Employee Theft (Felony level)

First of all, I am not a lawyer, I am not giving legal advice. Just an ex criminal giving some advice, and sharing my story  (in plain english) to people in my situation.

Let me start by sharing two things with you. One, Cameras. are. everywhere. It is the 21st century, and they are even hidden in places you don't think they are. As an ex retail employee, I know the secrets they don't tell you. They place cameras not in the stalls, but they are in fact, inside the fitting rooms. They are constantly looking at the customers, and you when you are at your job. And you better believe they study every minute of that film. Security personnel know your every move wether they are played back, or watched live. Two, If you are stealing from your job, they will let you bury yourself. They do not care if it is morally wrong. They will sit back and watch you steal every night. They will make you think you are getting away with it, and meanwhile, they are recording what you stole for their restitution. They can do this, and it's perfectly legal.

10 months ago I got a job at Macys. I loved working there. The managers were friendly, and I instantly made friends with most of my co-workers. Unfortunately I took a bad habit from my last job to Macys. About a month in at Macys, I got comfortable and decided to shoplift (so so stupid). I stole almost every night I worked. I stole nearly $100 worth of merchandise a night. I would wear the stuff out. I did this for a long time and never got caught, and I never thought much of it. One night, the LP said he wanted to talk to me, and I agreed. He took me to the back room in the security office. He basically told me that he never talks to people unless he knows something is going on. I confessed to everything because I didn't want to make things worse for myself. The total amount that I stole was $7,968 over the course of 9 months. My LP told me he wanted to help me, and told me he had a similar case over the holidays. As long as I made an effort to pay them back, he wouldn't tell the judge to "hammer me". After signing the paperwork, a police officer came in to question me. My LP told him how much I stole. The police officer just looked at me and said "Wow...Well, Macy's is just expensive." He didn't judge me, and despite the value of the merchandise I stole, He didn't arrest me. But know this, when the police come in to question you, even if you are not arrested, this will show up on your record as an arrest. He just wished me luck and left. The police officer and my LP were very kind, and he continues to be kind to me as I come in and make payments.

My day in Municipal court was quick. I pled not guilty, and left. Nothing to it. I wanted my right to a trial. This is probably the BEST thing you can do. NEVER PLEAD GUILTY TO A SHOPLIFTING CHARGE ON YOUR FIRST APPEARANCE. You never know what could happen and it is usually to your benefit. My story is a perfect example.

My case was in limbo for awhile. Because my theft was a felony, It went up to superior court. However, the grand jury did not find sufficient evidence to sustain the return of an indictment, and the case was closed. Legalese to english: My felony was dropped. forgotten. vanished. If you are in this situation and receive this in the mail: this is great news for your case. 

A few months later, I paid Macy's back, Hired a lawyer, and had my final appearance (for the misdemeanor, because the felony was dropped) The misdemeanor was reduced to a petty offense (kinda like a drunken public pee). I was fined $500 by the state, and I could not go to Macy's for a year. In two years I can get this nightmare expunged from my record...which is around $1500. No community service. No jail. However, if I am caught at Macy's I will go to jail for a month. That's it. 

The most important advice I can give you as a person who escaped a felony conviction: get a lawyer. Shoplifting is no laughing matter and it stays on your record as an arrest even if you were not arrested, and even if you do not serve any jail time. BEFORE they make you sign anything, and BEFORE you pay any restitution, please please please find a good lawyer and hire him or her!!! I payed Macys in full BEFORE I decided to get a lawyer. When the prosecutor's office DROPPED my felony out of the system, turns out I DID NOT have to pay Macy's back. I did the right thing I guess...but I won't lie, it would have been awesome to have gotten away with that. (oh, my criminal mind.) Lawyers are not as bad or as expensive as people think, and they pay off. In total, my legal fees were $2500. I was expecting a LOT more. If I did not have a lawyer, (the judge's exact words) My fine would have been doubled, and I would have received jail time (yes, even for my first offense [the misdemeanor])

My desire to be bad and break the rules definitely backfired on me. The rush I got from stealing wasn't worth the potential charges I almost faced. I got caught up in what I thought I was getting away with. Long story short- Never ever steal from a department store especially if you are an employee. If you are an employee they know who you are, and they have your information. It's not like the customers that steal every day, when their identity is unknown and most of them get away with it. If your employers notice a shortage, they will start to look at everyone, and then they will look at you. You will get caught and I can almost guarantee you that the LPs know you are doing it. Breaking the law is expensive. Don't do it if you're poor as sh** like me. And nothing is worth the life changing charges you could possibly face.  I needed to share this because none of the stories on here have quite as high a price tag. Just thought id give support to those facing a felony conviction. You are not alone!
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Hey I just got caught and terminated by target today. Over a 4 month period I stole around 300$ worth of merch. I was super nervous and scared because I was not brought up this way and disgusted with myself. We went through everything that happened over the last few months and said that I will get a letter in the mail for a court hearing... He was very kind because how cooperative and truthful I was being. Should I hire a lawyer? Aim afraid that no one will hire me and I am afraid for my future. I made these decisions because I was desperate and the thrill of it was also addicting. If you have any pointers please let me know. Thanks

I really hope someone helps me. I am under investigation by lp for theft from my employer. It was stupid and desperate. I know they're going to eventually find footage and prosecute. It would be a first offense, possibly up to $300. I will hire a lawyer but when I get called into the office what do I say? What do I do? Do I sign paperwork? Demand footage and proof? If they do prove it what do I say? What do I say to the officer? Admit to everything or just remain silent. I just don't know what to do. I'm a single mother and it was stupid. If I spill my guts n they can't concretely prove it n just want me to bury myself then that will hurt me in court.

Were you able to get this expunged?? I'm getting ready to face something like this and I'm scared. I wish I had see this post before making that stupid choice.

Can you please message me? I'm in the same boat and need advice. Please.

You were arrested then, just BC you don't go to jail doesn't mean you weren't charged with the crime, he cut you a break and let you off with a summons to appear, that's why it shows as an arrest BC it technically was..being questioned by the police doesn't show up as an arrest, having to go to court to plead out is the telltale sign. The cops just didn't deem your offense as serious enough and you weren't deemed a no show threat, otherwise trust me you would have had cuffs...and the LP had little to no actual pull with the court other than a typical character witness, but not a good one considering he's the one pressing charges, leniency is based on your record/history, had he wanted to cut you a break he would have not involved the cops at all and let you pay it back, he was just blowing his own horn as the nice guy, he's all smoke and mirrors...really the one cool person of everyone was the cop BC it's his discretion to take you in or throw you a summons, he saved you time and bail money and more embarrassment.

Hi everyone!

I'm so ashamed of myself and really regret what happen. I've been caught shoplifting 10 days ago from Debenhams the items costed: £330. As I was walked out 2 security guys came to me: excuse me,
Can I talk to you
I was like yes sure
We are security men from Debenhams
Did you take something without paying?
I was like no
Are you sure he asked? He said just tell me the trust...
I said yes sure I was really scared.
As I was with my son (15 months) seating in the buggy, the other guy said can you pull up the jacket? I was like yes sure
And they found the items stolen
They looked at me and I looked at them as well with a shame!

