My Pantyhose Experience

I about 12 years old when I would sneak into my mothers pantyhose drawer and wear her pantyhose.

I would always look in the mirror and see how sexy my legs looked, I would instantly get a hard on and my **** would get realy hard..

I would rub my **** on the smooth silky pantyhose and I wouldn't *** until I felt like it was safe to ***.

Usuaky when my parents weren't at home I would steal one of my moms pantyhose go inside the bathroom and make pantyhose mask while wearing pantyhose which would give me a. Hardon usualy when I would do this I would wear the pantyhose mask and the pantyhose and go and take a bath but realy I would go in and jack off till I cummed in the pantyhose. I would ********** every day when I could get pantyhose. I would steal from the pharmacy, white ones tanned ones and my god when I got home from school I would go and say mom I'm gonna take a shower, and I would put them on go in the shower and use shampoo as lubricant and jack off inside of pantyhose. And I still do it to this day I just love jacking off in pantyhose I would even ask my friend who was a girl to give me pantyhose so I could jack off in them and incredibly she was fine with it. I just love to jack off in pantyhose :):) till I ***.
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You can also use's much more slippery.