Caught Son In Law

A month ago my daughter and 35 year old son in law move back to Orlando, and was staying with me untill there new home was built. She started work right away and usually got home about the same Time as me at 8pm , his job didn't start for a few weeks . Well two days ago The power went off in our office at 4 and we close early , me and two girlfriend stop at happy hour for a few drinks, feeling quit buz we all decided to go to my place a few blocks from the pub, we enter through the garage and went into the living room . There was my son in law totally nude sitting with his feet on the couch spread open like a butterfly playing with him self,as we all walked in he just started to explode all over himself unable to stop just staring at us watching him have an ******. Still froze in positing after he was done ,my co worker Beth said nice finally ,but I want to see the whole show . We all agreed and told him to start stoking or we woul tell the wife . Red faced he agreed it was so hot watching as he moaned still sencitive from just ******* his body ******* uncontrolabe this went on for at least 15 minutes before he exploded again . It was only 6 so we had him make and sere us a round of drinks still totaly nude and semi hard with his large shaven **** swinging back and forth as he walked. Us girls decided for round three to video him and put it on **** HUD for all to enjoy , I had him put on a hat to hide his face.
Happymotherinlaw Happymotherinlaw
6 Responses May 20, 2012

That was awesome...did you continue to black male your son-inlaw

have you had other things happen with your son in law??

That would sure be fun for all. I would ask for alick or to

Where did you upload it so my girl freinds an I can see it too

That is so hot , I love watching men playing with them self. Does he still perform for you and your freinds, and will you let the wife enjoy the show to

You go, girl!!