My Neighbor Caught Me In Pantyhose

Hello all,
so just two weeks ago this happened, and as you will see, it is still going on.
So, a little over a month ago a mom and her daughter moved in to the other half of our duplex - side by side. The mom is average, nice to look at, the daughter is not bad just the girl next door type. Decent body avg build, she just graduated from a tech school and is looking for work. her mom works all the time, but they do like to sit with me and my room mate and have beers, talk stupid etc. So, the other day, I had just got out of the shower, was home alone, and decided to put on some panties and pantyhose, was just putting on my jeans when the door bell rang, here it was the daughter from next door - she needed a ride, I had run out of the bedroom to answer the door and forgot that my feet were exposed with the pantyhose, so I quickly excused myself, and slipped on shoes thinking she didn't notice took here to where she hadher job interview, and waited to take her home.  Nothing was ever said from her, so I just figured she didn't see anything, and really didn't want my roommate finding out, so all is good!  Well, that was on a Tuesday, on Friday, she stopped by while I was out side to talkk, after a while she went back to her plcae, and 15 min or so later came back over to chat more, soon she asked if she could use our bathroom, said sure well, when we were done talking, and I went in to do laundry, I noticed on my bed, there was 3 pair of pantyhose two in pkgs, and one was worn.  I at first thought maybe I left them out, but didn't rember, so I put them away.  well the next day Cami came over and she was wearing shor shorts, and shiny pantyhose. she sat down, I asked her if she was getting ready for a date, she said yes and no, and asked me why I aksed that question. I just said well you are wearing nylons, and figured you were getting dressed up to go out.  To which she replied, I was hoping you would like them.  I was speechless, what did she know? so she said she saw that I was wearing them the day I gave her a ride, and was kind of curious, and excited to know more.  So I asked if shed left them on my bed and she said she did, figured I needed some new ones since the others had runs - they did - so after talking about them and telling her I only wear panties and pantyhose nothing else, and told her I was not gay, just loved the feeling, she asked to see what I all had, so I showed her, don't have much.  so she was so turned on by all this, she took me to her room, showed me her panties - boy did she have the panties! She said she wanted to share with me and even exchange them back n forth.  Again I was speechless, and all for it!  So now, I give her money, she goes and buys panties for me and her to share, and now we have started mutual ************ sessions, and she love giving foot jobs with pantyhose!  I am enjoying our new found enjoyment!  She does all the laundry of the panties, and brings over different ones for me to wear. 
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WOW!!!! That's quite a friendship. How old is she? Since this was over 2 yrs ago, are things still going on with her?

Definatley worth a try.

Some pantyhose have all the luck

not likely

Ohhhh my I want someone like that too

hello all, she is 22, if someone were to have told me to answer the door like that, I would have thought they were crazy. glad it worked out like it did.

u r lucky so how old is she ?

Great story ! I guess I'll have to start answering my door in hosed feet !

Damn I need to go to the door in my hosed feet. Lucky.

wow, you are a lucky lucky guy. ENJOY it for all of us who wish to be so lucky!