Caught In My Hose At Work By My Sales Assistant

I usually get to work for 8.15 and get everything ready for opening my shop for 9am. Dressedin my normal work clothes that are cargo pants tee shirt and fleece jumper with white training shoes. Underneath my cargo pants Im wearing tan pantyhose as I usually do 23/7 without socks or underwear. About 10.30 my sales assistant starts work she's called nicky and she's a little bundle of fun. We are usually quiet busy but over the last 5 days its been nothing but constant rain and business as been so slow. We talk quite a lot about life in
General and joke on with each other. So today we were joking and ribbing each other and started a play fight and I ended getting her into a headlock and told her I would only let her out if she stopped slapping me across the arse, she then started to tickle me around my waist and her hands found their way under my tee shirt,she suddenly stopped tickling me when her hands touched the waistband of my pantyhose/tights and started to feel my nylon waistband. Nicky then said omg have you got tights on,relising what she said I let her out of her headlock. She looked up to me and we both started to laugh. After we both calmed down she then again asked me if I was wearing tights. There was no denying so I told her yes,se asked why and I told her I liked them because they are comfortable to wear and liked how they feel against my body. She then asked me alot more questions which I answered honestly to many to list here. After she asked me all the usual questlons she went quiet for a moment and asked me to show her. So i pulled my pants leg up and she stood looking at my leg and then replied that's so hot I've never imagined a man wearing a pair of tights, she then if I would remove my pants so she could have a good look at a man in a pair of tights, I told her no as I only wear tights and nothing else and you will only see my rock hard ****,her eyes lite up when i told her that and nicky replied so I want to see you. But I've made a deal with her,tomorrow she has to come to work wearing tan pantyhose/tights with a short skirt without panties. Nicky left work giving me a kiss and had a quick feel of my ****
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6 Responses Nov 29, 2012

What happened the next day?

I too got caught, but it did not go quit so well. Hope to hear part B.

I would love to see a pic of this Nicky wearing pantyhose

Was there a part 2 ?

Mmmm you are going to be in for some fun,cannot wait until the next part

Sounds like you were in for some fun...what happened the next day?