Caught When I Was 10 Years Old

So one night when I was about 10 I was getting ready to go to bed so I quickly got my sisters pantyhose and went to the bathroom and put them on and brush my teeth. So I did and I got out of the bathroom and went to bed with my sisters pantyhose. So there I was sleeping and around 3 in the morning I heard some laughter and i woke up and it was my mom and my sister and my pajamas were off for some reason and they saw that I had pantyhose on, my mom wasn't laughing but my sister was which was so embrassing and they asked me why I was wearing them and I think I said that I was wearing them because I was cold and wanted to be warm but they didn't believe me but I took them off and went back to bed and the next day nobody said anything. and to this day I still wear them with pride but my older sister doesn't know that I still do but my little sister does who is an age younger than me and she is the only one i trust. but I hope my older sister doesn't find out.
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Sep 15, 2012