Got Caught Wearing Pantyhose In The Park

This happened two days ago, After having a couple of drinks and a game of pool in my local pub with a few of my mates, we all split up and went our seperate ways. On the short walk home i decided to get changed and have a walk round the park as it was a scorching hot day. i got changed into a vest top and my three quater length shorts over the top of my nude pantyhose and put my crocs (shoes) on, Ive dressed like this loads of times and nobody seems to notice im wearing pantyhose/tights. Anyway i decide to take a book to read and set off to the park, I arrive at the park and find it quite busy so i found a secluded shaded area. I laid on grass and started to read my book and after a couple of hours i realised there was a man sat about 10 to 12 yards behind me which made me feel slightly uncomfortable, so i turned around so i could see him and he couldnt see my pantyhosed legs.I dont go out to get noticed,i wear tights because i find them comfortable and love the way there feel on my body and legs. After another twenty minutes i reached for my bottle of juice and started drinking and i noticed this man staring at me Not being able to concentrate on my book i got up and found a new place to relax away from any prying eyes or any other people. Before i sat  down i adjust my pantyhose, even though i buy theones with lycra in them there always slightly drop. As i adjusted them i ran my hand over my nylon clad **** and started to feel the nice tingles running up and down it. In my pocket i had my 4 inch vibrator which i love running up and down my **** and i have the most explosive orgasams with, But i thought it was to early to have any vibo fun as there was still alot of people around.(ive done this many times in the park). I started to read my book again and after 10 mins i noticed the man who was staring at me earlier was walking near to were i was sat. As i looked up he said hello and i returned the greeting, he then asked me if he could borrow a light for hes cigaretteand i couldnt refuse as i had a cigarette in my hand.He thanked me for the light and started making small talk while staring at my legs. He then said he was walking behind me as i entered the park and noticed i had nylon on my legs and wondered whether there were tights or stockings. I was gobsmacked its a situation i didnt want to be in, Quite a few times ive been asked by women if i wear pantyhose/tights and ive told them the truth. I came to my senses quickly and told him i was wearing tights. He then introduced himself as Mike and said my legs looked good, This caused my **** to start going hard which is strange because im not gay ive only ever been curious. Mike then told me he wears tights either at home or under long trousers and very rarely goes out in a pair in case anybody finds out. I told him i wear them all the time inside or outside and that my girlfriend fully supports me and even wears them for sex. He was amazed at that as hes wife doesnt even like wearing them and he as to hide his tights away so his wife doesnt find them. I asked if he had any on now but he said no, He sat down next to me and offered me a cigarette which i accepted and his fingers kept touching my legs. I reached for my drink and as i moved my leg touched his hand and i kept it there. As i took a drink the back of hes hand was gently moving on my leg, I then offered mike a drink which he  took with hes other hand. The small moving motions he was making with hes hand felt good i then asked him if he liked feeling my nylon covered legs. He pulled hes hand away and apologised his face going bright red, he said he didnt realise he was doing it and he did like touching nylon covered legs, By this time my **** was rock hard and i told him it was alright to touch my legs, but i told him i wasnt gay he told me he wasnt. I told him if anyone came near or walked past he would have to stop and he agreed, I  pulled my the legs of my shorts a bit higher and laid back and mike placed his hand just above my knee and started stroke my nylon covered legs with his fingers moving his hand higher and higher and i was laid back enjoying the feeling of his fingers. I even opened my legs slightlywhen is fingers started to stroke my  inner thigh. While he was doing this we were making small talk and i was just letting him stroke my legs, his hand got higher and higher and i was enjoying every second of it,He then asked if i wear panties,I told him no just tights and then his fingers stroked across my balls and then the base of my hose clad ****. He then pulled his hand away and started undoing the drawstring on my shorts and slackened the waist band and put his hand down the front of my shorts and started to stroke his fingers up and down the shaft of my **** it was eletric i didnt want him to stop but i reminded him he told me he wasnt gay, He then reminded me he wasnt but he was so turned on this was the first time he had touched another mans ****.He kept running his finger around the tip of my **** and i could feel the precum ouzing out of the end, He pulled his hand out of my shorts and licked his fingers and thumb.He then grab the waist band of my shortsand gently pulled them down over my knees and past my ankles and ended up on the grass next to my shoes, He then knelt back and just stared at my hose clad **** while stroking my legs,he then spread my legs and got in between them and lowered his head kissing and licking my legs working his way up to my balls, licking his way up and down my ****.then he took me in his mouth i nearly explode there and then, Ive had ******** off women before while ivebeen wearing tights but this was something else. i told him i was just about to *** but he kept on sucking my hose clad **** and i exploded in his mouth and he kept on sucking, **** me i kept on ******* and ******* and mike was sucking and licking me clean.
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Mmm how exciting...sounds like you bi thoughts..might just be a lil more down the road sexy and fun!