Me Getting Caught Naked 6 Times

I've been caught naked in public places heaps of times apart from locker rooms. My first time was when I was at camp and was walking back to my cabin in my towel and my friend pulled it off in front of the teacher and about 20 classmates while I had an erection. It wasn't that bad because we had 5 in a cabin and i sleep naked so they had already seen me nude and about 10 of them were my friends who have also seen me naked. But my teacher never looked at me in the same way again. Another time was when I was in a toilet at a restaurant doing number twos this old man walked in on me and than when he realised i eas there with my pants down he stood there asking me how long I would be. Also when my friends were over we were playing piggie in the middle naked and this group of about 15 runners starting jogging by all laughing at us. Once in my Japanese class my friend tryed to pull my shorts down and accidentley pulled my boker-breifs down as well and that teacher gave me really bad marks. Also I got dared to ***** naked at a party and while I was naked my friends parents walked in and saw my jewels and would never have me invited over again. My last and probley my most embarrassing moment was when I was tanning nude at my house when I was the only one there and my next door neighbours house went on fire and they quickly ran to me to try get me to help put the fire out but there wasn't enough time to go inside and go put some clothes on so I was there helping them with about 10 other neighbours who I didn't know naked trying to put the fire out. Then the police came and thought i was funny and after the fire was put out they had to get questions from everybody and everybody had to stay in an area with me nude and than my family came and my three sisters, my brother and my parents were there while I was naked and even though they had seen me naked at home in bed before I found it pretty embarassing and uncomfortable in front of the other 16 strangers.

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Sounds like bullshit to me.

Your story reminds me of a time a few years ago when I was living in the Marshall Islands (Micronesia), and was driving past a house that had caught fire. Right in front of it, I noticed a naked ten-or-eleven-year-old boy who was just standing around watching the firemen at work. I was wondering at first if it was HIS house that was burning, or if he lived nearby and just didn't bother getting dressed before coming out to watch the fire. But because he didn't seem very upset about the fire -- just interested -- my guess was the latter reason.

This wasn't quite as surprising as it would be in the states because people there aren't as constipated about child nudity -- for example, the local paper would sometimes run photos of kids swimming down at the docks. But it still managed to startle me a little because it was on the busiest street at peak traffic time, and a fairly large crowd had gathered to watch the fire.

I also wondered if possibly he was one of those kids who enjoys 'showing off', and was just making the most of the opportunity. :-)

i had teachers see me naked a few times it was embarressing cuz they laughed and made comments on my small size

gee. you've had a lot of fun moments. if you like being caught naked maybe you should do ****, my brother does.

I think it's high time you post some pics of yourself nude, after all why not?