I Wore Tights/pantyhose To Work Someone Noticed!

Hi I thought I'd tell you about wearing my tights to work, its very cold in the winter working in a warehouse so naturally I could make an excuse to wear tights under my work trousers,a few of the lads do it, joke about it "ha, ha tights, yes thats were it starts next week it will be stockings and suspenders" you know that type of thing, I usually borrow my lady friends quite thick but still luxurious 100 denier opaques.

She doesnt. mind and used to enjoy playfully feeling me up in them jokingly saying "dont you have an accident, you'll never live it down if they have to cut your trousers off "!

Now she knows I like ladies nylon clad legs always making a comment if I see some on tv or out in the street and she always makes sure that she has some tights to wear if we go out, as she to likes the feel of nylon encasement but as far as I know she just thinks I like to wear to work to keep warm.

In the spring/summer months the tights have to be discarded which always gets me down and this my fellow nylon deviants is where I came unstuck.

One day my ladyfriend left early for work so I took advantage and decided to induldge myself in a little tights therapy I went to the laundry And rescued a worn pair of her very sheer 7 denier nearly nude tights,luckily being a tall lady and of the plumptious size she wore XL so had no problems with fitting.

Its always a good move to take lingerie from the laundry as (1) they smell of her lovely lady *****/pee smell worn all day (2) she won't see the stains if she puts them straight in the wash (3) any runs or snags you make she'll blame herself for so I proceeded to lay down and have a delicious nylon rub off shooting a load of *** into the front gusset of her tights simply.by rubbing the palm of my hand up and down my **** and balls very slowly and then furiously fast through the nylon.

Thoroughly satisfied I went to take my girlfriends tights off but changed my mind and decided to keep them on for a while as I had a few hours before work.

I love the feel of walking around in sheer nylon the swishing noise my thighs make as they slightly rub together and the light coolness on my legs, I Like to wear if I'm doing my chores ,washing up, laundry,etc I've even decorated while wearing tights it sort of relaxes me and makes it not such a chore, of course I always make sure the front door is locked as not to surprise my ladyfriend with my fetish.

Well anyway this day I was so comfortable having worn my ladyfriends tights for around 4 hours and being they were very sheer and almost undetectable from skin colour, I straightened them up pulled the waistband up smoothed them over my legs and decided to wear them to work under my work trousers ,my trousers are quite long in the leg so unless I was silly enough to roll my trouser legs up I wouldn't be caught but id have to make sure I remembered to take them off before going home and sneak them back in the laundry.

I knew most of the day id feel horny and maybe have to sneak into the gents to have a crafty ****,but the excitement of wearing my ladyfriends worn tights to work was exciting enough to take the edge off another mundane day at work.

I drove to work with that nice cool feeling of my tights rubbing my trouser legs and when I was at the traffic lights having a quick rub of my ankles or crotch area.

I got into work and my tights helped me have a relaxing morning shift although I worked up a sweat the thickness or lack of it of the nylon didn't make me uncomfortable, when we stopped for lunch i was careful when I sat down not to let my trouser legs rise up to far giving away what I had on under my trousers .

As per usual had my lunch and a bit of banter with the lads, when all of a sudden I felt that someone was staring at me, at first I thought I was being a little paranoid because of wearing tights but I turned round and looked at the table sideways to us and got a half knowing smile from a young fella who had just joined the firm.

He must have noticed my embarrassment especially when I automatically pulled at the hem of my trousers, which to be honest gave the game away, I quizzed myself on how he knew, when I realised that the sun was shining directly onto my ankles through the window and as my tights were very sheer with a sheen to them, it must have been obvious because why would I wear no socks which was a bit stupid not to put some on in the first place.

I wanted to rush to the toilet and take them off but the young guy didn't bring it to anyone's attention and even stopped looking after seeing my embarrassment as to make sure no one else
noticed, I thought this was a very nice thing to do.

After lunch I went back to work, ok a bit more conscious of what I was wearing but made it to the end of shift and made sure i was last to finish I was last in the locker room and when the other lads had left, I thought ill nip into the toilets take off my tights before I left for home, so I could then sneak them back in the laundry .

I went into the toilet but as soon as I locked the door, the main locker room door opened and someone went into the cubicle next to me, a bit embarrassing especially as it was silent and if you know what your listening for can tell the sound of tights being taken on or off, luckily off is easier as no snap of the waistband when pulled up but all the same this was going to be tricky.

Anyway I pulled down my trousers and slowly slipped my boots off and oh! So carefully lifted the nylon material away from my bottom and slowly eased them down my legs, I managed to get them halfway down my thighs when from the next cubicle a voice said "hi there" I cagerly said "err! Hi" the voice sounded young and I already guessed it was the young guy from the canteen, he then said "you o.k sorry about dinnertime, its just I noticed the shine coming off of your ankles and was fascinated, they are tights your wearing yeah!", well what could I say but "yes" "wow!"He said you take a gamble wearing them to work mate, I replied "yeah I know but ..." "you like the feel of them on your skin under your trousers" he cut in "yeah" I said "do you wear tights then" yes but only at home girls are so lucky to be able to wear them anytime they like aren't they " i`ve got loads of pairs but most are my mums,sisters and i love to smell *****/pee on them but it doesn`t feel right! "yes i suppose thats not good really" i replied.

