Part 2 Of When My Current Girlfriends Mom Caught Me In Her Pantyhose

So when I went over to there house one day I was planning on sleeping that night but then when I got there, there was another bag and it was girls clothes then when I went downstairs I went into the garden and found my girlfriend my girlfriends mum and her friend she looked 35. I said hi so did she, then we had tee later it got to going to bed when I was coming downstairs for a drink she was in there with my girlfriends mum and she took something from the side of the chair and it was a bag so I took and she said go put it on so I went into the next room my heart was beating and I returned wearing a black dress Really soft black tights strappy 5" high heels. She was wearing jeans tights and a t-shirt she said so I hear you wear you womans clothes I sad yeh my drawers are full of them. She said oh and from out of no where walked in another woman she was tall and had similar clothes to me she said hi and sat down I sad hi I'm Tom she said I know then she said your going to be the slave for us for the rest of the night so I said okay then my girlfriends mum said come here so I do she told me to kneel and massage her feet so I did after 5 minutes I moved on to the next lady and then the next one after this I went back to my girlfriends mum and started massaging her legs I got to just before her bum then moved on did the same then the next lady. After all this I went back to my girlfriends mum and massaged her pu""y I did this for 5 minutes she moaned a lot then the next lady then the next one then I came back to my girlfriends mum and kissed her for a few minutes then entered her we had sex for half an hour then the next lady then the next one it was so fun then because they were feeling sorry did all this back to me whilst I ate popcorn and watched some movie I went back to bed and slept in those tights. My girlfriend is with me today by the way she is tall like me nearly the same height same shoe size and she has brown eyes brown hair and looks so astonishing all the time I just feel so lucky to have her she says we are going to the Trafford centre tomorrow and that we are going to do something different she going to wear my clothes and I'm wearing her clothes I think this is going to be awesome. She said how long can you stay in woman clothes for without having a shower even going to bed in those clothes I said we could do this for a week so no backing out know I'm wearing wooly tracky bottoms tights and a t-shirt she's wearing jeans and a t-shirt and socks I said I'm gonna win but we've still got all week we don't have school because it's half term.
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