Caught In Hose By My Sister

When I was just starting to turn 13 yrs old is when I started my phose adventure.  I think I was destined for it.  As I had 2 sisters and I was the only boy in the family.  Plus to top it off my sisters and mom almost always wore pantyhose.  As my mom's job required it and my sister's just wore them for school, cheerleading, or for drill team.  So as you can see I don't think I would have had a choice in the matter.  Well I was started by wearing my sister's and mom's pantyhose.  I tried to wear them when my mom or sister weren't around which was kind of hard at times.  But I got the job done.  One day when my mom went to go pick up my 2 sisters from cheerleading at a football game.  I went into their bedroom as they roomed together.  Started going threw they're drawers and scouting for some pantyhose.  My sisters were older than me.  One was just getting getting ready to graduate from high school who was kristen.  And the other was Jessy who was a sophmore.  I found some tanish dance tight pantyhose in kristen's drawer.  I grabbed them and went into my room and changed into them.  I thought they felt so good on my legs.  They had a bit of a shine to them.  I heard the front door open to the apt. we were staying at.  I hurried and put my pants back on and my socks.  Just then my sister jessy opened the door to tell me they were home.  She was wearing along with my other siter.  Red, white, black cheerleading outfit tan pantyhose white socks and sneakers.  The tops were long sleeve as it was cold out.  Think of how the cheerleaders from zoli girls look.  Like that.  My heart was racing a mile a minute thinking what if they caught me.  But they didn't so I was lucky.  A few days later they were going to have a out of town game the next day.  That night my sisters were getting their stuff ready so when they would go all they had to do was just grab they're bag's and get ont he bus and change when they got there.  It was pretty late when they were getting they're stuff ready.  I didn't think nothing of it.  I closed my bedroom door.  Put my sister's tan pantyhose dance tights on and a shirt and jumped into bed.  I was rubbing my legs and listening to the way they sounded when my thighs would rub together. I was thinking of jacking off in them but, I was so tired.  Before I knew I was sound sleep.  I think it was an hour later or so not sure.  My sister kristen came into my bedroom to ask me something.  When she opened the door and turned on my lamp on my dresser she saw my pantyhose foot outside my covers.  She grabbed the covers and pulled them off me.  I woke up and saw kristen looking pretty mad staring at me in her pantyhose.  I grabbed my shirt and tried pulling it down to cover up my legs.  Which was doing no good.  Also at the same time trying to grab my covers to cover my self up.  She closed the door and asked why I was wearing her pantyhose.  She wasn't loud but it was a lower tone voicie of pist off.  I couldn't say anything.  She said you better not have ruined them, I swear....   She told me to take them off.  I did quickly.  She grabbed them and was looking them over to make sure I didn't ruin them.  To my relief I didn't ruin them.  She turned around and walked out and closed the door.  I was so scared.  I put my underwear back on and tried to go to sleep.  The next morning kristen and jessy were getting ready.  I waited until they were done in the bathroom.  Then I went.  Kristen looked at me in a mean and confused.  Probally trying to figure out why I was wearing her hose.  I got ready for school and my mom dropped me off and then my sisters.  I kept wondering if my mom and jessy knew I wore kristen's hose.  But I figured probally not as they didn't say anything to me after they dropped me off.

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I believe she she was more upset over her territory was violated. And pretty cool she did not rat you out. ;-)

I wore pantyhose during sex with my girlfriend recently and although she was blown away at first she actually prefers them on me now. ahhhhhhhhhhh now that's luck

Same thing happened to me , i was home sick one day , I was 13 , my mother and sister always wore pantyhose , i really wanted to know what they felt like , so i tried a tried a pair , of course with my <br />
sisters bikini undies too.then i put on a skirt and top , stayed like that all day , till mom came home and i changed. eventually i was wearing skirts in front of my mom , she wasnt all that happy about it , always said go change ..... i never did . Any way as i grew older i continued to wear them and just got hooked . I wear them just about every day . They always wore Legg's Sheer Energy or Hanes Alive , those are what i wear today and love it !

ive been wearing pantyhose for long time sense i was 15 and im 44 years old now still wearing i also like to wear them with a leotard with 38b bra on and watch girls in leotards on TV exercise with them on with the tV girls OMG feels so good. just cant break the habit once you have tried it your hooked i like sheer energy leggs pantyhose sheer toe thye feel out of this world good.<br />
<br />
i wear them all the time its a feeling you never forget or do with out

No they nevr did tell my mom she found out later and was plenty mad but dd get over it but took a bit

What a great story,i wonder did they ever tell your mother?I only had brothers,i just can't imagine if i would have had sisters. I know they would have been mad at me for wearing they're hose and gave up and bought some for me.I love pantyhose and wear all the time.<br />

I used to think that I was the only male that enjoyed wearing nylons. Now that I went on line I realize that there are many more just like me.

NICE did your mom ever confront you about you wearing pantyhose. Or did anyone else ever catch you. I wonder what would have happened if your sisters would have caught you wearing their pantyhose. Or found out that you were. Did you ever where anyone else's pantyhose besides your two sisters.

exactly the same thing when I was like 8 yrs old
I still love pantyhoses but I forced myself not to wear them anymore..
don´t know but i think myself wearing them is a sign not bein feminine...
though I could never forget how much i´m desean of a pair of pantyhoses

Yes I did began to wear pantyhose. But I had to be cautious at the time. As I didn't want to get caught again.

I wonder what had happened to you ever since.Then you began wearing pantyhose,didn't you?Or just stop it.

i guess it was pretty exiting story, realli turns me on, tanckyou

They did later on but, not right away