I Was 15

 When I was 15 I worked on  the beach in Californin renting out sailboats, jetskis. One afternoon a girl came to rent a jetskis with some friends. She came back 3 more time's that week alone. It was summer time so i did not shave much, so i guess she thought that i was older.  Three day's be for she went home she came down to rent a jetski ( or so i though ) she had some drinks with her, and asked me if I wanted to hang out for a while. My cousin who was 1o years older then me pulled me asied and side "this girl wants to have sex with you trust me". I looked at him like he was mad. I walked to his car with him spilling my guts out. saying thing like what if I can't make her cume. or what if i am bad at sex. He looked at me put his hands on my shoulders and said "your mom is  black, your dad is italian, and I have seen the babby photos. It is statistically impossible for you to bad at sex". He side that he was going to call my mom and dad and tell them that I was going to stay with him that night. To make a long story short. after 3 beer's and one joint (  witch was the first time I had had ever smoked a joint   ) we ended up in her hotel room. I did not use the condum my cousin gave me but i did tell her that I was a virgin.  We were on the bed and I was on my back and she was... well... you know on top.  just as I was reaching my climax,  I looked at her and side I'm cumeing, just then my cousin and 3 of his college frinds/ lifegards came thuough the door saying say ******......... Lets just say that i have many incriminating photos of me at a vary personal time. I must admit that the expressions on my face at that one moment in time when i was having my first ****** with a girl and having the **** scared out of me are priceless. The girl was a good sport about the whoule thing. That night my cousin gave me what him and his friends called the " No longer a virgon pack" whitch contained some condums, some ****, and several joints. The girl and i had sex several time over the next to day's before she went home. The last day I tould her that I was only 15, she Look at me and said " I know and I also know your cousin we are old friends". That was one of the best summers of my life. That was not my first time having sex, just the firs time with a girl
thedreamer thedreamer
26-30, M
Oct 18, 2006