Accidentally Seen Flashing Purple Fishnets

and no underwear. ****, that was embarrassing!

It started when I began wearing my girlfriend's purple fishnet bodysuit. I'll wear it occasionally under my (men's) clothes and take a barefoot walk in my neighborhood at night. It's the large gauge kind and it's wrapped around my bare feet, but otherwise you wouldn't see it. I try to avoid other walkers. My feet have probably been seen a few times, but nothing like this.

So last weekend I decided to wear the fishnets, solo skiing. Being a record warm afternoon, I was only wearing a fleece jacket, zip-up shell pants, leg warmers and the fishnet bodysuit. Later in the afternoon, when the traffic was very light, I would open my jacket riding the lift to cool off, exposing some fishnet chest and covering up as needed. The place was empty and I do not think anybody noticed. A few blonde teenage girls did look back at me on the lift and may have gotten a quick glimpse as I covered up. This happened a few other times when my jacket was closed, so I can't be sure.

When I went to leave, I got in my car and unzipped both pant legs completely down on the outside to air out for the drive. As I pulled out and made a left turn onto a local road, I heard a thud and saw a ski fly off the roof. I forgot to secure my skis to the rack! Instinctually, I jumped out of the car and jetted for the ski. Within a few steps, I froze and suddenly looked over to see an SUV at the stop sign. They could see me clearly and were waiting for me. There I was, pants wide open, naked legs and ***, barefoot, wearing purple fishnets and leg warmers! I jumped back into the driver's seat just to save further em[bareass]ment. They were obviously startled as I looked in the mirror and waived them by. I'll definitely have be more careful if I ever wear those purple fishnets out again!
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Just curious... Did you recognize them? Do you think they may have had time to get phone cameras ready and take a snap shot? Probably not. You will have the last laugh, because IF they realized you were wearing purple fishnets, then they may have had a laugh. But you actually do something about what you like to do and most people are too afraid to ever test out what they fantasize about or may even just be curious about. You do it, and enjoy it. Good for you.

Yes, I do it and enjoy the lifestyle. Of course I didn't recognize them, but I do probably have a reputation around my neighborhood for wearing pantyhose, leggings, short shorts, painted toes. I'm discrete and most people are casual about it or don't notice.

That's excellent. I love painted toes. As I transition to being single again, I'll start painting my toes and wearing panties, hose, and heels as well. Probably not out in public but just for my own enjoyment.