Caught By My Aunt

I rememeber when I was around 12 yrs old I was staying with my aunt.  As I was getting ready for bed I had to go to the bathroom.  As I was relieving myself.  I notice some of my aunt's pantyhose hanging on the shower rod as that is where she would dry her hose.  FYI my aunt always wore pantyhose.  With skirts, jeans, shorts. U get the idea.  I reached up and was feeling them and I pulled a pair down.  I took my underwear off and shorts and slipt my aunts drk brwn pantyhose on.  The felt good and I liked the color on my legs.  As I was standing there my aunt opened the door to check on me and there she was standing there staring at me asking my I was wearing her pantyhose.  I stood there looking at here.  She asked why are u wearing my pantyhose do u like wearing them I looked at her and said yeah.  She said well I won't tell ur mom so lets go time for bed.  She said no, no, u can keep the pantyhose on hon now its time for bed.  I was excited as I had worn hose at home but on the sneak as my mom didn't know yet and the only one who knew at the time was my sis.  As I went into the room I was going to be staying at my aunt said hold on be right back she left and came back in with a black nighty said here u can wear this to while u sleep.  I took my shirt off and put the knighty on.  I couldn't believe how good the nighty and pantyhose felt together.  Hell of an experience at 12 yrs of age.  So I climbed into bed and my aunt tucked me in and saw my pantyhose foot hanging out from the covers she caressed it and tickled it I pulled away and laughed.  It tickled but felt good almost turned me on in a way.  As my aunt closed the door I lay there under the covers caressing my legs and started to rub my ****.  Before I knew what had happened I must have been so horned up that I cam.  And boy did it feel so good.  I then got tired and fell asleep comfortably.  As It was morning I woke up and took the pantyhose and nighty off and put my underwear and shorts on.  My aunt came in and she picked up her garments and she noticed my *** stain on her pantyhose and nighty.  She said well let me wash these up and U can wear these again when ever u want as long as no one is here ok I said ok.  She smiled and closed the door.

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You have one cool aunt!!!

Great Aunt ... and a great sister too, since she knew you were dressing at home! You have both of them to thank.

What a sweet understanding aunt you had!!!

All my nighties are nylon and lace. they do feel so sexy to wear.<br />
<br />
I only occasionally wear pantyhose to bed with a nightie. And it is such an extra sexy feel.

Very rare indeed.

Yeah she was a very kewl aunt to have. She understood and ddin't judge just went with the flow of things. Which is so nice and so rare these days

Cool Aunt you have there.

What a wonderful Aunt you have. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you pantman sure i will add u and would love to chat more with you

Thanks hon I will sure add u. And thank you for your comment. xoxoxoxoxo

TY you and yes my aunt was very understanding and a good open minded person. I do miss her though she was one of the ones who truly understood my hose and cd fetish besides my sis and mom.

Thank you. Was one of my other getting caught experiences. My aunt was cool that she didn't tell and that she liked that I liked to wear pantyhose. I think it was probably because she never could have any kids and I think she wanted a girl. So I guess when I visited I became that little girl she always wanted.

hoho,great story!:)