Caught On The Job

Several years ago I was working at a lady's house. While I was busy getting the project under way the lady of the house came to let me know she was leaving for a while.  She said "Looks like your doing a great job, if you get done before I come home, you can just lock the doors when you finish."

I said "OK,  looks like everything is going to go pretty well and thanks for choosing us for the job."

She replied, "You're welcome, I'll be excited to see how things look when it's all finished." And then she left.

This lady was in her early 30's and a professional woman that obviously spent time working out to keep in great shape, and was dressed in a business suit with a mid thigh length skirt, killer legs in shiny suntan colored pantyhose, and heels.  I was really bummed out that she was leaving, because I was looking forward to catching glimpses of her throughout the day.  Oh well...

If you've read my stories, you already know I had a fascination for pantyhose and had secretly worn them off and on since Jr. High School.

Anyway, I worked a few minutes, and then my pantyhose fetish started to get the best of me.  I kept visualizing how great this lady looked and couldn't get the sight of her pantyhose clad legs out of my mind.  I went to her bedroom and started looking through her dresser to see what pantyhose she might be wearing.  I hit the jackpot and found a drawer full of shiny pantyhose in all kinds and shades from nude, bronze, suntan, coffee, and black and all were sheer to waist, my favorite!  The light glistened off them and I picked out a bronze colored pair that looked just like the ones she had on.

I was starting to get hard just holding them in my hands and decided, what the hell, I've gone this far and she won't be back until the end of the day so I undressed from the waist down and started to put them on.  I had gotten to be an expert at putting pantyhose on after a few years of practice and needed to make sure not to damage them.  I rolled up one leg made sure to line up the toe seam just under my toes and began to pull them up over my calf and up to my knee.  I repeated with the other leg and carefully pulled them up my legs and on up to my waist.  My **** was now raging hard and my heart pounding. They were oh so soft and sexy and the light from the window beaming in across them made my legs look fantastic. 

I caressed my legs and rubbed my pantyhose ****.  The feeling was so intense.  I wasn't in the safety and security of my own house, but on the job and standing in a client's bedroom wearing a pair of her pantyhose and enjoying my forbidden pantyhose pleasure.

I made my way over to a full length mirror by her dressing table and began admiring my pantyhose legs and posing to enhance the shine of these incredible pantyhose on my legs.

I was so preoccupied with my little pantyhose fantasy that I completely forgot about where I was and the risk I was taking.  Suddenly I hear a voice behind me say "I forgot my notebook.....excuse me".  I nearly had a heart attack!  I spun around to see the lady of the house standing in the bedroom door.  There was nowhere to hide so I reached down to cover my hose covered **** with my hands (like that really mattered now) and said "I'm sorry, I should go get dressed and please don't tell my boss". 

"What are you doing? And why are you wearing my pantyhose?" she asked.

By now my **** was going soft and I was completely humiliated.  I really had no idea what to say.  I was like a deer in the headlights.  I couldn't move, and all I could think to say was "I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doing".

She said "Well, I know what I'm going to do!" And she started walking toward me. 

If there ever was a time for a guy to have invisibility powers or be able to time travel, this would sure have been a great time for me.

As she approached me she said, "I've always noticed men into my legs and catch them staring at my hose, but I never thought I'd see a man who was really into them, but it's obvious that you really are INTO them."  She reached out and ran her hand up my thigh and across my **** which was starting to spring back to life.

"I've always wondered what pantyhose would look like on a man, and I think I like it!  You must work out, you've got a great body and the pantyhose on your legs makes them look great!"  She said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  In a matter of a few seconds I'd gone from fear of losing my job, going to jail, or worse, to living my ultimate fantasy with a beautiful woman who caught me wearing her pantyhose.

She rubbed her hands all up and down my legs and across my raging hard ****, and all the while going "MMMMM your legs feel so smooth and look so sexy".  I was in Heaven!

My **** was tenting out the pantyhose by now and she knelt down and started sucking my pantyhose covered ****.  I'd never felt anything so good!

Just then the mantle clock began to go "bong, bong...."

She looked at her watch and said "Oh crap!, I have to get back to work, I'm late for an appointment!"

She kissed me passionately on the lips and started toward the door.  Then she paused and said " I knew I'd be excited to see how things would look when they were finished, but I had no idea how excited I would really be!  You know, this project is probably going to take a little longer to finish than I expected, so maybe since tomorrow's my day off, you could come back then and finish what you've started. 

Then I can show you how INTO pantyhose I am."

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Hot story,have you written the second part yet,if not get a move on.......please

Jayne xxx