I Got Caught Wearing Pantyhose While Buying Pantyhose

I had been buying my own pantyhose since I was 13. I never thought about someone seeing me buying them and thinking they were for me. I had sales clerks help me make my choices while asking me about pantyhose I was interested in. In retrospect, I guess many of them figured out I was buying them for my own use.

I started wearing pantyhose out openly when I was 17. It was at the urging of an ex girlfriend who thought it would be fun and sexy if I did. I had been wearing stockings and pantyhose since I was 4 but never told her that. She just noticed I loved pantyhose. She was right it was fun wearing out openly, but surprisingly no one ever seemed to notice.

I continued to shop for and buy my own pantyhose. Now that I was wearing them out openly, I tried to buy better quality, nicer looking and nicer feeling pantyhose. Ironically though, any time I went shopping for pantyhose, I took my pantyhose off. I thought if someone happened to notice I was wearing pantyhose while buying some, they would figure out I was buying them for myself. Or, if they happened to notice me buying pantyhose and then saw I was wearing pantyhose, they would again figure out I was buying them for myself.

One day as I was taking off my pantyhose to go pantyhose shopping it occured to me that what I was doing made no sense. I wanted to get noticed for wearing pantyhose. What better way was there to be wearing while buying? I left them on and went shopping. No one seemed to notice.

It took several months and lots of pantyhose buying sprees, but one day when I was in a department store picking out pantyhose. A girl nearby was doing the same. She was looking more near the bottom of the rack. I hadn't noticed if she looked over at me, but I heard her say, "you have really nice legs. Are you wearing pantyhose?"

So I finally got noticed for sure and received a compliment. What did I do? I panicked, put down the pantyhose I was going to buy and walked quickly away. That was odd. I never anticipated feeling that way and reacting the way I did. I swore to myself that if a situation like that ever happened again, I would handle it differently. The next time and several times after that when it did happen, I handled it much better with much better results.

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What a wonderful experience, but sorry to hear that you got embarrassed and walked away, better luck next time.

I can only imagine you were strartled that first time a girl noticed your hose. There are some gals that like guys to wear nlons. I know I do. It is kinda erotic. I have always loved wearing hose and know a few other women that do. I used to fantasize about rubbing my nyloned legs against aothers, but having no sexual attraction to other women, never tried it. Then one evening I talked my boyfriend into trying on a pair of pantihose. He was reluctant, but I got him to try them on. I loved the feel of our hosed legs brushing together! He liked it a lot and got rock hard! Eventualy we both began wearing garterbelts and stockings so we were free to have sex with our nylons on. He wears nylon stockings all the time now. He loves the feeling of wearing hose under his pants at work. I got him some pair of silky pantliners to wear under his pants to give his legs a silkier experience. I have enven gotten him some skirts and dresses and stiletto heels to slip on when he gets home from work. My God his legs look hot in a miniskirt, sheer stockings and stiletto heels!

Oh my!!!

He is one lucky guy. I wished my wife was like you.


I have been in the shops fron the age of 8 and I have yet to have anyone ask me if it's for me! Strange!

Ironically, that was what I was looking to do. I was hoping to attract the attention of a girl who might like me in pantyhose and maybe we could move on to some hot pantyhose sex.

Then I guess the anxiety and fear I had initially of getting noticed for wearing pantyhose and having hairfree legs just surfaced and I panicked.

A few months after that, I was wearing my short shorts and pantyhose while shopping for pantyhose. The girl at the register seeemd to be checking me out. As I moved around, her eyes seemed to be following me. I wondered if she noticed I was wearing pantyhose, was wondering if I was buying pantyhose for myself or just liked how I looked.

I wandered around a bit more, selecting more pantyhose. When no one was at her register, I walked up to it with my several packages of pantyhose. We made some pleasant small talk while she was ringing up my purchase. Then after she had my pantyhose bagged, she told me she would like to see me in them.

I went to my car, put the pantyhose in I had just bought, then went back to her register in the store. I waited until she was open afer serving customers. I went up to her and told her I was back to show her my pantyhose. She took a look and smiled, then told me she thought I was wearing pantyhose but wasn't sure.

We got together later on that evening which involved a lot of great pantyhose sex. I was incredibly nervous when walking back into the store and telling her I returened to show her my pantyhose, but I went through with it and it paid off like I had hoped.

That's fantastic. Good for you in thag I hope you can find more friends like that!

The most difficult part Candice is overcoming the fears in your mind about all the bad things that will happen when you get noticed for wearing panyhose. I was absolutely convinced I was going to get noticed and my life would be ruined. Then the power of hormomes took over and I did it.

No one noticed, no one reacted, no one even seemed to look at my legs. They were clad in pantyhose and hairfree. How could anyone not notice? But they didn't.

I usually wear nude, beige, tan and taupe. They fairly closely match my skin tone. In fact more often then not, in those rare instances when I did get noticed, it was for having nice legs. The person who noticed was surprised when I told them I was wearing pantyhose. They got closer for a better look and in some cases asked if they could feel my legs.

