House Guest Was Using My Computer.

I used to have boarders stay at my house when I was in college to help pay the rent. SOme would stay a semester, some just between semesters, some just a week or two while they found a permanent home.   I had  a small three bedroom house and it was always hard to find stable people who paid rent on time.  There were plenty of naked "oopses" as there was only one bathroom in the place.     I was showering between work and class around 4 pm.  Usually at this time,  I am the only one home.  So afterwards I peeked out the door, saw no one in the living room and walked to my room naked.    I went to my closet to get some towels.  I turned around and there was my current boarder, a Polish girl named Anna walking in my room.  I was naked as can be standing in front of her.   We both jumped.  She wanted to use my computer and came in to ask if it was ok.   She didn't know I was naked.  I apologised and said it was ok.   She went to my computer and turned it on.   I took my time getting dressed.

Zenturian Zenturian
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010