"Are you taking them off now, I thought I could here you take your boots off " he said "yes I am can't wear them home" I replied "are they your wifes tights do they smell of her" then he asked something that shocked me "can you pull them up again so I can watch you take them off and smell them while your wearing them".

Well I didn't know about this but as I was last to leave and the prospect of a young man getting off smelling my ladies tights that included my smells and *** stain from earlier in the day excited me and i was already semi hard talking to the young fella about tights.

So I said "o.k" and quickly ushered him into my cubicle, there was barely room for the both of us and we still had to be quiet because of security, so he leaned against the door and i was standing in front of him, his eyes focused totally on my nylon clad legs and lingered at my ever straining nylon prison, I pulled them up slowly and like my ladyfriend does did a sexy little wiggle to get them in place and then came that great snapping sound as they are placed on the waistline

Next another shock the young man got down on his knees i said "hey"! Hang on I don't know about this " but he put his finger sexily to my lips and carried on going down but only started sniffing around my crotch area,even though he was about an inch away from my rapidly expanding **** that before long would poke him in the face,i felt this is o.k although a little dissappointed,but now it got interesting, as he was sniffing he was obviously playing with his **** through his trousers he asked me was it o.k to get my **** out while he sniffed my nylon gusset "i guess" i said and with this he undone his zip and pulled out a very youthfull rock hard 7" **** and balls with a lovely long foreskin seeing his young rock hard **** made me steely hard AND HE NOTICED THIS!

I thought he was just enjoying a sniff and **** session as he was wanking furiously when all of a sudden he nestled his head on my **** and started to kiss and lick the head through my tights, well this started the pre-*** river dribbling *** through the nylon which he saw and started licking from my **** head he looked up and smiled and started to nibble and lightly bite my **** through my tights GOD THIS WAS HORNY! he obviously knew by my reactions that I wanted him to continue so he slowed up on his wanking, he must have thought i would stop him and he`d just get a sniff of the tights while he wanked.

He said to me this was the greatest smell in the world a mixture of my ladys *****/pee and my manly sweat/pee smell, I also told him my *** were on them from earlier more or less where his mouth was, when i said that he groaned hornily and with this he put his hands under my bum and pulled the waistband of my tights down to under my balls and my **** sprang out right in front of his lips (i knew what was coming next) he immediately poked his tongue inside and around my foreskin and a big string of pre-*** Hung off his tongue he then placed his hand around my shaft pulled the skin right back and took me deep in his mouth, god I nearly exploded in his mouth there and then, he heldmouth there sunk right to the bottom of my **** then slowly eased his mouth back and forward, while he was doing this he was caressing my balls and slowly wanking his **** "THIS BOY WAS TALENTED" !

I asked him to slow down with the sucking as I weren't far off *******, again he smiled slowly pulled my **** out of his mouth and slowly wanked me whilst flicking his tongue over the underside of my **** head, this has the effect of making me hard as steel and forced the *** up from my balls and as i was on the verge of ******* it was too much and he knew I was gonna *** so he placed his tongue under my **** head and pulled my foreskin right back as i jetted what felt like gallons of *** into his mouth, some hit his tonsils and some just lay on his tongue and then he looked up looked me right in the eyes smiled that horny smile at me and then swallowed the lot and said "thank you" WOW!

He was still hard and still wanking, obviously hadn`t *** for a reason i asked if he`d like a hand as i wouldn`t have fancied sucking him as id *** and i dont like *** once i`ve *** o.k before, i`ll take the lot but not afterwards, but i would have obliged after him sucking me so expertly, but he just asked if i could take off my tights and watch while he wanked sniffing them, HOW! COULD I REFUSE!

I sat down on the toilet and slowly rolled down my tights over my legs took them off and handed them to him he stood up took them and placed them under his nose and slowly wanked his young youthfull ****, sort of slow then long strokes to match his sniffing,im certain his **** grew by another inch or so and knew that he was going to *** very soon it was fit to burst by the looks of it, i thought i should help him out so got off the toilet and went down under his balls and lightly flicked my tongue on them, this had the reaction i wanted and he started swearing under his breath “F**king hell, i`m gonna ***” and took one long sniff of gusset of the tights and shot his young *** right over the toilet floor, there was loads of it 5 spurts at least (we`ll you do when your young) i thought good job i didn`t suck that i`d have choked,i got a bit on my face as it dripped the final droplets and had a little taste lightly flicking his **** head with my tongue with a little suck but he was totally spent.

Afterwards he thanked me and i did to and he promised not to say anything about the tights, i told him winter time all the lads wear them and he became excited by this,i said when i could i`d bring him in some more tights that my ladyfriend had worn and he asked if id like some of his mums, sisters i thought why not and we left it there shaking hands as we parted.

As i was leaving to get in my car he shouted out, as he started to walk "hey"! "my names Alan" " whats your name" i shouted back err! "alan" we both laughed and at the same time said "see you tomorrow Alan"! LOL!

a pic of me in the 7 denier nearly nude tights!

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Great story!!!!

A,mazing story man wish I could find a **** sucker like that.