Then he asked me can you please follow us inside? I was like yes! They took me in the small room and took all the items stolen, he asked me to wait as he went to another room not fare from where I was ( I could listen what they were saying) then I heard the guy calling, I started panic... I said I'm sure he called the police and I wanted even to get out of the room and run away, I was so scared. Then the guy came to me he sais " I have to call the police coz the amount was high" after 5 min the police man was there he said hi, are you ok? Then he asked my anything with my name of it, I gave him my credit card, he then asked my address and dob I actually gave him my address but lied about my dob. He then ask if it was my first time caught shoplifted then I said yes, are u sure he asked I said yes. He then passed my name, address and dob to I think the colleague to find out if it was actually my first time. After 5 to 10 min he came to me saying that u are lucky it's your first time so I won't arrest you but if u do it next time with or without a baby you will be arrested. Then he asked to to apologise to the guys. I asked him if that will appear on my CRB he said no that I should be worried about that. They the security guy came with 2 papers 1 was that I have been banned from all debenhams shops for life and 2nd was for RLP to contact me ( I haven't receive it yet). I also sign the paper given by the police man but as I was scared and panic I couldn't read what was written inside ( I know that was good ) I then went to apologise and left.

I'm really worried is I have applied for efm of eea 3 months before this happens ( my partner is an eea national and my son too) it is any chance that my application got refused?

Do I need to pay RLP after I receive the letter?

I really regret and I won't do it again.

Please I need some advice

NB: I wasn't given a fine from the police or take to court.


Sounds like you are from a different country than I, but in the states, no court no arrest no record no future consequence...I have feeling your country is similar(England or Australia?) ..our due process gives citizens the right to have their day in court, any arrest, summons, even basic ticket either requires court or gives the option(with speeding tix ie). Someone can't just put an arrest on your record wo giving us the right to defend ourselves and have a case proven against us....hard to fight video or in your case being caught red handed with the goods, on my defense there is ask for leniency or claim you forgot you had it, of course hiding it under shirt destroys your credibility, best hope would be expensive lawyers with connections....but to your concern, given your country is similar to mine, no it won't effect you in any way other than not belong are to go to that store again- I'd not give two craps- you have very lenient laws that give police a lot of discretion-I like that, saves time and money with court system and does what the courts would most likely to anyways, minus the bs fees they charge us to go to court...in my country, the only person who has the power to put or take off ones permanent record is the judge, like the story above where he said even a cop questioning you shows up as an arrest...it's just very false, it raised red flags when he said that but said he wasn't arrested, I knew he had been arrested-summons and tickets for misdemeanor b-c and above are arrests BC they are followed by court dates...I guess even misdemeanor A -traffic ticket- has the option for you to defend in court but it's not required so that's not a criminal arrest ....if you don't have a choice in terms of court, you've been arrested...cash strapped jurisdictions are more prone to raise the limit with discretion on taking to jail, defined according to level of offense too...

So what happen if i get fired because I use to cuppons of $10 dllrs each and I just talk to the lp and they never call the police. I sing the paper saying that i promise i would pay them back do i need to go to store to pay or can I send the money to them?
PLEASE HELP!:( and I also want to know if this would come up in my record!:|

I know this is old but my wmployer is trying to procescute me for false returns there saying i knew the girl had stole them and i took them back but in our policy it states that no matter what there gunna return the stuff because the customer is always right even if i denie them and they want a manager the manager is gunna come up and say its ok just to get there info. The second part to this is that i did make a childish mistake and felt bad for a kom of two kids i let her on 4 or 5 occasions leave with mercandise i didnt scan now they cant prove the exact amount of what she left with because she spent more then 100 everytime . So there for there saying that i let her return stuff i gave her without scanning ? Now the total os 1800 they want me to pay and they said that they are gunna procescute just to make sure i pay bullshit but even thoughi didnt walk out with any stuff do they have a strong case in court . Now yes they have video but again i didnt leave with it . She did so shouldnt they dismiss due to the fact the other person has everything ?

Keep in mind all cases are different so I can't give you a straight answer on your case. What you did is commonly called underringing and yes you can be prosecuted for it. Even though you did not personally leave with the merchandise you allowed someone else to take the merchandise without paying. If they have video of you doing it multiple times the court can use that to determine that it was intentional and not an accident.

I worked for payday loan company and i got into a situation so i took out a loan under my uncles name and faked the signature i was caught they fired me the police went looking for me at my house they did not arrest me they just talk to me i payed my old job the money but i dont know if they still press charges on me. But im always scare.

hi guys i need help.

i am 24 and i was caught stealing 60$ worth of stuff the guy took me to the office asked if it was the first time i did it, i said yes so he then took my info made me sign a paper where i admitted to stealing and then said i would receive a letter saying how much i would have to pay. i am scared is this going to be on my record please help

thank you..

Hey, I know this thread is a few years old, But i need it more than ever. I was caught doing false returns at Nordstrom rack about a year ago. Altogether I stole $4200 worth of merchandise.(all the merchandise was returned but I kept the money) I admitted to everything to LP and signed the promissary note saying "i'm responsible for $4200 worth of goods and that I would pay them back" .They told me to set up a payment plan with them and said that setting up a payment plan does not mean they won't pursue criminal charges against me. They immediately called the police to arrest me but I got lucky and the police officer got a call to the scene of a crime while they were questioning me so they let me go. I called lawyers for advice and most of them told me to turn myself in because their was a warrant out for my arrest . The lawyers also told me to hold off on paying the money because I could use that as leverage in court. ( 4 misdemeanor counts of theft by deception) I didn't turn myself in because i didn't have money to post bail (which was $1000 dollars) i recently got arrested at traffic stop a few weeks ago for possession of 2.5gs of marijuana and my warrant came up so I had to post bail for both cases. my date in court for the possession has passed and i got 12 months supervision. My case for the nordstrom theft incident is on may 6th. I will hire a lawyer. My question is why is this not a felony and can it be upgraded to a felony charge ? can I face jail time ? (at the time of the incident i had no priors now i have the possession on my record) what should I do ?

so I got caught at home depot I use someone else credit card use over $450.00 , LP talk to me and then a detective I got arrested and spend 3 days in jail, then when they release me the police say I have $3000 bail but they didn't make me sign a paper when I leave the jail but I do have a court date. and I also return all the items I bought with the card. what should I do when I go for my first court hearing?

What happen to your case?

Ok so what if they caught you, you get fired but they never call police

same happened to me! I wouldn't worry about it anymore than necessary! ;)

I was recently caught shoplifting makeup , $43 with tax total and was taken to the station for prints and the whole shebang. Completely stupid, ignorant , awful lack of judgement. I Was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety at 12 years old and as you can imagine this has pushed me to some new lows and restless nights. I haven't told my parents or boyfriend as their reaction (all are pretty strict and familiar with law) will add to my mortified guilt ridden mind and likely cause even more pressure which I know I can't handle right now. I can't sleep or eat, I feel guilty every day. I hired a lawyer ( petit larceny misdemeanor charge) just to be safe and help keep me from screwing myself over. I am 20 years old no priors. My mail goes to my parents address though I reside with my boyfriend , I know my restitution Mail should be arriving soon. I work 2 jobs and provide fully for myself , though barely making it by doing so. I payed the last of my weeks savings and any savings I had for this lawyer, hoping it will prevent my future jobs or housing situations (my boyfriend wants to get a house together in a year or so) from being affected more than I couls help. What should I expect? I have spent the last 30 minutes reading every response on this page trying to Gather what I can from the feedback and stories. Should I come clean to everyone ? If I don't have to and if the aftermath of court will not affect them or involve them , I would like to keep this to myself as I can barely handle knowing what I did as it is. Thank you!

