First Time Caught!!

Hi i'm 18 and i love wearing pantyhose (tights), panties and sometimes skirt... sorry for my english, it's too bad!! The first time that i have been caught wearing tights was when i was 10... i wore tights for the first time when i was 6. when i have some free time i add that story!! So, one day my sister was at school, my father at work and my mother at my grandma's house... i usually steal pairs from my sister's room, that day i was wearing black shiny tights, white skirt and a pair of "little" pink panties!! i spend some time in the garden, the other walking in the house o looking at the mirror with my sister clothes... i was so excited and i forgot to look if someone was entering the house... some moments and my sister was in the room near me!! i take off the skirt and then my sister comes in... she was saying that the school was finished an hour before and she looked at me with the mouth open... What are u wearing she said!! i didn't know what to say and she close the door!! she sitted near me and starting to speak: Why are u wearing it? Why you take my panties and my tights? i stand up and said "i like it"... So she came out from my room!!! the day after when i finished school i came home and i discovered my sister in my room!! she asked me if i want a pair of tights!! i said yes but How?? she take me on the car and start driving... after 30 minutes we arrived in a little shopping center far from my town! we come in and she go to the bathroom.. she have a shop bag in her hand and she took out a red skirt, black female shoes, a pair of black panties and a black bra with some socks to show my "little" breast!! i weared it because that shopping center was very far from my house and there was always few people!! we came out from the bathroom and i was following her! she entered in a lingerie shop.. she ask at she shop assistant if she have a pair from her little sister... the shop assistant look at me and she takes my hand and walk in the shop's division for little girl... she gave me a pair of white tights for my size!! i go into the dressing room.. and slide my tights on... i love the sensation of tights and so much if i was wearing in a shop with my sister and other people!! i came out and the shop assistand smiled at me... my sister payd and we came out of the shop and start to return at home!!

This is my first time that i was caught and the rest of a little story!! When i have some free time i add other story... i hope that u like this story!! Oh.. My name is steven!!
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a very beautiful story and a wonderful sister.

You must have felt great

What a wonderful sister you have! I would love to know more! Can we be friends?

Fabulous sweetie

sounds great :) have fun with it :) My aunt and her daughters have been doing this with me for a long time ;)

Nice story Steven,i'd love to hear around any later experiances