Caught and Punished For Wearing My Sister's Tights

I first began trying on my older sister's tights when I was around 9 years old , over 35 years ago.I'm from the U.K. so tights here mean  pantyhose and heavier tights. There was only myself,my older sister and my mother in the family.Both my mother and my sister (who was almost 10 years older than me) had to wear tights as part of their work/collage uniform so I was used to seeing pairs of tights drying on radiators or lying in bundles for washing. The bathroom was like a tights shop! I loved going into my sisters bedroom in secret and rumaging in her tights drawer.She had all kinds of different colours and thickness of tights.My favourite pair were black opaque tights she wore to dance classes. I loved how the tights felt on me and the stretchy soft texture of the nylon.  I would dance about in her tights in front of a mirror pretending I was doing ballet. Inevitably I was caught one afternoon by my sister in her bedroom, dressed in a pair of her tan colored work tights.We were a very religious Christian family who attended bible study classes and went to church twice on Sundays. My mother was a caring loving person but she used a cane on both myself and my sister whenever she felt either of us was out of line. My sister was really upset at my behaviour and demanded I be thrashed with the cane. My mother reluctantly agreed and I was given 6 of the most painful strokes of the cane across my backside as I lay over my sister's bed still wearing her tights. This "aversion therapy" did not work and I continued to sneak into her bedroom to try on her tights and occasionally received a caning as a result. Eventually after being caught again wearing my sister tights my mother had a long chat with me. When she suggested that maybe I should be sent to ballet classes  in her words "where boys have to wear tights". I jumped at the suggestion as I had secretly fantasised about learning ballet for a couple of years mostly due to the tights issue. In return I had to promise to no longer wear my sister's tights. At the age of 10 I started ballet classes, the only boy in a ballet school of over 200 girls! My first pair of ballet tights were ironically an old pair of my  sister's black school tights (proper boys ballet tights were too expensive). I can still recall the thrill and excitemant I felt before that first ballet lesson when I pulled on those lovely stretchy black nylon tights and walked out into the ballet classroom. I continued taking ballet lessons and both my mother and sister over time bought me tights as a present and gave me pairs of their old tights to wear either to ballet lessons or for exercising at home. I still wear tights for all sortsd of reasons and activities.

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i was often punished as a child by having to wear them --which included a bit of a twist. but I now love the idea of wearing hose or tights as an adult! :)

I remember that I yelped from the first to the last whack and pleaded with her to stop. I remember how vulnerable I felt wearing the tights and the snaps from the belt were louder. I usually had pants on when I got beat with the belt so it felt terrible with only tights on.<br />
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i'm not sure why I stopped wearing tights around the house but I think that whipping may have had something to do with it. I know I would have been in trouble if it were dad's belts and I had tights on.

I used to wear tights openly around my house between the ages 4 to 7 . I felt so naughty and loved the way they felt. My parents didn't seem to care because I was so young. Although towards the end of “the tights years” I felt uncomfortable wearing the tights around my father. I knew it bugged him.<br />
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I got the belt a few times from my mom while I had them on too. Ouch!!!<br />
I remember one time I heard her pull open the drawer that the belt was kept in. I knew and dreaded that sound more than anything at that period of my life. <br />
I could hear my mom stomping down the hallway and I had a feeling it was not going to be a good afternoon for me. I was hanging out with my navy blue tights and t-shirt on watching television.<br />
Unfortunately my mother had different plans for me. <br />
She busted into the tv room and dished out an *** whipping from hell on me. I must have gotten around 25 licks. I wasn't counting because I was too busy yelping. The licks were focused all over my legs and butt and she knew very well that my tights were on fire. She was red-faced and determined.<br />
It was because she found some matches that I had hidden in my bedroom.<br />
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That night I recall her telling my dad and the neighbor across the street what a beaten I got that day. She also made it known that I was wearing only tights and how much it must have stung. I was so ashamed at the time.<br />
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I hope a time machine is invented during my lifetime so I can go back to that time.

that must have taking some guts proud of you:)

Good work brother! My tights escapades were always Mum based as no older sister. That would have been cool.

Great story sounds like getting caught was th best thing that could have happened with the exception of the cane. I would have taken a beating to wear in public.