I work at a beauty store and was accused of stealing coupons by a manager I was working with. I was confused and shocked when she approached me about it because all I did was set aside coupons to ask her if we were allowed to reuse them (This is my first job and have only been working there for 2 months so Im still learning) i placed the coupons on a cart next to the registers where I was stocking products. I walked away and the manager wheeled the cart the back room. Later I realized the cart was gone and went back to see if the coupons were still there. They weren't anywhere to be found so I continued on with the night. After we were about to close she attacked me with questions about the coupons and told me I stole them.. I told her numerous times I didn't steal and didnt do anything wrong. She laughed at me and told me I was going to be terminated. I started crying and walked away.
The next day I did not receive a phone call from my job. So the day after that I called my GM and asked if I could meet with her to tell her my side of the situation. She told me it was in LPs hands now and that I will meet with him on Sunday. What's going to happen??? I didn't steal and I wasn't planning on stealing! This was one huge misunderstanding and I'm scared :(

problably your manager stole them for herself , and seing you as a unnexperient person , blamed you to justify the disappearance of the coupons, my own chief tried to do the same with me but i prooved to boss who really stole the stuff in fault as i managed to photograph him stealing it with my phone without him realize it.

I confessed and signed off to about $11000 in stolen merchandise there was no video footage shown to me for proof I have to call a number by friday to set up a payment plan or they'll press me with felony charges what should I do?

hey what ended up happening bc im in the same boat

i was just accused of stealing from my work place. they have no prof i did it. they have now fired me an call me every day to return the stolen stuff. how should i handle this.

My advice would be to try to go in when no one is there and look around constantly to make sure no one is looking or that there are no cameras or security equipment nearby, then quickly put the stuff back and then walk to another section of the place and just browse normally and inconspicuously.. :) I hope that helps! :)

I'm 18 years old and I just got caught shoplifting in JCPENNEY where I worked at and I've been doing it for about a month and a half along with another coworker and I got pulled in to talk to LP and apparently I stole about $1,000 worth of merchandise and I have to pay it all back along with my coworker and they said that we had to split it and they also said that I had to go to court and they also accused me of changing prices which I did not do but I'm so terrified! I don't know if I should plead guilty or not even though they have video evidence of me doing it and I was literally shoplifting when they pulled me in plus they made me write this statement stating everything that I was doing and I can't afford a lawyer so I don't know what to do and I really don't want this on my record because I want to be a nurse one day and this was all just a stupid mistake. They said that it would just be put down as disorderly behavior or something but I'm still scared!

Wow that's awesome for you what state do you live in I'm going threw the same thing right now I have so many questions so I should get a lawer then I'm reading your experience an it looks like I should bring that there's 4 of my family members involved..

I did not get caught but i am in a scary situation right now. For the span of several month i was stealing food type items from my place of work (eating out of sight of cameras and throwing away the evidence.) they are small inexpensive packages but i know it must have added up to a lot by now. As far as i know no one knows or is suspicious but stores inventory is coming up in a week and i am afraid that they will see a bunch of missing items and look at me with suspicion. I have had some trouble with the law in the past and i really dont want to get in trouble. What should i do?!
Quit my job? Give a one week notice maybe? Or can they still get me? I'm scared and feel awful for what i have done...

I'm in your shoes now and I do t know what to do and I'm pretty worried about going in to work tomorrow :/ my plan is to hand my notice in if they say anything like then need to talk to me as it would look better if I handed in notice then they sacked me right :/

So did anything happen?
Thus far nothing has come of my situation. Either i was really good at hiding it, there was no(t enough) evidence, the goods never amounted to as much as i thought, or i got the luckiest break and they decided not to pursue it.
This is so far, and it has been 12 days since inventory. It's possible that i still have it seriously coming to me. I got really paranoid for a while there and was sure that they were watching me, waiting for me to slip up so they could get the solid evidence, after the fact. Still nothing seems alarming or different.
But no, i know that i will not do that again. I have started to take more pride in myself and my work and don't really feel the need to anymore.
I wonder how your issue is going. Quitting your job may not be wise, as it could be suspicious, but it could also be helpful, depending on the circumstances. Maybe best to just hang tight like i did and if trouble arises, cross that bridge when you come to it.
Wishing good luck and the absolute best, from a (hopefully) reformed criminal. ;o

Oh! How much I wish I had read this 6 months ago :-(

I got off work around 2, I spent half of my time talking to an LP because not only me but other employees were stealing. I admitted to how much I stole, and at approx. the total of what I stole and it came out to $200-252.. I know what I did was horrible. I shouldn't have even stolen anything but the LP did tell no charges were being put to me as long as I make payments to the $252.60 ( which it could even be less but I was just nervous and averaging an amount.) anywho, So that happened.. then another thing happened. So all the employees put their belongings into a locker in the basement of the retail store. No locks on any of them unless you feel the need to bring one. Well, with my stuff being stolen from my past job, I always want to remember who is next to my things, so I scope the lockers just so I get a brief memory of whose next to me incase I AM missing stuff. Well it came in handy one day when I was missing my wallet that happened to be found a few hours later in someone elses locker. ONE thing I did do that looks bad on the cameras in that area is.. I dug through a few purses but ONLY to find my wallet. I was freaking out! I haven't gone through anyones belongings since but I still look through lockers and myself as well as other employees hide things for "holds" that we want for ourselves in the lockers. People save what they want to buy until they have money to buy it and until then they switch the stuff into different lockers so the managers don't find it when they clean them out. Well they also caught me on camera doing that. So they assumed I was taking more than just merchandise but peoples money. I had confessed that the only time I took money was when I opened a locker and there was a $100.00 bill just ontop of stuff in a locker and so yes I did take it which is HORRIBLE and I am DISGUSTED by my actions but, I told LP I was willing to pay that person back (anon. of course) and hope that it doesn't get pushed into a bigger situation than it already was. Well thats what happened on my part, but I guess 2 other people complained to be "missing money" one person missing a $20 and the other missing $40. I had nothing to do with it and I feel like I'm going to get arrested. The LP lady sounded so scary and said that "We have nothing to do with what the investigators choose but they will see the footage, and once they do they will make the arrest" but Idk if she said that to scare me because after I had explained the truth she said to pay it back anon. and from today till whenever I get a call from the store manager (24-48hrs) I am on suspension..
I am very scared and nervous. I need help and do not know what will happen to me. I know its confidential but I HAD to tell my boyfriend, which we also live together and he could tell something was wrong when he walked in and I exploded into tears. I explained it to him, and how I was paying everything back and how she told me in the beginning how I guess the employees want to press chargers and he held me and said everything would be okay and that it can't be that serious especially when i'm already paying it all back and signed to pay it all back..
I just need more advice. please help me anyone. I'm only 19, this stuff isn't me and what I did was a mistake, plus the shoplifting. Its all not me at all and I don't want to go to jail.. Please.

Hello I worked at goodwill for over a year, and would give customers discounts and well yesterday a customer grabbed a whole bunch of merchandise and I rang him out normally and then proceeded as if nothing happened I been doing this for a while and I'm scared that they'll go back to see all the cameras and transactions anyways I got so paranoid and scared that I left without telling anyone my friend is on management training and said that they hired a detective and called the cops. I'm scared I was only trying to help people.its goodwill now more so greed will. I was also on my last day at work because I had resigned already.what can happen can they look back at everything I did or what will happen I'm 19 in illinois

Hey I know this form is like 2 years old but I am in need of some type of advice !!.
I am currently 20 years old , single mother who was caught shoplifting at walmart of things $105 mostly fem products & diapers & wipes. We'll anyway I went to court I pled not guilty but I had gotten something in the mail to we're I had to pay 250 dollars to some lawyer person , it's been like 2 months that I have done that but since then I have opened my own shop in a whole different state 513 miles away !!. My next court date is 9-25
My fiancé doesn't know about my charge but he did pay my bail money when I went to jail but he didn't know it . I'm so afraid to tell him .. This is my first time EVER being in trouble with the law but I was going thru a rough patch in life when I did the worst mistake of my life !!.
I've never been away more than 2 days away from my son !. I really don't know what else to do .. Please help me ..