Give it a try. Dress fairly normally. Remove your leg hair. Hair crushed under pantyhose looks strange. Walk around in a desolate area, get your confidence up, then start getting closer to people. Eventually just go about your business.

Love your story! I wear panty hose all winter, and other then a few purposely exposing flashes, I haven't had the courage to go full exposure!

Other then really enjoying wearing pantyhose, meeting a girl who might like me in pantyhose and then going on to have pantyhose sex was the idea.

I hadn't anticipated being so nervous and fearful and then running off when I finally got noticed that first time. After that, I knew what kinds of feelings to expect if I got noticed again and received a compliment again.

When that cashier asked me to come back and show her how I looked in pantyhose, I was just as nervous and frightened. I worked through it though and got what I was looking for.

Wow...you probably could have gotten layed with her. Understand the sudden panic and leave...;-/

I was trying to get noticed and hoping to get noticed. Then when I did, I just got scared, panicked and ran off in fear. After contemplating what had occured for a few days, I went back to the same store repeatedly, hoping to see that same girl again. I never did.<br />
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The second time I got noticed was in another department store. I was wearing my short cutoffs with tan sheer to waist pantyhose. Across from the hosiery department was a register. As I was shopping for and picking out my pantyhose, I noticed the girl behind the register seemed to be looking at me. I wondered if she just like the way I looked, noticed I was wearing pantyhose or just thought it odd a guy was shopping for pantyhose.<br />
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I wandered around the department, looking at pretty much every kind of pantyhose and stockings they had. When customers came to her register, she would help them, then go back to looking at me. I was getting excited and nervous, thinking about what her reaction might be when I went to pay.<br />
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I waited for what I thought would be the best time to pay. I didn't want to wait in line or have others in line behind me. As I walked to the register with my pantyhose, I felt my heart pounding, I felt myself beginning to sweat and I was starting to shake a little bit. I thought of just putting the pantyhose back and walking away. I put the packages on the counter she rang them up, told me the price. I handed her money, she gave me back change and the bag with my pantyhose in it. I didn't notice any unusual; reaction or behavior from her. Maybe she didn't notice.<br />
<br />
As she was handing me the bag, she said, "I bet you would look good in these. When you put them on, come back and show me". Maybe she didn't notice I was wearing pantyhose. Maybe she was just teasing and having fun with me. I wasn't sure what to think.<br />
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I went to my car, put the pantyhose I just bought in it, then I went back to the store and her register. I was incredibly nervous. She seemed to notice me again. I waited until no one was at her register and walked up to it. The words barely came out, but I managed to say, "you told me to come back and show you when I put the pantyhose on. Take a look".<br />
<br />
I backed away from the counter so she could see my legs. "Nice, you do look good in them. Were you wearing pantyhose before? I thought you were but I wasn't sure". I told her I was. " I get off at 6. Come back then and maybe we'll do something. When I went back a few hours later, she was wearing a short skirt with heels and tan pantyhose.<br />
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We had some great pantyhose passion.

Sorry to read that you ran that first time. I froze the first time (I was 13) when my g/f outted me to a clerk (We were buying heels for me). I have been open and honest ever since.

Sure wished you had owned up to wearing them when that girl asked you. No telling where that conversation would have went. She had already complimented you. She liked what she saw. Next time just be yourself, drag up some confidence and see where it goes. <br />
I had the same thing happen to me in a shoe store when I was buying heels. My story is on my page if you are interested. I'm going back to that same store and this time I'm thinking of going crossdressed so she can see what I look like as a woman.

The first time I wore pantyhose out openly, I was so nervous. I thought everyone would notice, especially with hairfree legs. No one seemed to. I relaxed and enjoyed the experience. After a while I was disappointed I never got noticed. I started wearing shorter shorts and placing my pantyhosed legs close to those I was hoping would notice them and liked what they saw. I was surprised at how I never seemed to get a reaction. It was like I was just bare legged or not wearing anything different and special.

When I was buying those pantyhose, my pantyhosed legs were close enough to the girl where she had a good view of my legs. In fact a few times I was close enough where she could probably see the mesh. Still when she noticed, complimented me and asked if I was wearing pantyhose, I just got real nervous and panicked.

I went back to the same store several times, hoping to see her again. I ever did. I did decide though, that if I ever got noticed again, I would handle it differently and better. I took a while, but when I got noticed again, I was still really nervous, but I worked through it and the result was what I had been looking for.

I definitely want to read your shoe buying experience. I hope when you go back dressed, it will be a great experience.

Well I went back dressed and the story is on my page. Hope you like it. By the way can we be friends? I have you in my circle already so all you have to do is agree. Hope to hear moore from you. Love chatting and getting to know my cd friends better. I will share myself as well, and depending on the distances involved I really mean share myself.