Caught In My Friend Kelsey's Pantyhose/tights Drawer

Well it all starts when I was about 8 years old and I had just moved to a new school away from the place I grew up. I was getting ready for school one day and well those days my mom never wore pantyhose or tights. So I didn't have much access to any for the longest time. Till, I got on the school bus and I sat next to this girl who was the same age as me, but me being new I just sat down because I didn't know where else to sit. We intreduced ourselves to eachother and then I looked down and She was wearing these cute white tights (since they weren't so sheer). I complimented her on how they looked and she replyed with a thank you. That wasn't the last time she wore some kind of hosiery. She was the kinda girl you would see dressed up alittle bit girly, but not all flashy. Well, I ended up going to school with her from that day in second grade, till we were in fourth grade and that was when we realized we liked eachother more then just friends. I'd always compliment her on her hosiery, she had almost every color you could ever think of. She finally asked me if I had ever worn tights or hose. I replyed no, but they look nice on you. Me being a big time kiss ace and flirt from the time i could talk till now. That after noon, she finally asked me if I wanted to come to her house and hang out, talk, and such. Well, when I got there her mom answered the door and she was in a pink blouse, blue jean skirt, and a pair of white pantyhose. I said hi to her and asked her if it was okay that Kelsey asked me to come over. Well, she was like sure, and I went inside and up the steps. Then she showed me where Kelsey's room was and I started to walk towards her in there. I said joking like; Do you always wear tights or hose on your legs? She replyed that her mom and grandma baught her so many pairs of different colors, patterns, and such. I asked her how many she had. She giggled and walked to her dresser and it was a fairly wide drawers and inside the top was it had a divider in the middle on the left were socks and on the right was nothing but neatly folded tights. I looked at her and said in suprize; I've have never seen so many different pairs lol. She was like yuppers. Then here comes the good parts. She said she needed to go to the bathroom and she said to wait in her room, I replyed okay and smiled. When she walked to the bathroom, I waited for the bathroom door to click and I decided to get into her drawer and I grabbed the pair on the top right of the section of the drawer. They were a nice soft microfiber blend and were white and light pink striped down my legs, but the toe and heel were solid pink. I was not paying attention to anything, but the tights and she snuck up behind me and said what ya got there.. I was speechless for the longest time. Then, she finally spoke her voice soft and sounded excited; You don't have to be embarrassed they are just tights and she giggled. She then walks to her door and closes it quietly so her mom wouldn't hear her closing it. Then, she looked at me and kept giggling. She asked me if I wanted to wear them. I hesitated for a minute or two, then I said yeah and I laughed softly. I took off my jeans and was standing there in front of her in my underwear and a shirt. She was just like well if you wanna wear tights you gotta wear these underwear and tosses me a pair of hers. Which in my mind I was pretty happy because I loved wearing tights and stuff, but didn't have access to them at home. So she got them on me and she then put a skirt on me and opened her bedroom door. She said I looked pretty and I just smiled. She asked me if I liked wearing them and I said they are soft and comfy, and she agree'd with me on that. Then, her mom came in and was like Kelsey, did you play dress up on your friend? Kelsey and I both started laughing and she told her mom, he wanted to wear my tights, so I guessed I could share a pair, since I have tons. Her mom was like well..pauses and looks at me, do you like to wear them? she asked me.. I thought about this and then said calm and with courage, yeah, they are better then socks. Her mom is like well maybe we can go to the store later on and we can get you some of your own and she asked me if Kelsey's fitt well and weren't too small and I said nope, they are perfect. She said okay, we can leave in alittle bit. She then paused and was like oh your tennis shoes will ruin the footed parts of tights, and kelsey looks at her mom and says why not go and get him some shoes to go with them. I looked up at her mom like you really don't have to do all this. And she looked at me and started to talk; I want to get you some, so you and Kelsey can wear them together. I looked at Kelsey and she smiled at me all happy. So I said okay. About an hour or two passed and we started to head to the mall, there were tons of stores there that Kelsey's mother was talking about on the way. When we got there we walked around and her mom baught me a solid white pair, a pair with a base color of light pink with white hearts, and the last pair of tights was my favorite was a kinda baby or sky blue base color with mixed colored poke a dots. She also baught me a couple outfits to go with them and a pair of girly kinda black little kid heels. Everytime I went over there and hung out, me and Kelsey always wore tights and stuff. I was happy I got caught. THE END.
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Awesome story - I wish it happened more often to men and boys

So nice did u like her?

I would hope your still in contact with your friend.

What a wonderful sweet story