When I was 16 I got caught seeling from my emmpolyer .. I got a notice but still no court date I'm now 17 and my family wants to move to NC can I leave state or what?? I'm scared I wanted to be in the navy I feel like now I can't be and I didn't mean to steal the stupid money it was my first time and I was caught not by camera but my manger said it that's all I know a police officer questioned me gave me my yellow ticket and I'm to be in NC june 19 I'm scared helpp

The store that I worked at had a rewards program. Every $100 you spend you get a little $10 cash card as a reward. While working the register, on two separate customers' purchases (one $80, one $50) I put in my rewards code. I got the rewards card and used it on a $16 purchase. A couple weeks ago I was ushered in to the LP office where a representative for the company was there. I immediately confessed, wrote out what I did and signed it, and signed something that said I wasn't being threatened. Then I was suspended and told to give the ten dollars back, plus empty out my locker. I gave them the ten dollars back, and haven't heard anything from them since. It's been two and a half weeks. I'm in Wisconsin, could you tell me if this will stay on my record? Can I omit this job on applications, or will that just screw me out of any job I try to get? This is my first offense, there were no cops, no "going downtown", I'm 19 years old and have no reason for doing it

So one of my favourite managers got unjustly fired in September. Me and two girls were furious. I guess in a way of getting back at management i came up with the idea of them Cashing me out but not scanning all the product. (To give you an idea it was 4 mini pizza trays, worth $3 each. I paid for one they gave me the other three. So the theft was $9) (another time it was a board game valued at 19.99 but I don't think they know about the board game) time went on nothing happened so I figured I got away with it. We had a change in management, the general manager at the time stepped down and we got a new one. Two days ago my co worker warned me they were watching me like a hawk and to never steal another thing again. I agreed and went on. Yesterday I went into work and everyone was acting very weird. People were being called into management office. Owner and store manager were looking at videos together. Just a weird day. Anyway. I ended my shift and went home. This same co worker told me she had been called in and they questioned her on the theft. They said they knew everything so they suggest she answered honestly. I was extremely scared and nervous. She met with me after she finished talking with them and we figured out they had asked her to cover all my shifts. They were planning on firing me. I didn't want a termination on my record so I called and told them there had been extenuating circumstances and I wouldn't be in for my shift tomorrow and I was also quitting. Effectively immediately. I was scared but I figured that was the end of it. Because they never actually pulled ME in and asked me about it (I never gave them a chance ) I figured I'd let things simmer down then look for a new job. Well this morning a police officer showed up at my door and asked me if I had quit my job at home depot (name changed ) I said yes. He said does you quitting have anything to do with them planning on firing you because of theft? I said no I just wasn't happy there. There had been changes in management and I just did not want to be there anymore. He asked if I was aware of the theft allegations. I said yes. Basically gave me a 20 minute scare-me-straight lecture about what could have happened. He said they aren't pressing charges as of right now. I do have a one year trespass notice from that location. He said he isn't pressing charges but he can't speak on behalf of everyone else. Made me cry a lot scared me but then left. I went down the hall and he proceeded to talk to my dad for a few. After he left for good my dad came and told me even though he said they may press charges they technically can't because they don't have video footage that far back. My question is, judging from the information I've provided do you think a) this will show up on record b)affect me getting other jobs. C)have any other affects on me? I made an extremely stupid mistake and am scared shitless. Also side note i am 20 yrs old and live in ontario canada. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Similar position right now... Over the the course of 3 months (worked there for 4) I stole around $900 from the til, $20 at a time. They knew for over a month before I was pulled into the managers office by LP. Right now I am facing charges of theft in the second degree, a class B felony in washington. I am so scared right now. For anyone out there thinking about stealing from your employer, DON'T!!! It is NOT worth it, promise. They WILL catch you, and facing felony charges isn't a nice position to be sitting in.

Be smart, Be safe <3

You as well!

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. That is so caring of you.

Thank you so much I wanted to help people

Hi I have a friend that is 19 and a freshmen in college and he stole for the first time. Police asked for phone number and looked at ID. He really dont want to go to jail. And was really honest with LP and police. What can he do to not go to jail? Does he need to plead not guilty and say wat he did and ask to give him an alternate solution?

I have got the same charge yesterday for employee theft and I'm 17 I'm so scared what do you think the punishment will be for me I don't want to say the wrong thing in court ? ( PLEASE RESPOND!! )

what if you get cought and have your kids with u. and u have court what could happen?!

I'm in the same boat. Being charged with 4 misdemeanor embezzlement instead of 1 felony. I haven't been arrested yet. Idk what to do. I've never been in trouble and can't afford an attorney. I was doing false returns. Lp called me in the office said they had it on camera and i admitted it and signed some papers, police came and got my name and stuff and took the camera footage from lp. I am so scared. I have no job and no money coming in. I know it was stupid to do but i did it cause my family needed stuff and i just didn't have the money to take care of things. It was around 800 bucks. The cop said they would send me papers trekking me to turn myself in, when i do that will i need to be bailed out? Any info i could get from here would be great idk what to do!!!

I need help my mother is trying to say I stole her belongings from when she was in jail she asked me to get them I have not been able to get them to her however so now she is pressing charges on me for theft over 500 what should I do?

I was working as a grocery clerk in a food store for the summer. Around mid July I intentionally put items in a plastic bag that I wanted and knowing that I couldn't pay for them since I was busy the whole day and it was closing time and all cashiers were gone. Walking around the security caught me with the bag and asked me for the receipt. I got so scared and told him that I threw it away. He told me that I cannot leave with the bag so he took it from me and gave it to the assistant store manager. She wrote the item's serial numbers down and told me that she will check the system to see if the items were paid for already the next morning. Going home and was off from work the next day knowing that I never paid for the items got me so scared that my body temperature was high that I could sleep for 2 days. The following day I went to work and I walked into the store assuming that they forgot about it, I noticed that my time card was missing. Upon looking for the assistant manager she greeted me with depression and told me that Human Resources wanted to speak with me. She and I knew that it was a high risk of me being fired so she says I was a hard worker and she would miss me. I then drove to the head office, they called me in around 3pm after waiting for 4 hours and they questioned me about attempting to steal. I told them honesty and truthfully everything what happened. However I still got terminated with my last paycheck. Luckily no police or fines was involved. I was not allowed to go back to that store until after 3 years.Guys and girls shoplifting won't do you any good, it ain't worth it. Don't do it or attempt to do it. That was a hard lesson learnt for me

I'm on my way to preliminary court now for Macy's please everyone wish me luck cause this is my first offense and I don't want this to be on my record

Okay here is my situation and I have no idea whats going to happen. Hopefully you are still answering. Today I was at a store that only had 1 camera in the middle. Im sure the camera got my head and stuff but I made sure to unwrap the magic cards that I stole with the camera out of sight. I then left the packaging in the store and left. But then realized I should have taken it. So I came back (but left the cards in my car) and tried to take the package and a lady caught me. She told me to give the cards back and I showed her my pockets and said I didn't do it. She then just looked at me and said "Fine but you need to leave now". The lady WAS an employee. Then she just went to the front and put the packaging in the garbage while I left. Afterward I left and saw they had no parking lot surveillance. But im still unsure. Will I get in trouble?

