Naked With Friend At Camp

while on my year 10 camp, my friend brought alcohol and instead of watching the movie us to stayed in our cabins and got smashed. All I  remember than is that we had gay sex (i am a straight guy) and slept naked on the double bed together. We than feel asleep and than everybody else came back to the cabin while we were aslepp naked sleeping and hugging together and the next 3 months we were laughed at for it. Also while I was getting changed in the locker room (completely naked) the door got wide open and i was getting changed in front of the door and two thirty something year old girls walked past while I was 17 and they saw my pnis and laughed and starred.

Also once when I was about 11 i was curious to know what its like to go commando (wear no underware) while out and when I was playing basketball i jumped for the ball and all my pubic hair and the top of my pnis showed at the top to everyone and they all laughed at me because no body else had pubic hair yet. I also had my pants and underwear pulled down in pe while playing oz tag in year 8 in front of about 15 girls and 10 guys and later that week i was asked out by one of the girls.

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1 Response Mar 19, 2010

Well how rir the date go? Anything happen with the girl?