Years ago I lived in a town that was near a big lake.  It was literally minutes from my apartment.  I used to scout out places that would be good for sunbathing and skinny dipping.  I thought I had found the perfect spot.  It was just off a highway that ran along one side of the lane.  The area used to be a stretch of the old 2 lane road that the highway replaced.  It was eroding into the lake and the area was very overgrown.  I looked it over from every angle and thought I could sunbath nude without being seen.  There was even a great place to pull over and park.  So much for that.  I was awakened one day by a male voice.  I looked up to see a police officer standing over me.  I was suprised at being "busted."  He said there was an area farther up the highway (a curve in the road I failed to notice) where everyone could see me.  He didn't haul me in.  Just gave me a warning.  I thought my life was over that day.

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Feb 23, 2010