Caught Wearing My Sisters Panties

I never even knew i had a sister until just recently, ill leave out the boring details but after about 3 months i became very close to her, going over to her house on weekends helping her around the house, so on the friday i headed over as normal dressed up in my sexy lingerie underneath my normal clothes, so i grabbed my bag full of my over night clothes got to her front door rang the bell and she answered in her nightgown. As she hugged me me jean shorts slipped down to my mid thigh, as i tried to pull them up i had no idea that my baby doll nightie would be showing. She stepped back asking me what was i wearing, I told her lingerie. she told me how cute!!! She told me to come in and shut the door, then said for me to leave my clothes at the door and for me just to come upstairs in my lingerie.
i was nervous but really turned on so as i ******** my normal clothes standing there in just my red silk babydoll, matching red silk bikini panties i went upstairs. when i got to the top she yelled how sexy i lkooked, she told me how she always wanted a sister and told me how we were gonna play dress up all weekend and play with each other. more to come
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Oooh this is exciting stuff, can't wait for more

is a beautiful story

Lucky gurl...mmm

love you story more please,dawn

That's just WONDERFUL!

sexy story wow

Can hardly wait for more!

that,s so hot

what a wonderful time. It must be great to have a sister so accepting of your style.

sounds like fun to me

so hot it made me wet wish i had your sister way cool,what to hear more

You haven't updated us on how it is going with you and your sister><br />

Love the story hun, cant wait to see how you & sis got on, very exciting xxx

Please elaborate, this sounds so interesting!

Lovely and I look forward to read the more to come!

How I wish I had a

Lovely, I think most women accept men in lingerie nowadays.

How exciting. I hope it goes well. It would be sexy to wear some of her clothes.