Caught By My Mommy

I was 12 years old at the time I had a stash of diapers hidden my room with money I took from my mommy's room to buy the diapers and hie the diapers. My mommy went out shopping one day I decided to go to my room after my mommy left to go shopping with my sister. I took all my clothes off accept my shirt and put on a diaper and then went back to the livingroom to watch tv. I fell asleep on the couch and I wokeup with my mommy finding me on the couch in a T-shirt and diaper. My mommy asked where I got the diapers from I told her I took money from her room to buy the diapers. My mommy told me to stay in the diaper and T-shirt to show her where the rest of the diapers were hidden in my room. My mommy then told me if I like stealing money from her and buying diapers to wear I will be treated like a little baby from now on. As my mommy was yelling at me I got nervous and started crying alittle bit wetting the diaper right in front of my mommy with my mommy noticing my diaper starting to sag some. My mommy said in baby talk does my little need a diaper change and I had to lay on my bed to get changed into a fresh new diaper. Later that day mommy got ready and took me out out shopping getting more diapers for me, buying a carseat for me, baby toys and a playpen because she did not want her little baby sitting on the couch ruinning it if I had a accident in my diaper.

The next day I was sent to school in diapers and drove to school by my mommy in my new carseat, so the other kids would know what a big baby I was. I was walked to the office by my mommy holding my hand to tell the nurse that I could not control my bladder or bowels that I needed diaper changes thoughout the day.

The next week I had all my things moved out of my room with my room being transformed into a baby's nursery with adultsized crib, diaperchanging table with lots of diapers underneath the table, diaper pail, adultsized baby clothes to wear and etc. I had a highchair placed in the kitchen to sit in to be fed my meals. I was babied and diapered having to go with mommy everywhere because I could not stay alone and my mommy put me in a daycare. My mommy got a nanny after awhile after having to go to daycare a few times a week to babysit me.

After being teased at school for 3 years mommy decided to homeschool me to make it easier for me to be bottle fed a few times a day, diaper changes, to have my afternoon nappy time. My mommy liked me being a baby I regressed back to being a toddler baby having my nanny dress me, feed me, diaper me because I lost all control of my bladder control and bowel movements. I am still taken care of by my mommy and nanny which I am babysat and taken care of by my nanny more. I have a certain beddy bye time and bathtime having to only watch baby shows on tv because mommy or nanny does not want baby watching any adult unless an adult is around to approve of it. I feel secure and comfort in being a baby and will never growup in being a big boy.
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How old where u

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Wish that happend to me

Good story. Is it true?