My Previous Stupidity Coming Back To Hunt Me

Hello, my name is Grace and I am currently 17 years old. I got hired to my job at Foot Locker in late Feburary of 2012. I was caught shoplifting at a JCPenney’s in Michigan (at the same mall where I work) on 3/31/2012, and was 16 years old at the time. This was a first time offence, as I had never broken the law besides a minor speeding ticket. I was with my friend at the mall, and we had visited a couple of other stores before we entered JCPenney (I had taken various items from the other stores, as well, but did not get caught.) We went into JCPenney, and I had slipped a pair of earrings and a belt into my bag, totaling a value of $35. When I had left the store, I was immediately stopped by two LP Officers, a man and a woman, who held up their badges. The woman said to me, “We are with JCPenney Loss Prevention, you need to come with us,” and she proceeded to [quite forcefully] grab my arm and lead me through the store into the back. They did not bring my friend with us into the detainment room, as she did not have a bag with her. When we got into the room, they sat me down, and in shock, I answered their questions to the best of my ability. I provided them with my I.D., social security number, and all of my other information upon request without any hesitation or attitude. They took my bag, and dumped out all of the items that I had acquired. There was around 4 thongs from Victoria’s secret, a keychain from Claire’s, and a bra from Wet Seal along with the two items that I had taken from JCPenney. I insisted that I had paid for the thongs on a previous shopping trip, and I said that “If they wanted proof, they could go out to my car and get the receipt out of the bag.” The woman set the items from the other stores off to the side, and proceeded to take my picture. I signed a coulpe of papers stating that I admit to stealing and that I would not return to JCPenney for 2 years. They called down a mall security guard, who was nicer than the LP’s, to retrieve the items and return them to the stores. I explained to the guard that I was employed in the mall, and I asked what would happen to me. He said to me that “if I see [him] me again, consider my job gone,” and he left. (Luckily, I never saw his face again.)

The woman told me that she had to call my parents and explain to them what happened so they could come pick me up, or she would have to call the police to come pick me up. Reluctantly, as I wanted to avoid getting my butt whooped by my parents, I gave her my dads number and she called. My dad and stepmom arrived, and he was furious. My dad asked if they could call the police to come get me because he was so angry, but the woman said no because my parents were already there. The LP’s explained to us that I would be receiving a letter from a lawyer regarding my fine, which must be paid, and that I was not being prosecuted in a legal standpoint.

I went home with my parents, got chewed out, and went to bed completely disgusted with myself. The next morning, I took some pills and drank a bunch of alcohol, and called the ambulance to take me to the hospital. After long hours in the hospital, I was admitted into Harbour Oaks Mental Hospital, where I stayed for 10 days, When I was discharged, I got home to a letter from the lawyer stating my fine of $200, which I called immediately. That day I paid the first $75 dollars over the phone, and explained to the receptionist that I got paid the following Friday and would pay the rest. The following Friday, I called again and paid the remaining $125 over the phone, with my debit card like I had the first time. Note, that they never sent me any receipt or physical proof stating that my fine had been paid, even though the woman over the phone said that I was all set and there was nothing left that I had to do. I went about with my life, and have not gotten in trouble with the law whatsoever since. I switched to a different school and am getting better grades, and I still am working at Foot Locker. I have definately grown as a person since then and have many ways to prove this. I have been accepted into 6 schools and I committed to Adrian College for the fall of 2013 to play volleyball.

It is now December of 2012, and I just received a letter in the mail stating that I have a court date on 12/18/2012 for a ‘Preliminary Inquiry’ in front of a referee.This is the first I have heard about the incident since I paid the fine. I thought the situation had been dealt with, and that there was not going to be any legal involvement since the police had never been called, but I don’t know what if going on.

So I guess what I’m looking for is some advice and/or some answers to my questions.

Am I going to be tried as an adult because of the fact that I am 17? If so, that is complete bullshit because I was 16 when it happened, and they waited until I was 17 to take me to court.

Since there was never any legal involvement and nothing went on my record, will there now be something on my record? If so, will that be exponged when I turn 18?

My job never found out about this incident, but will they now? Will I loose my job?

What happens in situations like this? I know that I won’t go to jail, but will I have to do community service? Will I be on probation?

I would greatly appreciate if someone would answer my questions and or give me some feedback.

God Bless,

Wootiee Wootiee
18-21, F
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you wont be tried as an adult since your 17 and it will be on your juvienlle record im sure but it will not be on your record once you turn 18. Im 17 and recently got caught shoplifting from kohls and stole 216$ I got arrested and went to YCC which is a dention center for kids for 4 days and now im on house arrest. i return court this friday. I hope i helped a little

i hope everything worked out for you. But i couldn't help but noticed you worked at foot locker!!!!!! I love shoess. i have about 35 pairsss hehe :) gimme a shout if you wanna help me out with getting some sneakers. I would love to fly down from canada to ann arbour :P

what does that mean. are you being charged with a misdemeanor. im really scared. haven't told my parents. did you get a lawyer

hi, I wanted to know what happened when you went to court. did you get charged with something. I'm in a similar situation

Okay, so when I went to court, I admitted to the charge and I got put on the court's consent calendar. Message me for more

Someone please comment with some advice or something !