When I was 15, I went on a vacation with my friend, his parents, younger brother and older sister.  The resort we went to was on a large lake and they rented ski boats.  I wasn't very good at water skiing, and the second time that I got up on skis, I went head first into the water - and forgot for a second to let go of the rope so my trunks peeled right off.  I didn't want to get back into the boat, but my friend's Mom said it would be ok, I didn't have anything that they hadn't all seen before. So I climbed up the ladder, and everyone got a good look as I had to take off the ski jacket.  We didn't have anything on the boat but towels, so I wrapped one around my waist, and that's how I had to spend the next few hours.  My friend thought it was too funny to resist, so he jerked my towel off a few times and made me chase around after him.  I found out later that his sister had gotten out her camera, and she was being sneaky about taking pictures when I got in the boat, and she's the one that put my friend up to ******* off my towel, so she could take more pictures.  It wasn't long after we got home that all of my friends had pictures of me totally naked - back and front, head to toe.

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my family all seen me naked and pick on me about it too

man i beenthere i got embarressed a few times but mine were cuz i bloomedlate i started at 12 but it stalled i only had like 4 hairs in i was 16 and my size down there didnt really grow intill i was 17 i finally peaked at 19