"two In One"

i remember wearing my sexy mothers hose when i was three years old. She caught me. Been wearing female attire in private forty two years now. I was born knowing how to put on all womens clothing and attire. Everything from makeup to maxipads. If i concentrate it seems i can feel what it feels like to have my ***** "that i dont have" being filled and ******. Its made me a believer in reincarnation. Sometimes its like i have memories, but not in this life nor as a man. I'm most comfortable in a pair of hose strappy heels and silky slip and a comfortable dress. With my long hair i must say with my makeup on i do make a pretty woman. If i had a rich mans money , i would "not" cut my rod off but i would sure have a **** a pair of c cup breast added and take on a womans features and be me all the time.my kids are grown now and my wife doesnt mind at all so when im home just us i wear whatever i dam well please. And she well she's a little turned on by it. You see she has secretly wanted to **** a women most her life so rubbing nylons in the dark has its advantages. She says if i had surgeries and took pills to transform my body then i could give her all she ever wanted plus. I would buy her a big realistic strap on. The best of bothworlds rolled into one.
truckinincognito truckinincognito
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

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