At Work And Caught By My Boss

One slow day I was checking something on the internet. I came to this one site and was a bit curious. I tired to be careful so no one could see me in my cubicle.

The site was great and I kept on exploring. Unfortunately I go carried away and careless. I was really into when I heard my boss say, "I guess you have nothing better to do. I will see you in my office in 5 minutes".

I thought I lost my job but went in and closed the door. She told me to sit down and read the company policies. She the smiled and said, "I know it is slow and boring now and understand you got carried away. But you can't do that here. This is my one and only warning." I said yes and thanks. Then she said "Please give me that web address, I am going to check it out when I get home too".

Apparently she like the online card games too.





You did think I was writing about ************. After all, isn't solitaire playing with yourself? lol


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I love setting people up with the wording of the story. Lots of fun. Almost as fun as actually being caught naked and ************.

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That is really a great story to read and i bet you have a great time telling it too. What a fun experience!


Thanks I love doing that to people. Glad you like it

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haha! that was great, i was like oh no he din't lmao!


Glad you liked it.

yes I guess you are right, I am have to try to do both at the same time.

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Very funny! You had me going.

Technically playing solitaire as a card game is playing BY yourself, not WITH yourself... not that you can't do both at the same time.


lol thanks bare hugs


Go right ahead. I still make variations of the joke and it is still effective.


glad to make people laugh

ROFL!!! Good one, dude!

That is so funny, you got me.




I am glad people were fooled with this story. Lots of fun telling it.


Thanks. I love catching people with this story. I just had to make sure my timing worked.

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! You had me going there for a minute! :-)



Bare hugs


thebigmyth and Ihavetopeenow


i thought you were on like a **** site!!!!! haha i!!


I forget the kind of solitaire I was playing, but the fun is telling the story.

I love having this kind of fun too.

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LOL That is a good one! I thought you were on a **** site too. Was it regular solitaire?

This will keep me in a great mood today.

Given the other stories you posted, I should have guessed this one would have a clever and well-thought out twist. You had me going too. I'll be chuckling about this all afternoon.


Yes I love telling people about that, this way.

Bare Hugs


LMAO! I was thinking you were into a **** site or something. lol Great that it was only solitaire, and that you still have your job.