Caught By My Sister

i started wetting the bed again when I was 13.  My mother decided to put me in diapers at least at night.  I wear diapers and plastic panties.  if its punishment time and I'm to be spanked then I have to take them off for the spanking then I put them on again.  My sister had her girfriend over for a night one Friday and I had been bad so I was going to be spanked before bed.  She saw my mother lead me into her bedroom with the strap in her hand and she knew what was going to happen.  She watched through the key hole and saw me take the plastic panties and diaper off and bend over the chair for my whipping.  She told her girl friend and later that night after we were all in bed she and the girldfriend snuck into my room which is right next to hers.  My sister left the lights off but she pulled the cover off me and I woke up.  she reached down and yanked the tops of my pajamas down before I could stop her and saw the plastic panties and the diaper.  I had to tell her why. She and the girlfriend giggled a bit and then left.  After that I didn't worry about my sister seeing me in a diaper.  She is 10 months older.
graine graine
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Thank you for sharing this story. I know it was very humiliating for you.

are you still wearing diapers?