I Loved Sunday School

My mom had a friend who was ten years her junior. Let's just call her Anna. She was around 35 I estimate and not married yet. She was a gorgeous, classy woman who was very selective about who she married. Calling her "stuck up" would not be out of the question.

SHe was very pretty and dressed very classy. I was about 7 years old with a full blown nylon or pantyhose fetish. Of course it would be many years before I learned the meaning of the word "fetish". But boy did I have a fetish..

The time frame was around 1968 or 69. I would see her every Sunday for a Sunday School class. This was when most women wore hosiery espeacially to church. Even at the age of 7 year old, any woman of any age that wore nylon stocking or pantyhose HAD MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

Anna was obviously a woman that took great pride in her appearance. She knew how to dress and look good. She looked VERY GOOD.

She of course wore a skirt or dress with some sort of strappy high heeled sandal that was in fashion at the time. Her gorgeous shoes did a great job showing off her dainty little feet. Her toe nails were forever nicley pollished to a bright pink color. And her legs, her legs wer GORGEOUS!
This was a time before most women worked out. But this lady had HEALTHY, SEXY legs that were encased in nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Yes they were suntan nylons but they we definitely darker than skin color. I think my mom and sister wore a coffee colored nylon stocking or "Town Taupe". Town Taupe I think was a dark grey. Anna's nylons were always very nicley color coordianted with the rest of her outfit.

I just loved and appreciated how her pretty pink toes would peak out from under the nylons and show themselves. I wished so hard that she would sit my mother down had give her grooming tips. But of course that never happened.

Anna had us sit in a semi-circle infront of her as he taught the lesson of the day. I loved her lessons because her nyloned legs, HER GORGEOUS NYLONED LEGS, would be right in my face.

I dared not touch them or my parents would remove (non-surgically) my head. My childish little penis would just get rock hard.
Anna's nyloned legs would provide me all the subject matter I needed to fuel my ************ fantasies for a whole week.

I never listened to her stories, becasue I was transfixed.
I was LUSTING after her beautiful nyloned or pantyhosed legs.
I was CLEARLY STARING at her beautiful nyloned legs.
I MEAN STARING RIGHT AT THEM. I didn't even try to pretend I was listening.

So it was obvious to her that I was LUSTING, OOGLING, maybe even drooling at her nyloned legs.
I had no defense when she would stop about once every session and give me a silient, icy stare.

I was caught, I knew I was caught. She knew I was a lusting, horney, perverted little seven year old.
Well I did not care I loved every minute of Sunday School!
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I'm not sure how I would have made it through boring Sunday school without such fantasies! I guarantee you weren't the only one trying to get the best angle for an ******* sitting on the floor in a circle with a lovey set of stocking legs in direct view. Thanks for sharing.

Legs were meant to be appreciated, and every lady knows that :)

I always got caught looking at women wearing pantyhose. Twice I was able to grab a feel! Ever notice that women rub their legs. It's because they like the way they feel.

Have you noticed while watching a woman with crossed legs in pantyhose they swing their foot in and out? I wonder is they might be rubbing themselves. I think they are excited.

Yes, you always see women rubbing their legs when they are wearing hose.
So if it feels good to them then we should be able to share the same feeling!!

Great Story! I remember staring at nylons when I was young....even got a look at a garter belt under a dress once. I am sure I was caught a lot but no one ever said anything.

I love this story! Hopefully one day I will be one of those pantyhose wearing women that people secretly lust after. Love it!

in my teens a girlfriend always wore nylons, they were thick (heavy denier) and had a crotch pad sort of thing. I remember slipping my hand down the waistband and fingering her til she came and then licking my finger

nice story

Great story ! Ahhhh the love of hosiery !!

This was delightful! I had similar experiences as a young boy. I actually still stare at women and girls who wear nylons and/or tights.

I am also addicted to ph, nylons n tights

Thanks for sharing this. It brings back some fond memories.
When I was 12 our church got a new pastor. His wife always wore pantyhose and several times that year when she dropped something if I was nearby I always rushed in to help her pick things up. I always got a look or two up her dress and I felt like I was in heaven. She wore pantyhose, but no panty. Needless to say I fantasized about her the rest of the week.

While she must have been about 30 or so, and she had great legs. I soon became a leg man with a stocking/nylon fetish.

Thank you for sharing. I also started staring at women's nylon covered legs at a young age and love them. I have been caught by my wife many times looking at a woman wearing nylons and high heels a combination that I just can't resist. I love the new sky high heels that women are wearing now I just wish more of them would wear nylons with those heels.

Maybe I should start going to Sunday school again.

Good times- sounds like my child hood ...:)

memories from the past just fuel our LUST and APPRECIATION for nylon and stockings don't they?

Nothing on Gods earth is as sexy as a woman's legs, smooth shaven and toned, in nylons!

You and I are kindered spirits. We are of like minds. We share a sexual perversion;
nyloned legs. You are 100% correct when you say that nothing on God's earth is as sexy as a woman's legs! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I still dream about Anna. I still love well dress women in nylons and high heels.

Yep - add me to the list of "leg lovers" ... They has always been my first glance and soft spot attention getter. Only in the past couple years have I added the rest of the female body to catch / hold my attention. Sure the occational downblouse view of a bra/ breast / nipple or ******* from behind is eye catching - but those are rare and far between . Legs are forever in view- especially nylon covered gams in nice heels - wow... Good times.... Good hunting ..SD

No Thank Heaven. I think she would have been too embarrased to tell my mother. My mother was sort of a mentor to her. <br />
<br />
Anna knew she was an extremely good looking woman. I was not the only horny male that thought she was a hottie.

Did she ever say anything to you, or to your mom?

Yeah, She definetly knew what I was doing and she was in a way encouraging me.<br />
But too this day (its been 40 years) I still think of her and ********** to her beautiful legs.<br />
<br />

such a naughty little sunday schooler. she probably loved it.

I would like to think that she was flattered that I lusted after her. But I really don't know. She came across like such a prude. A gorgeous prude, but a prude non the less.
WOmen should feel complemented that a male would lust after them or use there images as ************ foder.