Neighbor Girl And Friends

When I was 6 I loved to go to my grandparents and I always hungout with the neighbor girls katie (13) we always hungout in her tree house. Well one day katie had some friends over and we were all in the tree house and I said I had to go to the bathroom she just said go behind the tree or something and I said that I'm scared all the girls felt bad so they all went down with me. I dropped my pants to my ankles and went pee it was a silent pee one of the girls looked back to check on me and she was looking at my little butt and she told the girls to look back they all said awwwww so I had to look back they were all still looking. One of the girls came up to me to see if i was ok and she looked at my penis and started just laughing. I felt really embarrassed to this day I still am.
thatkid450 thatkid450
18-21, M
May 13, 2012