1. I feel like a scumbag and am Never Going to do this again.
2. I knew it was wrong but still did it.
3. The cards were 3.99.

So... from what ive told you do you think I will get a letter/cops show up at my house? Ive wound down but am still nervous. Please reply.

Well as long as the surveillance cameras didn't catch you and no one else saw you acting suspiciously then they have no proof that you took it

I stole from Target and LP caught me, but I ran away. I later called and apologized and promised I would never take anything again. They said they wanted me to come in to talk but I said no. I plan on staying out of the store for awhile, but do I have anything to worry about? Can they convict me of anything? I'm over 18 btw.

I am 17 caught shoplifting at forman mills . What will the consequences be ? I can't affford a lawyer .

Walmarts wanting to prosecute me over register mistakes. I over rided a battery for a customer by accident. I meant to put thirty dollars because that's what the pricetag in front of it said but the machine didn't process the last two zeroes and it sold for 30 cents. I felt bad but there was no managers around I could run to for help. So I figured they'd confront me about it. They never did. Now its back to haunt me two months later. They're claiming I intentionally let the customer steal from them. They want to prosecuteme and I don't know what to do

I'm 16 I was caught shop-lifting in target. The goods were in my bag and they got there stuff back. I got a letter form target saying that I had to pay the Amount. This is my first offense. And I'm scared out of my pants. This isn't my first time stealing from target but this is my first time getting caught what should I do. I need all the help I can get.

So I was recently a associate at kohls and I was caught stealing merchandise credit and giving away extra coupons and kohls cash for 2-3 months.. I was called into the LP office and they spoke to me and I admitted to stealing and he had me sign a paper with 8 questions asking why I did it.. Blah blah blah, and then he said I was suspended until further notice. Will I get arrested or what? I'm so scared and nervous. I am 18 by the way

So what ended up happening to you ?

So what ended up happening to you? I'm going through a similar situation right now and I want to know what I can do any advice you can give me :/

How do I know if I am being charged with a felony?

My ex manager was quiting and was buying a lot of stuff her last couple of days working there and she told me and another associate we could pick out some things we liked and we could have them, and being a girl that's like a dream for me! But I have also taken a wallet after that and gave my friends free coupons, well 2 months later the lp asked to talk to me and I confessed to it all and it ended up being 339.79$ he made me and the other associate sign saying we will pay it back, and then two cops came in and arrested us and took us to get fingerprinted, the lp also said he has cameras all over the store and he has been watching us, and I just really feel so dumb, because when she told us to get the stuff I trusted her and really thought she was going to pay for it under her discount, and after I knew it was wrong I never said anything, well after I got to go home they said they want to wait till I turn 18 and prosecute me for a felony I'm so clueless help?

I stole a bag from Macy's around November or so as an employee and the bag did not have any censors and i was in the back where non of the camera's are and I still work there, but the other day a co-worker who i am very close to was called in by LP and when I asked her what it was about a manager said not to tell me... I never told anyone i stole the bag but could it be that they might have asked her some questions about me???

for about three months I have been making fraudulent returns to a credit card I own From my employer and I checked my credit card and saw that the returns equal 3500+ dollars. we do an yearly inventory take in January and I'm scared shitless. I've been trying to buy back the things I've returned so that the cost will go back down. if I am caught how much time do you think I will be facing. I have an earlier theft charge from when I was about 16, i'm currently 21 now, but it was sealed. will that effect my potential trial sentencing?

So about a year ago I got caught shoplifting at h&m , the security guy took me into a back room , made me sign a confession, looked at my school id since I don't have a state yet (btw I'm 17 and have a clean record) and he asked for my social security # but I didnt give it. He also took a picture of me but didnt call the cops or anything. The dress I took was $15. He let me leave, telling me that i could never go into an h&m store again in any state. I never got a fine or anything but recently I accepted an offer for a job at sears and they are going to do a background check and I'm really worried that this is going to show up on it. Will it or is my record still clean ?

I Am 14 years old, I Got caught shoplifting at a Dept. Store. The total was 14 years old, The cops were called but i wasnt arrested. I have to pay $150 for the civil Demand. What will happen next ? I learned my lesson, its better to pay it then to get caught and pay double or the triple

what if you plead guity? what would happen if its just a petty one? like first time offender and the item worth not more than $100? should you just pay the store and then the court?

Hi. A employee was caught doing false returns at Wal-Mart where work and I had been doing the same thing. She told them that I was doing the same thing but when I went back to work they didn't question me. I am under so much stress that they will question me. I quit and have not went back since. What can happen to me ? I do know that they want to talk to me, other managers who are my friends have told me that they wanted to talk to me. Im freaked out. im 23 and this is my first time ever being remotely in any type of trouble ! Please help

i work at target and i didnt know it was wrong but people left promotional gift cards people left.now they're realy on my arse. im on a final warning cept now they say i still have 50$ of gift cards i have to turn in on my next shift but i have to turn in the giftcards that i do not have. what do i do

i was cought shoplifting at macys nothing big they took me to the backroom handcuffed me in a room and came in 20 min later told me sign some papers they fined me 500 bucks they said theyll usually call the cops but they were busy so they didnt they told me to pay the fine and and i would get letters in the mail considering i live with family and wouldnt want them finding out. now they said i cant go back to macys for three years if caught i can be arrested now im moving out of state can i go to the macys in my new state? i will never do this again so not worth it but if i dont attract attention will i be good? plz help thank you!

Hi there!

I have a question for you. I was also caught shoplifting at Macy's. It was my first time doing something STUPID, and I got caught. It was a really ****** experience, and I won't do it again. Like you, due to the amount, I am being charged with a felony. I didn't spend the night in jail, but I was taken downtown, booked etc.

I am going to plead "not guilty" to the felony, and because I have a clean record, my lawyer tells me that I will probably get accepted into a diversion program which will keep a conviction off my record and hopefully this will go away :(

Macy's took a photo of me, and one of the LP people mentioned I might be banned for three years, but I haven't received a letter or notice informing me. This even happened almost one month ago....

How do I know if I am really banned? My parents and family DO NOT KNOW about this incident, and if they ever found out, I don't even know what I would do with myself. I am SO sorry I made such a huge mistake, and I have learned my lesson. The past year has been difficult...and I've had a lot of personal issues. Still, there is no excuse for what I have done.

My question to you is this: How do I know if I am really banned from Macy's for three years? Why haven't they send me something....when your family and friends don't know, it's sort of hard to avoid Macy's.

Secondly, is there any way that I can write a letter to the store manger or Macy's corporate and tell them how genuinely sorry I am for what I have done? It really was my first time. It was a moment of weakness....do you think that if I write a really heartfelt apology letter, they might lower or remove the ban?

Thank you for sharing your story on this site :) I look forward to your response.

hi, I've posted here before. I got caught in Wal-Mart for les than 20 dollar. just make up. on February. no cops caked, haven't receive anything from court and hopefully I don't. I was let go in les than five minutes just took a copy of my I.d and no papers signed. anyway I'm 20. and a college student km starting to look for a job but I'm really nervous. my aunt wants me to go apply at her job in Sears. it's not directly in Sears but with a company that hires for cleaning. there's a form saying that they want my permission to look into my background. and I noticed it says they'll look for any retail theft reported by any company or employer. I heard stores have data base where they save you for that. if that's the case I'm scared cuz no one knows. I'm trying to put this behind me, but it's hard. I'm afraid if apply and they find something they'll tell my aunt. I paid the civil demand I know u don't have to but I rather have a little piece of mind. idk if they are charging me but it's been a couple months already. what should I do. should I apply to the job.

