Brother Found Me Playing With Myself

I had thought i locked the door. anyways i thought i was home alone. so i stuck my hand in my pants and started to rub.then i put my finger in and went bk and forth started to moan. without hearing anything my older brother came home (he was 18 and i was 15) he walked to my room i guess to check on me and saw me fingering myself. i told him not to tell anyone and he said he would and then sat next to me and asked if he wanted to help me. i was so horny and just said yes please yes. so he told me to take off my pans and panties. so i did. and he started fingering me. he asked if i was going to *** and i said yes. he asked "do you want your big brother to make you ***" i said yes. i wasnt thinking at all. and now its been 4 years about and we have neevr talked about it :P my big brother made me ***..
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Probably strengthened your bond.

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Nice!! I'd sure like to help you with that. Check out my story "Her Public ******," I bet you'll like it and I'd love to hear your comments. I'm going to check your other stories also. Add each other here? Thanks.

That terrible
..but hot

Did it for mine when he caught me, well l had to thank him, we did it loads of times and more, but we were younger than you

lovely stroy your making me *** with the thought of it,, i would of got my **** out and asked would you mind sucking it for me :-)