Feb 13, 2010

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nice story

bet you had good reception after that !

I hope they didn't fall off the pole and break theirs.

you bad girl sun bathing like that and hope certain areas did not get burn

HOT story!

How generous of you to let them watch. They'll most likely NEVER forget you. I wonder what they did when they got home to their women.

im sure they loves seeing your sweet sexy body :)

You should seriously try nudism or naturism. Living life naked. It's absolutely the most awesome feeling in the world. If you have stress it will MELT away. At first you feel self-conscious about. But as time goes on, the more you go naked the less self-conscious you are. And another thing. Nudity will become WAY less sexual and it will feel normal to be naked, the way God made us, that's why it felt so great for you when you were naked outside. It's our natural expression. God made a covering of fur for the animals and and a covering of skin for people. Try it when you're alone in the house. Then if you are married or dating talk to your significant other about it. I love to be naked. It's a stress reliever BIG TIME.

Great story!

I guess you could say that the telephone pole was not the only thing that was hard.

The snip sound was them cutting wires.Don't you mean you were lying down not laying(you lie down,you lay things down) It's know.

Many of the guy comments mention that you made the workers' day. Hell, they made your day.... right?

Just think you were providing some extra job incentives

Great story.<br />
Would love to have seen the show.

They had to love it

Very erotic and sexy story....Thanks for sharing KimberlyAnnJ

that was good. did you ever go back out and sun some more?

my word, those lucky luck y fellows, im so jealous.<br />

wow fantastic story!

I'm sure you made their day. Great attitude. Nothing better than a confident woman!! :)

I like your attitude!

Awesome, I love being seen naked. I post on F4F as well.

hec i'll learn how to wire phones for a look at you....

I am sure they did enjoy the day! I am sure they will have that day as one of the highlights of their working career. Sounds like all of you had a nice day. May you keep enjoying the Sun and sharing the experience with others too!

great story and how hot and cool is it of you to just keep on sunning allowing the 2 guys to really have a chance to tell themselves ( I Love My Job) ...... dont get that often but i know if i was lucky enough to happen on you sunning and you not getting all excited and leaving it would definatly make my day....

Great story! Good for you for staying put. and reaching for the lotion instead of a towel.

Isn't it a good feeling to be naked and have everything hanging!!

That is wonderful. So much fun.

Very nice story. I'm glad you let them look.

I believe you made their day.<br />
Fun read.