Im under 18. I opened up a make up box while I was in the bathroom at target. A lady just came in and said: a female is trying to open up packaging. I was really nervous. And then I went out, She said: drop everything u stole on the floor. I said: I wasn't trying to steal anything. But she wouldn't listen, she said: or she will call the cops. So I dropped everything and a security guy came and asked me to leave right now. And I left. I'm really really nervous right now, that's the worst thing that could happen to me?

Probably will make you pay for it...but no criminal record..especially not after your 18th...just dont do it again

U still giving advice..need help
I been issuing refunds to my own debit card at work .its a small parts store i am the manager..i dont handle books or have access to bank owner does i beem doing it for a year n got carelsss owner has nevr said nothing till last week asking bout some credits on tje merchant statement ...i panicked ..somehow i created invoices matching refunds but over entire time it adds up to over 16k theyres no camara footage im sure and when i rang rwfunds i hand typed card as not to produce receipt wih name im scared **** less i havent been accused or confronted im 27 super clean rec in ca im scared can he ask merchant company n say gibe me the name of the card and number cuz thats the only way they can prove should i wait to get acised or get a lawyer now or what

Why get a lawyer now? Seems to me like you haven't been caught..just stop doing it...of courts get involved..yes get a lawyer

Are you still giving advice??

My story::

I work at Target, today after I clocked out I was doing some browsing around since we got a truck in this morning. I picked up a huge purse that I liked. As I was looking through the clothes I just started putting them into the bag to take to the fitting room to try on. My mom ended up calling me and I was having a hard time hearing her so I tried walking around the store to try and get better signal, all the while with the purse on my shoulder. I still couldn't hear her very well so I went to my car, still on the phone. I ended up getting home with the bag, without meaning to. By the time I realized what I'd done the store was closed for the day and now I'm stressing out and can't sleep, I don't know what to do! I'm afraid if I take the bag and stuff back in the morning that they'll say I took it on purpose and fire me. At the same time I don't want to not take it back and the AP guy know I took it and then try and have me arrested and lose my job anyways! I've shoplifted before but never from my place of work and not since I was younger! I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm supposed to be on vacation for the next week so I don't know if I should just wait and see what happens or go up there first thing tomorrow or what? HELP ME!

Either be honest and admit you took it on accident, or you can no call. Those are the only options. If you aren't honest and just go about it like it never happened, in their eyes you might as well have stolen it. Target has a **** ton of cameras and they know who you are. I say honesty is the best route. They might fire you, who knows..but at least no criminal charges.

I stole about 40 dollars worth if rewards cards from Kmart which I worked at, my LP caught me and I admit it and he made me say what I took and agree to pay it back they sent me a bill in the mail, and I paid it, will this be on my record?

No. Because that bill in the mail was civil demand. As long as you paid that...no charges by the state

Hey glad i found this am in serious need of advice. i was working overnight stock at a jewel osco for about 5 and a half years and within the last 4 months got into stealing stuff for bad habits from oscos front counter and backroom/ freezer, thought i would never get caught and was to eventually stop before it was too late but was making minimum hours since the beginning of the year and finally got caught by LP running to catch me at the front door when i was to be let out of my half shift round 4am.. he pulled me back, checked my bag and brought me up to the office where him and night security who was hiding in the main office upstairs all night was watching me take what i did. i guess he was watching me for quite awhile cause he told me and when it all came up was around 37 times i stole. After they added everything up the costs were round 467 dollars i think for everything they seen me take on camera, was told to write a statement and sign it. Then bout an hour or so after they finally got the computers that were messing up to work again and making a few calls to corporate i believe it was the cops came in cuffed me and brought me in. Seeing there was noone up at the time to post bond for me they were gonna take me into county. They ended up calling somebody while i was being photographed and fingerprinted, heard them say that i had no convictions prior on my record then i guess they said to just set an eyebond for 150 and let me go so luckily they did just that, gave me a courtdate sheet which i signed then got sent off to go home. That was about a month ago almost i know it was a stupid thing to do in the first place and even more stupid to have waited so long to take action like this with and all. But was trying to look up info on public defenders seeing i really cant afford 1500 for a lawyer and with the costs i owe figure to stay away from excessive costs like that. So am wondering do i just ask for a public defender when i get called up in the courtroom and plead not guilty with the PD? Am willing to pay the 467 costs that i taken. What should i do exactly? My courtdate is on the 6th coming up of may. : /

I have a question, if you could email me or inbox it. It'll be helpful. Thank you!

That really sucks and its evil they let you bury yourself like that..same thing happened to me. Ill be honest with you..its very difficult to get a public defender. You literally have to be dirt broke. Since its your first offense and it is only a misdemeanor you could probably defend yourself. Courts do go easier on you if you havr a lawyer. This is why lawyers are useful. The courts cut my fine in half because i hired a lawyer....so youll probably have a heftier fine if you dont have one and id rather owe a lawer than the courts

Are you still giving advice? I could really use some.

I'm 18 years old and I have a clean record and I got caught shoplifting $16 worth of yugioh card packs from Walmart. The security took me into the back room and asked me some questions and made me a sign a paper and took my picture. Am i going to have to just pay a fine or am I going to have to go to court as well?

Probably will just get a civil demand letter...no court

I was a former employee at macys in california, i got caught giving my girlfreind extra money on gift cards for merchandise that was worth not very much, the tags were changed though thats why they rang up more as the return. I was called to the lp office later, charged with embezzlment and conspiracy, was arrested and have court in a week. The amount was $750 and they made me sign a restitution form, i dont know what to do if i should get a lawyer or just a public deffender, i have never been in trouble before.

get a private attorney, please do so if u can.

Yes please get a lawyer...500+$ is a big deal..and embezzlement is harder to get away with because theres evidence on computer

Ikkitousen-yes. If you can afford one please do

everyone here has a sad story. we are not bad people......

my question: how long does it take from the police visit to the municiple court day? and how long to the next court?

My story: -admitted theft value about $8000 at the company's security room ( not signing anything, no police involved), got fired
- second they called to let me return products and money( that i turned part of the products to)
- everything was fine till another 2 weeks later, a policeman called me , repeat the case and said the company has NOT yet press charge, asked me to settle it down with company.
- I called HR, they said no information for me till another week. they are still investigating the inventory shortage
- I am going to hire a lawyer to represent me to respond to the company.

Now, my biggest concern is: Who makes the decision to press charge on me? the company? or the police? or the prosecutor?

till this moment, is it too late to hire a lawyer to send a civil settlement release letter to the company?

Many thanks OP! . I am feeling like ****, and I hope nobody would experience the same pain. it hurts

The charges against you are by the state. The company reports what you have done to the state. The company decides if it wants to do civil demand, or report it to the state. Since the police were involved, im pretty sure civil demand is out of the question. Because the sad reality is- you did something illegal and the states are broke and they will use this to the full advantage. I know the pain...but it gets better &lt;3

I got caught yesterday at the mall in h&m . I did not steal anything but there was clothes in my bag worth $20 my friend had put it in my bag when she was holding it . They took me to the back of the store and I signed paperwork and everything.the cops came and took me to the police station . My parents had to pick me up cause im only 16 . The cops took fingerprints and pictures and all that . I have to go to court . What should I say? Do ?

Pleas guilty. Pay the fine. Youre 16 so the charges will vanish when youre 18

My court date is today, in 2 hours... please pray for me :(

from felony embezzlement + 6 months jail down to misdemeanor petty larceny and 80 bucks court fee, no jail time or community service... I LOVE MY ATTORNEY!

