Caught By Mom

When I was about 10-12 years old, I'd been introduced to wearing women's under garments by another boy in the neighborhood. One day when his mom was gone, he'd taken me into his parent's room and we'd tried on various items from his mom's lingerie drawer.

That experience really excited me and I thought about the feeling of a women's undies a lot. So, one evening shortly thereafter, I was home with my mom and 3 younger sibs. My dad was at work and my older (by 2 years) sister was also gone to a friend's house. While mom and my sibs were watching TV, I went to my sister's room and closed the door. I quickly got naked and started putting on items of my sister's clothing. I tried on a bra and her white cottom panties and also her catholic school uniform which consisted of a white blouse and maroon jumper (I think that's what it's called). Anyway, I was just pulling on some of her socks when suddenly the door opened and my mom peeked in asking if I was in there. Well, she saw that I was and suddenly got a big smile as she saw how I was dressed. She said somehting about needing to show the other kids their new 'sister' and took my arm to lead me down the hallway to the living room. I just sorta freaked out and jerked myself away and really felt humiliated. I ran back into the room and ripped off my sister's clothes. Mom didn't press the issue and never said another thing about it. Thank god. LOL.

Anyway, so I was caught wearing my sister's panties, not to mention everything else. Even though I was caught in the act, I still loved that feeling and kept it tucked away until later in life when I could start to indulge in wearing girl's and women's undies and clothing as often as I could.
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Wearing a pair of panties for the first time. Can change your entire life!
Do you ever feel excited thinking about the time you were caught??

iamm sure my mom know iamm wearing her stockings and garter belst,camisole bra but she never saw me .only remove her stockings from drawer near my bed .. and i never go back from my feminine until today iamm married wife not supported me only panties and pantyhos end nothing more ,,but Sasa in me need more and more ,,,often i thinking about divorce but family is stillpriority maybe later ...kisses my sweet lady

My mom almost caught me n the act more than once -; but I was in the bathroom with the door locked -so she never actually saw - though I knew she suspected . Never mentioned it to me directly or indirectly - but start by finding her knee high stretchy socks in my sock drawer . I decided to try them on and never wanted to go back to my boy socks again - when old enough to start buying my own clothes ; I always looked for those types of socks - and ended up in the hosiery depts and never looked back from there ... Be a CD ever since and will not give it up - lost my marriage of 7 years over it and cost me big in the divorce - I don't care - good riddens BEE -ATCH .. SD

Great tale, auntyvikki.<br />
I'm so glad you shared your experience, so that we may read it and relate.!! :-)

Thank you skibi - The divorce part , I really , truely don not wish on anyone- it was crappy and the lawers made out big- I still have trouble though , fathoming how much I lost to her , till today. But the actual marriage loss I think could hav been avoided if we communicated better - and she was more flexible with me . I don;t know , Her arugments were /are still valid I guess - just couldn;t see us making EVERYBODY else content. - rambling now .

I too have been caught but by my sisters. They've always known I liked liked satin/ silky underwear as a kid. The most embarrassing time I caught was in 8th grade I started wearing my dirty underwear because it was sticking out above my jeans. When I bent over she said I was lookin for those. Nothing was ever said but they crack jokes sometimes. I still do wear sometimes daily what ever they leave in the bathroom but only the satin

Thanx for sharing this man ---- I'm on the edge of my seat hanging on every word. You have the most loving sister, you lucky duck.

Mee too, I can't stand cotton ... especially mens tighty , whities.. ".... yuck , puck blah that.... " , Anybody see the movie Slapshot ?

My Mother caught me when I was about 12 wearing her Knickers and nightdress, nothing much was said and I continued wearing her lingerie until I left home and bought my own lingerie, I stopped for a while once I was married, but had to start wearing knickers again and I told my Wife and she accepted the fact, so I have been in knickers for almost 50 years now.