Caught Wearing Tights And Mini Skirt

This happened only last weekend.
My wife goes to work earlier than i do and i take my son to school. So at the weekends and school holidays i get up and wear tights and skirt for about 45 mins before i go to work. I have been doing this for years it seems normal. I have my breakfast ,tidy up, go to the bin etc.
One of my neighbours called Jane is divorced and now just having some fun. She came over to our house on friday night for a while and left her watch in our kitchen
So saturday morning i was wearing my shiny black opaque tights ballet pumps and black mini skirt. I had off course went out to the bin so the back door was unlocked. I was having a cup of coffee at the table when in walks Jane. There was no escape. I had to sit there with only a large table cloth hiding my legs in those sexy black tights. We talked for a minute then she mentioned she had left her watch. Looking quickly round she spotted her watch over by the sink and walked over to get it. Then turning round quickly she could see what i was wearing." Oh my God "she said "what are you wearing" and starts to walk over towards me." does Ann know you wear tights" I said nothing " no i don't suppose she knows her husband is a big poof" She was standing beside me now and bent over and touched my leg and just as i went to say something she said " we don't want to wake anyone now do we" She proceeded to to rub her hand up and down the inside of my leg each time getting a bit higher and smiling. Then as she told me she never thought of me as a sissy she slipped her hand up my skirt and feeling my little ****."Oh dear what a small **** i'm not suprised you're wearing tights" Then she informed me my two friend Alan and Jim both had much bigger *****."Can we get it any bigger " she said while rubbing my little **** and telling me what nice tights i had on. " Oh dear is that as big as it gets" and wondered how Ann could get any pleasure from such a small ****. It was really very exciting with her hand up my skirt and her bent over i just had to keep looking at her lovely boobs.It off course had to happen and i *** in my tights. Still not content she told me she wanted to see my ****. So i stood up and pulled down my tights a little so she could see my *** load and my **** still dripping. She made a gesture as if she was taking a picture and told me "be nice to me and no one will know " She turned round and with a large smile lifted he watch and was gone.

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10 Responses Nov 17, 2011

How thrilled was you and was you nice to you.

Cannot visualize a better way to get caught

Wow what a turn on, what happened after that ? xxxx Tina

Whishing that to happen to me....Hugs

Fabulous sweetie

The experience must have been frightning but very exciting at the same time. Has it happened again?

i wish that happens me so lovely

I WANT HER AND YOU in pantyhose

Just wondering what she has in mind could be interesting

wish it would happen to me great story keep wearing the tights