Who was your attorney ?

Hi! I am 18 years old and I was caught yesterday for stealing $92 worth of jewelry at Kohl's. Right when I walked out the door, the LP guy walked me right back in and into a back room where I had to sign some papers (I'm not sure what) but I am banned from Kohl's and I was caught on tape. The police officer later came and took my information and gave me a citation and a court date. My charge was for a misdemeanor but I just cannot let my parents know about this. The would be so hurt and disappointed and I could possibly get kicked out of the house. I know I made a huge mistake and it is really stupid but is there anything I can do to get the charge dismissed or expunged? I also do not have income at the moment so is there any way I can get a public defender or should I just plead guilty because they have me on tape? And lastly, I am supposed to go away for college in a new town, but in the same state and if I get sentenced to probation, what will happen... will I not be able to go to college?

Your charge wouldnt be big enough for probation...id suggest a part time job just to pay court fees...you're looking at a 1000$ fine max. You wont get a public defender because you live with parents (thats why i wasnt allowed one)

i was recently arrested at macys new york and cops came in and was taken to the court the next morning and the court told me to register for the shop lift programme and was let go. my question do i have to come back to attend the session since i dont live in the states and if my current employer who has serious doubts that i was involved in shoplifting find out that i was arrested and will the nypd or the store give out my details to my employer since we also have an office in new york

No more court. Just go to the class and thats it. I doubt your employer will find out

see i had doubts that my employer found something was fishy and had setup an inquiry and in which i said i was misunderstood for shoplifting and was questioned by the cops and then let go.. please please can u tell me will he get any information from the cops or macy's coz he has asked someone to verify my details.. please im really scared

Ok my friend paid all her civil demand and she got the magistrate but all they did was set up a fine for her she did not have to appear she paid that all but will anything be on her record bc nobody said anything about it

No. It wont be on the record

Hello, I have something very important nd personal to ask you... I need your help!

response is in your inbox :)

i have a few questions..i recently got caught in a restaurant stealing and all this was on camera , so my manager showed me and i kinda denied it...and while we were talking the whole time we had securities and i got fired for that and my manager said i could not apply at any restaurant of the corporation again.. so do you think after this i will be able to apply at another job? if yes what should i tell at my new job what happened at my previous job?.....please give me advise

Hi bettybet :) Of course you will be able to find another job. It may be tough, but it will happen. I was denied time after time. Try getting a job using your connections. My best friend got me a job with her at the time. It was a crappy job delivering pizza. I had to deliver to bad areas and put up with a lot of crap...I wanted to give up...but six months later, here I am, manager of that very store. I hope this helps!

yes it did help..but i also want to know if you think that will stay in my record? because i didnt sign any papers or anything..he just told me i couldnt apply at any restaurant that's from the same company and thats it...he didnt make me sign anything...what do you think about this?...should i worry or what?..............And also what other "tips" you can give me so when i go to job interviews , i dont get asked about that incident..i just dont really want to be telling everybody about it at the job interview..help me out

No police involve? Then u good to go. Just do not apply for any stores belong to that chain or corporation. Ur record belongs to that company only, other jobs, u good.

I was caught for shoplifting 3 years back they fingerprint and took picture and gave me a letter to appear in court. I hired a lawyer and paid all the fines and penalty no jail no community service. Do i have a criminal records as I am soon going to apply for job. Does it come if a company do background check what should I do.
When I was caught I was on green card and was soon going to be US citizen I had lawyer for my immigration too and now I am US citizen. The only thing I am scared it about the records. If then do appear how can is seal them.

you can apply to get that charge expunged. ask your lawyer about it...its been long enough

On Wednesday I was questioned about some money missing from my job I've been at for over five years, so I got my boyfriend to give me the 1950.00 that was missing, but now they are missing a few checks. I did take them and its totally almost 7000.00 I know it's a lot and I'm very ashamed and embarrassed! I told corporate that I did take the checks over the phone and they thanked me for being honest, but they now told me the next step is that they want me to send over a letter stating what I took. What is their next step? Are they going to send this letter to the cops or maybe use the confession letter to have me pay it back? I am truly a good person that made a very bad mistake. Can I get ur email so I can email you personally? I'm freaking out

dont send them anything. please, talk to a lawyer first!

if they have no proof of this, they CANNOT make you pay the money back. I mean, unless you want to. Just don't sign ANYTHING. It is a big charge so they will send this to the police. believe me. After that, a week or so later youll get your first summons. 7000$ is a big deal. not to scare you. But please get a lawyer, they are worth every cent and it looks great in court. They chopped my fine in half just for the fact I hired a lawyer

hi my story is much like yours i got caught shoplifting from my job the cops were called i brought everything back but they it might be a multiple theft offense what could happen. i stole about 4 items every night i worked the calculated it a lil over 3000 i had a court date it got canceled but i got a call from a man saying he was investigating my case i am 20 going to be 21 in 2 months what can happen ply help me

Please get a lawyer for your next date. it will probably be postponed again. a lawyer would be well worth it because like mine your case is a felony charge

Hey wow this is really something... Ok so I live in Hardin county and I worked at the gas station and my boss said I was stealing money cause my drawer was coming up short... This is my first offence and I am scared never been to jail and have a clean record they called me and Told me that I had a month to pay back 1000 dollars but no paperwork,was signed stating that I would agree to pay.... No cops were called what do I do

look in your inbox I relplied to your message

Same exact story as mine! Except it was Staples and Laptops I stole and I went to jail for a month. They let me out(and as of today actually) it got dropped to a misdemeanor.

Thats good! You got out early or you did the full month?

Ok, I have a story to share also I was stealing money and merchandise because I hated my manage (so not a good reason) but I did so I did that I finally got caught ended signing the paper saying ill pay them they money back $1,200 and that was that no police just LP and my managers question is since I already started paying should I just pay it off or stop and get a lawyer? Will my name go in that data base for embezzlement?

Hi, I'm so glad I came across your story. I stole a lot over the last couple of years. I got to the point where id steal at least something everytime I went somewhere. I have a problem -- Truly addicted to it. So I was at the mall last month and got busted. I stole 300-something from a dept store and LP detained me in their office. I signed everything -- I was scared shitless!! Waited for cops to show up, but they never came, so they let me go. I paid the civil demand notice in the mail and got a summons in the mail last week. Im FREAKING OUT!! It's my first offense and I hired a criminal lawyer - CHA CHING $$$!!! The lawyers saying its a easy case, that he'll ask the judge to send me to mental health classes. But I'm freaking out about this being on my record. I can't get a job with a charge like that - even if its a mistomener-- right?? No professional job will hire someone with a record no matter what the charge was. What about getting into college??
This sucks! Lesson learned! I got cocky and thought I'd never get caught. So now I'm broke as a JOKE paying $1500 for a lawyer and god knows how much more in court fees. Sucks.. I'm wondering since I've stolen from This place before, if that's what made them get me?... Wondering if when I go to court that they'll say they've seen me take on other occasions?

MrPharmaceutical- Did you get a court summons? They could possibly be trying to keep the case 'in house' if there were no police involved. ...

Amy- My advice, get unaddicted fast. Trust me. I was very addicted to shoplifting. it made me feel badass..but people do hard time for theft and its awful. ....and it will be a misdemeanor. No felony for 300$ and having a lawyer definitely looks good in the eyes of the judge.

