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Trapped In My Sister's Pantyhose!

Once when I was sixteen I was watching television on a Friday night alone. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister was out with her boyfriend Jeff. My older brother had already moved out and was no longer living with us.

Anyway after watching TV for a while I suddenly got an overpowering urge to wear pantyhose. I had been in the habit of wearing pantyhose regularly at that point and probably did it at least a couple days a week. I tried really hard to resist the urge at first, but it was no use, I couldn’t fight it. My stomach became all anxious and tingly at the thought of smooth silky nylon gently caressing my hormone raging legs.

Finally I went down to my sister’s room and went through her pantyhose drawer until I finally pulled out a silky nude pair. I couldn’t wait to slip into them as I ran my hands through the leg first, making sure there were no runs in them. I also decided to put on a pair of my mother’s white silk panties and a short dress of my sisters which was violet with white and red leaves decorating it. It was a button up style not a pullover.

Once I had all the clothes together, I took off my male clothes and pulled on the silky white panties followed by the pantyhose. Once I felt the pantyhose sliding up my legs and gliding over my hips, the anxious feeling in my stomach began to slowly disappear. I quickly straightened out the seam at the groin area to make sure they were sitting evenly at my waste. Then after standing in front of a mirror and making sure the nylon was evenly wrapped around my legs, I put on my sister’s dress and slowly buttoned it up.

Once I was dressed I took a few moments to take in the sensation. The combination of the hose along with my sister’s dress and my mother’s silk panties felt perfect. As I walked around the house, I could continually feel the pantyhose massaging my legs. I could hear the slight sound of the nylon rubbing against itself and I enjoyed the freedom my sister’s dress provided me. It’s a sensation I’m sure most females don’t notice since they can bustle around in hose and a dress at will without a second thought. But I was constantly aware of the nylon, the slight gleam of light it picked up on at certain angles, the firmed polished look of my legs, the temptation to run my hands up and down my calves, thighs and feet, the feeling of the nylon wrapping around my feet and toes as I flexed them into a strong point.

Eventually I went back to the living room where I pulled my legs up onto the couch and fondled them as I continued to watch TV for a half hour or so.

A little while later I heard a sound that sent me into a panic. Someone was at the front door unlocking it. I immediately stood up and realized there was not time to run down the hall it would require me to run by the front door in order to get to the bedrooms. Whoever was coming in would see me for sure.

Instead I glanced around the room until I spotted a plaid blanket that our family cat was currently sleeping on. I wasted no time as I grabbed the blanket, probably giving the cat a heart attack as it woke up startled hoping off the couch. Then I sat back down throwing the blanket over myself trying to conceal what I was wearing. I struggled feverishly as the blanket was small and I had to cover all the way up to my neck line all the way down to my toes.

A few seconds later, I heard my sister’s voice along with her boyfriend’s coming in the house and they walked directly into the living room. I must have looked a little strange to them as I was still quite panicked the only thing keeping them from seeing me was the blanket.

“Hey dude,” my sister said.

“Hi,” I replied as I sat there my face feeling hot red.

They sat down to see what I was watching as I felt my face steaming, almost like I was sick from the nervousness. To throw them off a bit I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well that I had the chills. They might have seen the blanket as strange since the house wasn’t that cold.

Once I mentioned that, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Jeff looking at me intensely. I started freaking out wondering if part of my sister’s dress was showing near my neck. He stared at me for a few moments his eyes fixed on I don’t know what as I pretended not to notice him then to my relief he went back to watching TV as if everything was cool.

I immediately relaxed, but I still couldn’t move. I sat there not really able to focus on what was playing on the TV, wondering when I would be able to get up and change. As I sat, I was completely aware of the nylon clinging to my feet and toes. My legs almost seemed to be sweating as the nylon ran up my legs all the way up to my waist, where I could feel my mom’s loose panties sitting beneath them. It was strange I felt comfortable and stressed at the same time. The idea of being there trapped in pantyhose was exhilarating to me somehow.

I sat there for about half an hour making slight movements so as not to expose myself, then my sister and Jeff finally got up. Jeff went down to the bathroom where I assumed he had some business to take care of while my sister went to the kitchen to make them a snack. Once they were out of the room I carefully stood up. I thought my sister caught me from the kitchen at first as I wrapped the blanket around myself to conceal her dress. But she didn’t seem to notice me.

Then I slowly crept down the hall being careful not to go to fast so as not to draw suspicion. Eventually I made it to my room where I slipped out of the hose and dress and threw on a T-shirt and shorts. I hid the hose and my sister’s dress in my closet to put away later. After that I went back to the room, no longer stressed looking quite normal again relieved. I lied and said that whatever was bothering me earlier must have passed, that I was feeling better now. But my sister and Jeff never knew they'd almost caught me wearing my sister’s clothes and had inadvertently trapped me for a half hour in my sister’s pantyhose. It was a close one.
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That moment of panic when you desperately seek somewhere to hide, or cover up was one I experienced several times. I was pretty good at not getting caught and putting things away but with as much as I was sneaking into mom's clothes I was bound to have some close calls. Exciting and nerve wracking all at once.

I was almost caught a few times. But this one was close. My wife has me wear hose now, so I don't have to sneak around. But back then it was different.

Jeff wanted to catch you and **** you and your sister together - in panatyhose

so amazing , so exciting story, what a cat without blanket.. ha. <br />
<br />
i am a English language learner.<br />
paragraph 4, line 4<br />
"I quickly straightened out the seam at the groin area to make sure they were sitting evenly at my waste." -- in this sentence, "waste" maybe you mean "waist"<br />
<br />
nice story. thank you for are pretty good.