I Wa Caught By My Sister In Her Panties

it was a Wednesday and i had just come home from school well i have 2 step sisters and one has a horse riding lesson on a Wednesday and the other works late so i decided to go into my sisters room and have a look around and i saw a pair of her silk knickers on the floor so i picked them up my heart was beating very quick so i thought maybe i should try them on so i put them down and went got naked and came beck to my sisters room picked up a different (clean) pair of knicker and a bra and one of her black frilly skirts,tights and a tight top with a blazer i stuffed the bra with toilet role and started to walk round i was so hard i was just thinking of having a **** when all of a sudden the door opened it was my older sister Jess she just stood there and looked at me then she said "what are you doing" i dint know how to reply so i just said "sorry" then she said that i am a pervert and to stay there then  she went and rang my other step sister Leah who came back when she came in she giggles and said hi sis so i just looked down then Jess said ok Leah i want you to leave go back to the farm and don't come back for an hour  Leah replied OK as soon as i heard the door shut Jess came over and pulled the skirt down realizing i had a ***** she said awwwww is someones pee pee a little bit hard well we can soon fix that she then took of her top she wasn't wearing a bra and said what do u think of these i was speechless then she took of her leggings and said how about this and put one of my hands on her ***** it was dry so she said wet it so i got my **** out and she got really wet she said omg its huge out it in me then she got on the bed and she lay out then she said come on don't be shy then she said wait out the clothes back on then took some pics of me and said OK now we can then she said come her so i went and sat on the bed so she said put your **** in me so i turned over and ****** her then she said ohh Matt i love this keep going ohh harder when we had finished she said right OK i have these picture now when i am horny we will **** i will take u out in my car and  we will **** okay so i said sure.

end offfff
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Oh that make so horny to the point that I'm playing with my *****.please write more

You got me so hard now

You r Soo lucky! Man I wish I can experience the same thing. So do you still wear their panties and bra? Add me as a friend! I like t share some experience with you

You sure had fun with this -your so lucky!

You are lucky!

I ******* hate u<br />
U lucky bastard<br />
At least she is a step sister and not a blood relative

I like it how the 2nd half of the story got very vauge like you have no expierence in sex ... yet you have plenty of detailed expierence in cross dressing... ******

you are so lucky