Driving In Pantyhose

I travel a lot for my job, and I enjoy wearing pantyhose. So it works out great! I left my house around 9:00 pm and hit the highway, pulled over at an over pass and put on a pair of stw suntan pantyhose, then hit the road again. I drove a few hours then stopped at a rest area to stretch out. No one was there so I put a short skirt a blouse and some heels to walk around in. No body showed up and I left. After another hour I needed gas so I stopped at a gas station that looked closed and jumped out and filled up and left with no incident. I have never gone this far with my crossdressing, never outside my house or car. I was excited and my skirt and pantyhose sticking straight out was proof! I left and drove a while longer and stopped at a rest area to stretch again with no incident. This time I needed gas and couldn't find a closed gas station, so I found one off the main road with an older chubby lady cashier and pulled in. I threw on my jacket to cover my blouse and walked in. I stayed close to the counter so she couldn't see my skirt and heels and gave her $30 for gas and walked out. I got to my car and started to fill up and heard a car slowing down so I jumped in my car. A rather large girl jumped out and started fueling her car. My car was done fueling but she was not done yet. I noticed her staggering a little so I waited til I didn't think she could see me and I jumped out and shut off my pump and jumped back in. I thought I got away with it until she said something. I rolled down my window face bright red and asked her what she said, she said, oh my god! You are ruining ur pantyhose! And started laughing. I was so embarrassed but I asked her how, and she said your hard on was stretching them out and holding up your skirt! I looked down and sure enough I couldn't even tell my skirt was up on my erection. She said get out let me see! I got out and she told me, pull up my skirt, so I did and she said fix your hard on and pull your skirt down sissy! I jumped back in my car shaking and embarrassed. She yells while I was leaving, nice **** by the way! I loved the feeling of getting caught but will never do this again.
fishermarcy fishermarcy
36-40, M
1 Response May 16, 2011

Very nice story honey.I live as Alycee and I find women are generally very understanding and very interested in talking to me and wanting to know why I prefer to dress as a woman.