I Got Caught Shoplifting A Mascara

i was in boots doing some makeup shopping, whilst i was walking around the store i had some lipsticks and mascara in my hand...i dropped the mascara into my shopping bag and then purchased the rest of the items which came to around £25. I have no idea why i decided to take the mascara i had money in my account as i'd just been paid i'm so angry and upset at myself, i have never stolen anything before. I'm 22 and work in retail so i know how annoying it is when there are thieves in store. As i walked out the store a security man stopped me and took me with him, at first i denied it but he had seen it all on camera. He took me into a office and the store manager was also there, he explained 2 me that i wouldn't get a criminal record but i would banned from every boots in the country and also from any retailers which have a stop crime sign in there window....which is near enough every store possible! I automatically started panicking as where i work has that sign. The security guard told me that my managers would be informed and that it would be up to them what happens, i knew I would lose my job if they knew..i burst into tears and luckily for me the store manager ripped up the paper work and told me he did not want me losing my job or being banned for a £5 mascara. I apologized over and over and they let me go. I'm now so worried that they may change there mind and ring my work and tell them. I don't know why i stole i hate myself so much and i'm worried sick my work place will find out and i'll lose my job.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

You have learnt an important lesson.

They wont be able to contact your management without any evidence. As you said, they ripped up the forms so they don't have any apart from the video.

Retail stores generally recycle their video tapes every 2 weeks.