It is possible they recognized you. LPs are good like that because thats all they do. and i feel ya this time last year I had medical problems, plus my court case I was living off nothing and I was broke too...Have no fear though I have moved on from my experience and now have a fabulous job and I am a manager now. And in two years you can have anything expunged from your record

I read all your suggestions. I was caught in the cameras stealing from the register at Walmart. I have a clean record. This theft is my first offense there's a cop involve they handcuff me and gave me a citation but they said I need to have a court appearance. I admit to the police officer everything that I did it. On my first court, should I plead no guilty or should I plead guilty since I already told police officer about what happen. The total cost I I stole is $93.

93$ is really petty plus youre a first time offender...I bet you'll get a small fine

and if I were you i'd just plead guilty since they have you on tape

hi eatontowngirl, i have posted on here before. about a situtation i haded about amonth ago. but today i recieved the civil demand letter for 300 dollars. i will be callig tomorro to set up a payment plan. my question is do you think i will get summoned to court after i pay. the letter states that by paying it it doesnt save me from any ccriminal prosecution that may or may not be pending. at the time of the incident the police wasnt involved i was let go in less than 5 minutes. how can i find out if i do have criminal charges agaainst me. go to the police station or maybe on a website. thank you. what i stole was less than 20 dollars. it was 2 items of makeup that i opened. i just want to put this behind me. i will be leving town on wednesday than kgod i recieved the letter today. my parents dont know. will they send more letters. i just recieved the first one today. but how soon after will they send another one.

Hey! No. Civil demand has nothing to do with court. Once you pay civil demand, it goes away. Civil demand is something the stores do to keep small cases "in house". Meaning the case stays within the store and it isn't reported to the state.

Thank you, I hope that is it as I read other people receiving summons to court months later.but mine was 20 dollars.I have taken from there before but never detained do you think they can charge me for that to

nah. 20$ is so small they probably didnt even want to do all the paperwork involved thus the civil demand. anytime!

Hi, I went to shopper's a week before and took some meds off the shelves. I didn't pay for it and left the store. When I was leaving the alarms went off. They didn't catch me. I don't have a car or anything. But am worried. Would they have me on tape? Can the police track me? M scared ****. Don't know what to do.
P.S. am a student from different country. 24 years.

Even if they do have you on tape, they don't know who you are. Youre safe...just don't go back to that store

I was reading your story and responses to everyone else. It seems like you know quite a bit, so I was wondering if you could help me too.

I just got caught shoplifting today. $120 worth at Target. They took me in to get fingerprinted and let me go with a court date. However, I got caught when I was 14 as well, but only had to do community service. Will this count as my second offense? And what should I do? My court date is in two weeks, should I plead guilty or not guilty? I don't have money for an attorney and I cannot ask my parents for help.

How old are you now? Because if you are 18 you should have clean record again and this can still be considered your first offense. Did you steal where there were no cameras? if so, plead not guilty. No video tape evidence, in their eyes your as good as innocent

I didn't wanna ask my parents for help either...but I figured in the end it was the best thing I could've done. of course they were mad at first but they're your biggest supporters and we all make mistakes.

i just caught shoplifting from the same store i work but in another city, it was a very stupid mistake, i was crying the whole time. i was honest and gave back everything i took, which they told me the total was $203, no police or arrest was involved, they took my ID and information the LP there told me he was going to send my information to all the stores under that company which includes my store, that am never allowed in any of those store ever again, so i had to tell the truth that i worked for that same company and they were shocked. so they went ahead and still send my info over there. now i am crazy worried that it doesn't go to my records and my parents doesn't know. they told me that my job will contact me and i shouldnt go to work till they do contact me. i dont know what my job will do to me now, charged me , suspend me, fire me, or something else. am very very worried at this point and i dont want anyone to know about this shameful act. this is my first time , am 20 and its a retail store.. any idea or help?

Sounds like they'll keep your case in store if no police were involved. No one will be able to see these records except for the LPs of other stores...I hope this helps!

I just want to take a second and say that you are such a great person for leaving feedback and comments on other people's questions. It's such a worrisome for a lot of us who don't know where to go or who to contact when something like this happens (at least that's how I was feeling when all this happened to me). We are not all bad people, we're just people that make bad mistakes and I personally thank you for taking your time to answer all our questions. So again, Thank you! :)

Thank ou so much! Yeah, when I was going through all of this, I was searching online for people in my situation but could only find very small theft cases and I really didnt know what to expect. I did a bad thing, but I really hope by doing this, I can give back and help others in my situation :) Any time, I'm here to support and help!

Question: I recently made some very bad decisions an felt I wasn't good enough or pretty enough so I made a fake Facebook profile wt someone else's pictures from Cali I live in Wisconsin long story short made a Internet relationship got caught up in it well the guy had some problems paying his phone bill twice an I have a Scentsy business where I have him 2 credit card numbers from my clients that he used again long story short a detective showed up at my house threw my phone number I came clean wt everything an had to come straight to the guy online non the less he was extremely upset an said I was messed up in head yea what I did was very wrong the credit card totals are about 300$ an now the detective ceased my computer n phone an making sure no more charges were made from my devices but there isn't an the detective went on fake site an added the real person to the page so she could see I guess? Few questions what charges an I'm lookin at getting an can I get in trouble for having a fake profile wt someone else's pictures.... It's all under investigation he says... I regret it all an feel sick about my actions

wow....never heard of that before....what did you use the credit cards and how did you get them?

Used them to pay the guys cellphone bill twice total all together 3 something an he proceeded to use to the card for a tab at a bar an a pizza order another time wt out me knowing cuz he thought they were mine

Oh an credit cards I sell Scentsy so it was my clients credit card numbers

If you get a court date please get a lawyer they help so much!

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i got caught stealing money and i confessed and signed a confession letter, i have gotten a lawyer but i am still freaking out because i may never find a job again. it was a dumb mistake that i never intend on doing again. i thought i needed the money to make it for my child and i, turns out i only costed myself more.

How much money did you take? That makes a difference

our stores shrink level went up, so this coming week we're going to be visited by the main LP guy and we will each be interviewed. I'm very worried. I think I've taken as much as you have, and my manager mentioned that there might be tiny cameras in the store. I am petrified. Can I please call you..

just please dont confess to anything! if they dont get the paperwork, its the LP that gets in trouble. do not sign any papers!!! say you refuse to sign anything without a lawyer looking it over first

I just quit yesterday....does that make any difference?

Makes no difference....did you get civil demand? or a court date? or a payment plan?

I messaged you my number please feel free to ask me anything

LOl hadn't showed up. I already got a new job...but my of Co worker said they could pop in any time...will they send me something? I'm just terrified they will come our of nowhere and arrest me at home or something.... I also never got your number..could you send it again please? And thank you so much

LP* hasn't shown up**

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Please......can I talk to you? Can I get your number or something, please..

Hi I was caught for internal theft at Kmart, It was for an amount of 521$ LP called me into their office I confessed knowing that if I lied it would only make matters worse, they made me write down everything I took and the losses I created. She also made me sign a paper stating Id have to pay them back I agreed, but I got a letter in the mail from their lawyers saying I owe 521$ plus another 400$ for a civil penalty. What would happen If I dont pay them back?

If you dont pay them, they will tell the state and the state will charge you for theft.

Omg... I got caught yesterday for items under 200... I'm so nervous, anxious, scared... Snt know
What to do... Can I talk to u????

Sure talk away! Here to help

i got caught at macy also for $119 of shirts should i hire a public defender or private attorney . and how did you get yours dismiss. any advice and question i should ask the lawyer

If you can get a public defender do it...but its not easy you have to be totally broke