I Got Caught Stroking Myself

For those of you who don't know any of my story, I came out as a naturist to my family when I was 12. I'd often go nude in the house and occasionally my dad, step mum or step brother would too, but for the majority of the time it would just be me.

One evening, when I was about 14, the whole family were sat watching television in the lounge. My dad and bro were sat on the chairs whilst my mum and I were on the couch, I was lay lengthwise with my head on her knee. The guys were dressed but my mum was in her short T shirt nightie, having not long got out of the bath. I was naked of course.

We had been watching a horror film which had some nudity and sexual scenes in it but it was a good film and we were all engrossedin it. I don't know how long I'd been doing it but I became aware that my hand had strayed down to between my legs and I was slowly stroking my pubic hair around my clitoris. I had done it unconsiously but as soon as realised what I had been doing, I froze. A quick glance at my bro and dad showed them to be still captivated by the film but when I looked up at my Step Mum, she smiled at me. I instantly knew she'd seen me and I felt the blush spread over my cheeks.

I whispered sorry and said I'd go and put my nightie on but she put her hand on my stomach to stop me rising and told me to stay where I was, it would look unusual for me to wear any clothes so It would only look as if something was up. She then told me in a quiet whisper, that it was a natural thing to do and I shouldn't be embarrased. She leant closer to me and said that if the lads weren't there she'd be tempted to do it herself and with that she lifted up the hem of her nightie slightly and showed me she hadn't put any knickers back on. We both giggled and settled back in to watch the rest of the film. I don't know if it was my imagination but after realising she didn't have any knickers on I kept thinking I could smell the intimate smell of her sex.
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Your step mom was very understanding and that is very good. Keeping it a bit discreet is good but she was obviously cool with it.

Awe, such a nice thing for your mom to do. :)~ Molly

I wonder if your public ************ lasted as long as mine did after I read yor story.

I think its wonderful to have grown up in a naturist home. You were very fortunate to grow up in such an open home.

That is wild but I have to think your dad and bro's eyes wondered over your way at some point,maybe maybe not just a thought.

I only wish my Mum was that cool. seh may be naturist but she isn't as open minded as your mum

I only wish my Mum was that cool. seh may be naturist but she isn't as open minded as your mum