My Pantyhose Experience

When I was 16, I was sent to help out my Grandparents at their grocery store for the summer.  After a few weeks, I had settled onto the routine.  I noticed that my Grandmother hung her stockings and pantyhose to dry over the shower rod, something my mother had never done.  Curiosity got the best of me, I tried on a pair of black stockings.  I became hard immediately.  I loved the feel of the nylon, I thought that my feet looked pretty.  Of course it did not take much for me to ***.  From then on, I showered as often as I could and tried on the pantyhose and the stockings each time.  I was ******* so much!  I loved it.

One day, as I was putting on pair of sheer to waist nude pantyhose, my aunt entered the bathroom, she was about 23 at the time, wide hips, large breasts, small feet and the sexiest pair of lips I had ever seen.  I figured that I was in big trouble.  She asked what I was doing, I said trying on Grandma's pantyhose.  She asked why, I said because they made me feel good.  To my suprise, she asked if I would like to see her in pantyhose.  I was in such a state of panic, I don't remember saying anything, but I must have said yes, because the next week she picked me up and told my grandmother that she needed me to do some yard work at her house.

I could see that she was wearing pantyhose under her jeans, they were torn at the knees.  When we arrived at her apartment, she took off her pants, she was wearing sheer to waist taupe pantyhose, no panties.  She proceeded to remove her tee shirt and bra.  What a body, all the better in pantyhose.  I started to get hard.  We went into the bedroom, she had a pair of sheer to waist suntan pantyhose on the bed.  She told me to put them on.  I put the hose on, looking at her all the time.  Once they were on, we laid on the bed.  She said I looked good in the pantyhose, I told her that she looked really really good.  She asked me to kiss and lick her feet.  I like how her feet smelled, like perfume.  She told me straddle her so she could suck my **** through the pantyhose.  I came immediately.  I wanted to penetrate her, but she said I could finger her.  I was not sure what I was supposed to do, but I think she came.  We laid there for a while, then we cleaned up and ate lunch.

This continued for the entire summer, me fondling her breasts, sucking her toes, kissing her all over, fingering her, she kissing me, sucking my ****, jacking me off over my pantyhose, teaching me how to shave my legs.  What a great summer.  When I was brave enough, I told her I wanted to wear high heels with my pantyhose.  She bought me a pair of tan open toed 4" heels.  We would both put on our heels and hose and please each other. 

As in all things, the summer ended and so did my fun.  When I returned home I started sneaking into my Mom's room to steal and wear her pantyhose.  I am pretty sure my Mom suspected something was going on, but she never said anything.  A few years ago my Mom passed away, among the things she left me was her set of luggage.  Inside one of the pieces was a silk bag full of pantyhose.

Almost 10 years later, I love to wear sheer to waist pantyhose, paint my toe nails, wear high heels and keep my **** and balls shaved.  My girlfriend knows and supports me. 


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5 Responses Aug 8, 2009

What do you do if your grandmother catches you wearing her pantyhose?

Sorry bout your mum but do you Stijl keep in touch with your aunt because I'm interested in her even if she's 55 years old I'll still feel her legs in pantyhose anyone looks good in pantyhose

Amazing story, wish i had one like that with my aunt! i always wore hers but was never caught! wish i had of though

Great story. But what happened to your aunt. Have you kept in touch?

I loveyour story.I used to steal my oldercousins pantyhose and rub myselfoff in them till I made a mess of them!!