Got Caught With My Hand In the Pantyhose Drawer

I was around 11 to 12 yrs old when my sis caught me.  I was in our mom's room checking out some pantyhose that I was going to wear.  FYI my mom had 2 pantyhose drawers as her job required her to wear pantyhose.  Well as I was going threw the drawer my sis walked in.  I didn't know what to do I just stood there.  She walked over and grabbed a pair of hose for herself as she was going to a dance that evening.  As she was leaving she just looked back at me and left.  I closed the drawer and I was scared becaused I didn't know If my sis was going to tell my mom or not.  I went to my room and sat their wondering if she told or not.  And, every time my mom would call my name I was scared and thought that my sis told on me.  Well every time she called my name it was for either dinner and to take out the trash.  Well as my mom went to bed I heard my sis come home and heard her go into to our mom's room.  Then I hear a knock at the door and my sis asked if she could come in.  I said sure go ahead.  She came in she was wearing tan pantyhose black and white biege skirt with white blouse and a some 2 1/2 in black high heels.  She sat on the bed and asked me what I was doing in her pantyhose drawer.  I asked her what were u doing in mom's pantyhose drawer.  She said getting a pair of hose silly.  She asked me again.  I didn't know what to say.  My sis then asked if I like to wear hose.  I told her yeah with my head down.  She said really.  Then we started talking about why, when, how come stuff related to me wearing pantyhose.  Then she said wait I'll be right back.  she left and then came back with a pair of brwn pantyhose.  That belonged to her.  She said her show me how u put these on.  As I was totally excited on the inside and was shacky on the outside.  I grabbed the hose.  I took off my pajama pants.  I didn't realize that my sis took off her hose and said her copy me.  And she raveled up one hose leg and then slipped it onto her foot and started gliding the pantyhose up her leg.  I copied what she was doing I was so excited that I was getting to put on pantyhose.  Then came the next leg and she pulled up the pantyhose all the way to her waist.  As I did the same.  She said here lets straighten out ur hose.  So straightened my pantyhose out so they were even and nice and snug to my body.  I went over to the mirror and looked at myself.  Loved the way the hose looked on my legs and they way the hose felt.  My sis said here come to my room real quick and be quiet as I think mom is still up.  So we went to her room.  And she told me that I could wear her pantyhose as she didn't want me to ruin our mom's pantyhose and didn't want me to get caught.  So she showed me wear she kept her hose.  My sis had a nice collection.  But, she like my mom's hose more as my mom had more to choose from.  So after that my sis said I could wear that pair to bed.  So I went back into my bedroom and jumped in bed.  was rubbing my legs and yes I did jack off in them.  Then had a good night sleep.

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Great story, thanks for posting. I've had a pantyhose fetish my entire life and I do enjoy it - seeing an attractive woman in pantyhose is as good as **** for me.

When I was 15 I got caught jacking off with my aunts pantyhose. She just got home from work and walked in on me in her room. She was wearing nude pantyhose and a short skirt with heels. She said if I didnt do what she told me to she would tell my mom. She then ordered me to put them on. Then she took off all he clothes except for he pantyhose and heels. She was wearing sheer to waist hose and no panties under them. She told me to lay down on the bed. Then she laid down next to me and told me we were going to ********** togther. She was rubbing her **** through her pantyhose while I was rubbing my ****. I must have really turned her on because she let out this loud screem and a breathtaking moan almost instantly. That made me *** really hard. We just laid there holding each other. It felt so good. She asked me if I would like to do this again sometime. I said yes I would. She let me keep her pantyhose. We never did that again for 9 years until one day she showed up at my house unanounced. She was wearing a trench coat. When she came into my livingroom she took it off. I was really excited. She had on a pair of thigh high stockings and red 4inch heels with ankle straps. She handed me a pair also and told me to put them on. I quickly took off my clothes and put on the stockings. Little did I know she didnt want to just ********** this time. She dropped to he knees and took me in her mouth. I said what are you doing. She said she wanted me inside her. She threw me down on the couch and climed on top of me. We ended up hving sex for 3 hours. The best sex both of us ever had. That was 10 years ago and we are still having sex about 2 to 3 times a month. I am 34 and have a girlfriend and my aunt is 49 and has been married the whole time we have been doing this. Andit is all because of a pair of pantyhose. Love the fetish.

And how did that go sherry

It went well, read my story "First g/f".

Very cool sister you have. I had to wait 'till I was 13 before my first g/f caught and helped me dress.

Yeah I was really lucky n yes that could have went real bad if my sis was a total haggy ***** but, she isn't like that and i am so thankful for that.

You're lucky. That would not have gone that way in my family.

Yes she was a real nice sis. One of the best.

wow,what a nice sis!

I don't think my mom ever relaized I was taking her undies.

yes she did help with with panties and pantyhose. A little later she also helped me out in the crossdressing dept. as well.

My Mom must have known I stole her tights when I was a kid but God it was so much fun and so exciting!!!<br />
<br />
I got caught by a girlfiriend when I was 21 all slung up in her pantyhose and I was asleep in her bed and she had been out with two of my best friends. She got home and saw me with my hard **** in her pantyhose and I think my friends saw too! Never mind.

Lovely story, dude. Glad you had a supportive sis :)

Lovely story, dude. Glad you had a supportive sis :)

yes it is very nice. Was very lucky to have a supportive family

Wow, That is an ausome story. I would also wear my moms and sisters pantyhose. But they never caught me.<br />
<br />
My sister would freak out and tell my mom, would then behead me!!! :-)<br />
<br />
Having an understanding older sister is wonderful.