Caught Naked Several Times

I have been caught naked several times, sometimes on purpose, usually by accident.

! time it was intentional was when I was 13 years old. I decided I wanted to be seen naked without being obvious. So one day after swimming I went in the room to change but took a really long time doing it so I was still wearing only a shirt. when my 11 year old girl cousin came in without knocking. The area I was changing in was a room that also had the clothesline where everybody hung their suits and towels after swimming nd she was coming in to hang up her  towel and suit. She saw I was still almost naked but didn't say anything just went ahead and hung up her stuff and left. This was by the way an area commonly used for changing so there was nothing unusual about me being naked in there but she apparently assumed I was done and came in without knocking.

Among the accidental time was a time when I was about 24 years old and was home alone with my parents away on vacation. I fell asleep naked on the couch. A friend of my sisters came by unexpectedly to drop something off. If she knocked I did not hear her because I was asleep. So I woke up with her there inside the front door in the living room. I quickly grabbed a blanket that was nearby to cover myself though she had already seen everything. She did not say anything about my being naked. She just dropped off hat she came to drop off in my sisters room and left.

I usually sleep naked so recently when I wnt back to visit my father he ended up walking in on me several times naked in my room including one time when I was still stretched ut in bed not yet ready to get up yet. It didn't end up being a big deal. He just apologized and left.

One time I was going back to my room naked after a shower thinking my mother was in another part of the house when I unexpectedly came face to face with my mother. She didn't say a lot other than the obvious that she was in fact there upstairs. It was never mentioned again.

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My mother did not..My cousin came in and hung up her towel and bathing suit on the clothes line in the room and left without commenting. I did hear her outside the room telling my other cousins what she had just seen and laughing. My penis is really sma;; at the best of times and was not helped by just getting out of thepool so it was quite shrunken when my cousin saw me.

did your little cousin or your mom laugh at you?i've been caught a few times and it wasnt so good i was a late bloomer i started at12 but it stalled so i was pretty much bald intill i was 16 and my size didnt get bigger then 4.5 inchs hard intill i was 17 take haft that off when limp so you can imagine