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So Sheer - Is He Or Isnt He?

I love wearing tights so sheer and nude you can hardly spot them - especially with them obvious.....and seeing if I get noticed.
I was wearing girls running leggings - knee length, with a skinny lycra top and 7denier nude sheers the other afternoon - with my trainers - while I was doing chores around my flat when my the upstrairs neighbour knocked at the door.
I came out a moment trainers on.
She looked me up and down and did a double take...then looked me in the eye with a quizzed look.
I raised my eyebrows as if to say; 'go on'
'Off to a class later' I said with a smile.
'Oh'....she said slightly puzzled.
'I do dance, pilates, that sort of thing.....'
'' she said - loooking at my legs.
Yes - they legs arent always this shiny!'
'Ah ok.' She said with smile and a shrug.You could hardly tell'.

Perfect reaction!
NicoleTS NicoleTS 41-45, T 15 Responses Dec 27, 2011

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Like another responder here, I don't aim to pass as a woman, I just wear tights with a crop-top denim shorts and low heels when I'm chilling out at home. It's a great feeling, after an hour or two you kind of forget you're wearing them and just get about your business - even going outside in broad daylight. And in recent times I don't even worry about wearing an "invisible" pair - I just wear sheer black 10-deniers! Great feeling.

thanks for sharing :)

You nailed it Nicole. Going very sheer, matte finish and in a color very close to your own skin tone can make it very difficult to tell.

This is a good story. It does appear from your photo that you do have the legs for tights and hose. Thinking about your neighbor, on one side, women seem to have a problem with guys who wear women's clothing, but on the other side, I have heard a number of women talking about how much better guys legs are than theirs. Maybe more guys ought to wear hose.

Lots of guys do have nice legs and look good in hose. It doesn't even have to be a feminine look either.

You're right. I used to hear of football players and skiers who wore pantyhose to keep their legs warm while they played...Or at least that was their excuse. lol my case - i wax my legs so I do feel the chill a bit more. Saying that - they are my second skin - wear them with everything. I also have found my perfect shade - you have to look pretty close to tell! (or know what to look for).

cute story.

It's a pleasant feeling to wear a skirt or dress with pantyhose, or under shorts, and no one is able to tell you are wearing them until they come up very close to you! Of course, if you're wearing a skirt or dress you probably are wearing pantyhose --- I know I do!!

But last fall was a wonderful example of people not realizing you are wearing pantyhose. I was at an area L'eggs/Hanes outlet store buying pantyhose. Though I've go out many times I still get nervous, mostly at the thought of running into men who do not share the love of wearing and looking at pantyhose with me.

I shopped for pantyhose and then "asked" for help with choosing panties or a bra. While the clerk did not have any bras my size she did let me try on a couple different pairs of panties. I was mortified when I took the first pair of panties off --- I tried them on over my pantyhose --- But still they had a little 'spot' on them. I rubbed them for several minutes until I got the spot to go away.

Only at the counter as I was paying for several pairs of pantyhose and I mentioned I was wearing them did the clerk pause and look at my legs.

"You have nice legs and pantyhose look good on you," she said. Too bad she was pushing retirement age.

It's wonderful to wear pantyhose and make the viewing public wonder: Is he or isn't he wearing pantyhose?

If you see me in public you can bet he --- Me --- Is wearing pantyhose!!

I do understand and share the thrill of wearing 7 denier nearly invisible tights. I like that they are only just noticeable, depending on the light, and that inquisitive and open-minded people notice and perhaps smile. I haven't been out and about very much like this yet, it is a new experience now that my legs are smooth, I am looking forward to seeing who else notices.

Perfect. Very funny.

Quite right! The only permission to wear what you want is your own. Don't expect judgement and don't give an opportunity. Is that nail polish you're wearing?! Yes, my favourite purple; lovely isn't it? And why not?

I don't try to "Pass" as a woman, it wouldn't work at all. However I do wear hose with shorts and the reactions vary. Giggles from teen girls and sideways looks from the men. Teen boys don't seem to notice. The women however strike up conversations, give complements and are the most accepting.


Iam 27 and i have never been caught in them my mum found some in my room when i was about . .about . Ten or eleven

Oh yes a perfect reaction for sure!

That is Fantastic! TheMore women that get use to seeing us males in Tights and pantyhose the Better. they will eventually start encouraging us to show off our Pretty legs for their Enjoyment!! Yaay!!

That's right, many women find the "men wearing pantyhose" thing very unusual but sexy and some are turned on by it! That's why a man wearing pantyhose gets all the compliments he could get just from women. It's mostly men who freak out or dissapprove of it. It's up to us men to turn this "unusual fetish" into mainstream fashion, especially if the gals love to see us in a pair of sexy pantyhose!

For some reason many males think that just because we dress in women's clothes we are suppose to be gay. I have had many good responses from G G's over the years.

It reminds me of my neighbour's reaction when she saw me putting out various pairs of my tights on the washing line.