This Cheerleader...

when I was a junior in high school, I was legitimately toweling off from a shower after football practice in the locker room. The outside door was right to my left as I was dressing alone and pulling things out of a locker in front of me. The door was surrounded by a 15 foot coridor so that in order to see into the locker room, you had to go into the coridor. On this day, the door was propped open and the cheerleader banner holder (you know, the one the football players run through after half time) was proped up against the door. A cheerleader (who I know from the past) went up to the door to check the banner. She seemed unfamiliar with the door area because she glanced inside (at me) and just as quickly turned around and sheepeshly walked back out. It all happened so quick, I don't know what she saw and in my mind I just wondered what she saw. About 15 minutes or so later I saw her by the pay phone (the days before cell phones) with some other girls and I said something brief to her about her appearance by the boys locker room door. She paused a moment I started to walk away when said "I saw a lot too!" Somehow it did'nt bother me about what she saw and that was it.

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at least she liked what she saw

at least she liked seeing you i've been caught a bunch of times and my times werent so good.

It might hurt yer ******.