Caught By Mom.

Hi all,

New to the group here and wanted to post my story.  My love for pantyhose started around age 6 or so.  I used to see my mom wearing her pantyhose and I remember feeling them on her legs when she wore them.  They felt soft to the touch and enticing.   During those early years, like many of us, I used to watch the super hero shows, e.g. Superman, Batman and saw them wearing tights, specifically Robin who looked he was wearing pantyhose because of the flesh color of his tights.  So needless to say I felt, if Robin could wear hose, I could wear hose too.  I remember seeing a pair of my mom's hose in the clothes hamper in the bathroom.  I went to look for them and found them immediately.   I locked the door and quickly took off my pants and slid the pantyhose on.  What a great sensation from the feeling these awesome pantyhose on my legs.  I remember that brand was Lady Laura pantyhose.  Those were some of the best selling pantyhose back in the early 70's.  I wish I could find a picture of the packaging so I could post it.  Anyway, once I had the hose on, I knew I was hooked.  They felt incredible and I remember having my first "reaction" when I wore them. 

Well, of course once I started wearing them, I couldn't stop.  Not knowing how to hide my wearing my mom's hose, she caught me wearing them.  As I was sitting down the back of my pants rolled down exposing the waistband of her pantyhose.  She quickly told me to take off my pants to let her see what I was wearing.  I was completely scared and nervous.  I took my pants off and there I was, standing in front of her wearing her pantyhose.  She was not too happy about me wearing them, but she let me wear them all the same once I told made my argument that Robin from Batman wore them, lol.  She was okay with me wearing them, as long as i didn't do it while my dad was home.  My dad was an old fashion latino, macho man, and was not having his first born male wearing a female garment of any kind. 

I tried not to wear hose while my dad was around but sometimes I just couldn't help it.   Once that urge to wear came over me I had to put hose on.  Did my dad ever catch me wearing do you ask?  Yup.  That did NOT go over well.  I was the recipient of a good physicial punishment, that I would not call a spanking.  Fast forward 30 something years, and I'm still wearing hose.  I still love the feeling of slipping my favorite brand of hose, (Leggs Sheer Energy stw in Suntan of Coffee shade) everyday.  I'm recently married to a wonderful woman who share my hose fetish with me.  She loves it when we both wear hose, especially for hose sex.  I'm a lucky man!  Hope you like my story. 

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I remember my first time getting caught I was 16 at the time and they were 17 and 19 they were out dancing so I decided to go into my eldest sisters room, I grabbed some black pantyhose and walked into my room took my chinos and underpants off then slipped them on ohhhhh they were lovely I think they were one of her best pairs so I was in my bedroom with a t-shirt on then shorts and her pantyhose playing on the xbox then I hear the door shut I pause my game then desperately try to take them off but I was too late she walks in to tell me there home and sees me in my t-shirt and her pantyhose and she comes in shuts the door and tells me to take them off so I do then she says I won't tell mum or dad if you do me a deal so I say yeh okay anything please then she walks out then comes back in with my other sister, she's obviously told her so they both come in, deep in discussion and then my middle sister says we won't tell mum if you wear them for a week under your chinos so I say yeh okay but I should get something out of it then they say you can wear any of ours anytime you want so I say yep okay and we will buy some for you, then I think oh that's a benefit so really there helping me out with confidence here so I'm like yes okay just don't tell mum or dad or anyone else and then they shake my hand and it's a deal so I wear pantyhose whilst I'm out because it's the holidays and there with me for the whole week I don't take them off and I do finish the deal so know I have quite a big collection of pantyhose and some of theres are really good my eldest sister is going to buy me some from soldiers that have a Rose pattern on them and are really silky and soft they cost £40 quid hahaha she is happy to do it but she's lost money through a bet I easily won so I am living the high life right know.

Wow. You are so lucky to have a woman that understands and supports you as to you wearing pantyhose. I truly wish that I could be so fortunate as to find a good woman that would love me and accept me in loving to wear pantyhose (and also ballet flats). I'm asking for too much ain't I?

Women like that are out there but you have to believe you are worth finding someone like that, and not settle for less than full acceptance.

I agree with being upfront with women about my "passions". Thanks for the words of encouragment.Now I feel that there's still hope for me as to finding a woman that will accept me with my "passions".

To PHSensei. I thank you also for the words of encouragement. Thanks guys for making my day.

Thanks Tavman, you are welcome. Add me if you'd like so we can stay in touch.

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i wish my women let me wear pantyhose at home or having sex, however she founds it unacceptable that man wear pantyhose...

Привет,добавь меня тоже в друзья и я расскажу о своем фетише.

I started to wear my moms pantyhose but wasn't till I was 11. Same thing years of seeing her in them and the way they felt.

awww you're so lucky!!!! I really wish that my gf had a hose or nylon fetish :( I guess at the very least, she's accepting of it but she doesn't lean towards either way of liking or not liking unfortunately....sigh...

I think I was 10-11 when I had my first try on as well as my mothers slips.I was hooked too...;-)<br />
But I never got got wearing them, but my wife found mine I had hidden away.<br />
She actually thought I was having an affair.So I had to confess before she called the woman that she suspected...Who happened to be my supervisor at work...LOL..;-)

Loved your story it brought back memories of my mom catching me with her pantyhose on and she also let me where them anytime I wanted my father had left us so I did not have to worry about that I also love the same nylons and color as you it's nice to have that in common with someone else

May I add to the envy of an accepting mother? I never actually got caught, despite the number of panties I had too. I know it wouldn't have been accepted, and that no "understanding dialogue" could have taken place. My other stories tell of those early days.<br />
<br />
Now, a dad of two grown-up kids, one still at home the other at uni, I have more freedom. My wife tried always to make me avoid lace in my shirt neckline, or wear slippers if my tights are especially lacy and pretty.<br />
<br />
But I ask how it can't have raised suspicions when, in 21 years with kids, there has never been any men's underwear on the washing line, just rather too many pretty panties?? <br />
<br />
Somewhere in between, I shall never forget the day maybe 6 years ago, when my wife found my sheer-to-waist tights drying on the bedroom radiator. I'd forgotten just once. Which was worse: "Whose are these??!" - another woman's or my husband's? Actually, both darling ...

I also started around age 6.<br />
<br />
BTW, I am flattered that you have chosen to use one of my photos as your avatar.

Yeah, i find that when Im not wearing I think a lot about wearing... so i pretty much wear every day. I wear to work, then slip into a fresh pair when i get home.<br />
<br />
When it gets too hot I will not wear, but i do shave my legs all year long.

You can wear suntan pantyhose instead of dark ones because they are lighter and help with sweating especially in bed

Awesome, glad you found a woman that accepts your wearings too. Like you I started with his in the bathroom, lol. I was hooked after the first time too. Now I wear daily... mskes me so happy too.