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I have worn pantyhose since I was about 4 when I found some in a bathroom and would try them on because they felt so good. 30 plus years later and I am still wearing. As a young boy who wants pantyhose to wear we resort to stealing. Not something I am proud of, but I recognize the need and have long since beating myself up over my thieving. My grandma was a very feminine lady who quite often wore skirts and pantyhose. As a kid I would sit on her lap and feel the silky hose on her knee. She didn't mind, and as a young tyke it was innocent and sweet. When I got older (teens) I was at my grandparents house alone... I remembered how much I liked to feel grandmas hose, so I started my cat burglar routine to find my silky sheer treasure. Like all of us, it didn't take me long to locate her stash. I found a nice suntan pair and quickly put them on. As I kept rummaging I found a blue pair that just grabbed my attention. I took the suntan ones off and slid into the blue ones. I had never worn a color, and the experience was electric. I was compelled to keep them, they had to be mine. I managed to get them home undetected... and would wear them after school before my parents got home. It wasn't to get sexual releif, I just liked to wear the pantyhose sometimes (i'd by lying if I said I didn't get off when I wore hose as a kid, but there were man times that just wearing hosiery around the house was bliss). On the 3rd day my Dad came home early. I panicked, I scrambled to get the hose off and put some shorts on. As I tried to breathe to calm down I heard dad down the hall. Then I saw the hose out in plain site, so I made one of those baseball flying, ducking, rolling throws and tossed the hose under the bed. Dad was suspicious as he'd heard the noise and apparently caught the tail end of my baseball move. After trying to get me to talk with no sucess, he of course looked under the bed. I was terrified and expected to get killed, ridiculed, and more. Looking back, he was more releived... he expected to find something worse. We talked about where the hose came from, why I had them and tried them on etc. I begged him to not tell mom. (Which he did at some point). It never came up again after that day. I got WAY better at sneaking and hiding. It was the last time I was ever caught.
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I'v been an enthousiast in pantyhose wearing, since I was 4 or 5. Today I'm 46 and I have a 12 yr old son. He's absolutely NOT the future "tough" guy, he's just a kind and lovely boy with a gold heart. He likes to play with "girly" toys, along with "boys" toys from time to time and that was for me too. If I ever "cought" him wearing pantyhose or other women's clothes, the first thing I'd consider would be if the pantyhose is from MY hidden collection...

I'd do anything not to frighten him and, later, I'd try to talk with him and first of all reassure him that I'm NOT angry with him, you don't become a "sissy" by just trying and enjoying women's clothes at home. I did the same when I was a boy and here I am, your dear dad...

The only thing I don't really know is whether and when I'd tell him about MY current crossdressing as an adult...

Great story Sensei! Thanks for sharing.

That's cool! Enjoy it and make the most of it.

my mum found out somehow about my wearing of tights. i begged her not to tell my dad but, two days later, she had confided in him :( apparently he said that they should support me in what i do, as it is not illegal, it's not doing anyone any harm and i could be doing worse. i still haven't confronted my dad about this, but this morning, i wore some black sheer tights under my joggers (without socks!) and either he didn't notice or he didn't mention it. result! oh, one more thing, my mum's buying me some tights for men for christmas :)

jake you are a very lucky person- I wish I had such understanding family as that

some time back I found myself in a situation that I accepted but was never real comfortable in. My Dad showed up early and found me as a girl. He was shocked but never did question.<br />
<br />
Today, i don't CD but have some other quirks that are ignored.

ahh so there's another one for caught but not questioned- the 'ignored' bit- I have often wondered how to describe it

Most have probably guessed by now- Yes I have been caught a few times unfortunatley

Sadly the male stereotype prevails even today. My Dad was a former marine and had that demeanor. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy and we get along great now. He knows I wear pantyhose as an adult and is very accepting. Thinks its weird, but he still loves me.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting!<br />
<br />
Most fathers would understand!......or SHOULD!