No Pants At Western Ohio Park

I love to be naked outdoors, and spend as much of the summer as I can in the warm outdoor sun.  Last September, one of the last warm days of the season as it turned out, I was in a state park near Dayton, Ohio, enjoying 75 degree temperatures, a beautiful river and fall colors--yellows, oranges, and reds.  I walked through a wooded area where the trail twisted and turned, up and down.  I had some flimsy shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt on, and realized, wow, I hadn't seen anyone else and could have been walking naked all the way from where I parked, about 1/2 mile away. 

There had been no other cars parked where I was, and I was yearning to be naked, so off came my shorts.  My **** and my butt warmed in the sun, and the lightest of breezes felt great.  I had entered a part of the park where there was a wooden walkway elevated across a marsh.  The marsh had thick reeds and cattails about waist-deep, and I could see off perhaps 200 yards ahead of me.  No one in sight.  I enjoyed the scenery, the buzzing bugs, the chirping birds. 

Then,  uh oh!  I saw a head of long brunette hair bouncing along about 50 yards away - a girl was jogging - right towards me!  She looked to be about 21, a lovely girl with short shorts and tan legs.  And I thought, she might not like encountering a naked middle-aged guy alone out here.  I quickly pulled on my shorts, which were wadded up under my baseball cap, and was hoping that the reeds had been deep enough that she hadn't caught on to my "situation"...  As she came closer I moved over to the side of the walkway so that she could jog past me without breaking her stride.  I stood there in my shorts and smiled;  she offered a great big smile and said cheerfully, "Don't worry, you're fine!"  So, did she mean that I had moved over far enough for her, or had she enjoyed seeing my stuff from across the field? 

ericco ericco
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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

that is a tough one she may have saw you and liked it or maybe just meant you were not in her way