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Caught Crossdressing

Well ever since I turned 12 I have pursued the interest if putting on my sister panties and dressing up as a girl. Every chance I would get I would throw on a bra and panties put on a dress and give myself a fashion show. I was not interested in men at all I just liked feeling like a beautiful sexy woman and there was nothing wrong with that. I suddenly got to the point to where I was secretly swimming in my sisters bikinis and even sometimes used one of my sisters tampons to anal myself.... Well one day my mom was out of town and my sisters just left to go to the mall so I decided to have a little fun and try on my sisters new skin tight black dress (3 inches above the knee). I put on some silkyy smooth panties and a nice stuffed push-up bra and put on the dress. I felt glamorous until suddenly I herd footsteps coming up the stairs. I was stuck. I had no where to go so there I was in a 6 inch pair of pumps jn my sisters cocktail dress.. My face couldn't blush bc I had already put blush on my cheeks. A little grin went on my sisters face as if she just came up with an idea. She asked me what I was doing u stood there in shock. The only thing I could force out was for her not to tell my mom. Of course if I wouldve known what she was going to do next. Instead she decided that I needed to get some more cute outfits bc I was her " little sister" it's not that I didn't like the idea I just was afraid to be seen in public. Well surprisingly my sister is great with makeup and she made me look honestly like a girl. She even gave me some cleavage with inserts. I honestly couldn't tell I was a guy. I didn't feel like one either. She took me to the mall and we went all over. She made me try on almost all the cute clothes thinking that it was punishment for me but honestly I liked it. We took a whole lot of pictures and I really started to like her. The inky problem was that when we got home she posted those pictures online and said "my fun day with my little brother isn't he cute ;)" I got her to take them off after I explained how I really did like it and stuff hoping she would understand and she did. She let me keep all the clothes and told me that I looked sexy in my dress. :)
Sistersboy2 Sistersboy2 16-17, T 7 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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I've been wearing some of my sister's panties, yoga pants, and dresses for the past 2 years and I haven't been caught. She's younger so the tight feel of her panties wrapped around my **** and balls feels so good. I haven't told anyone, because I'd probably scalded badly :( When I was reading your story I just wished I could be you, feeling sexy ;)

I was caught by my sister, but not quite in the way you were, she caught me m2b8ing in her panties when she came uninvited into my room - there were some consequences that were not unpleasant at all - read the story - games with my sister! Charlie.
By the way I also get turned on dressing up as a woman and have been out as a woman, but only in the dark! - there's a story about that also!

Great story
Add me I'd love to chat


Did she take off the pictures from the internet?

You sure are lucky!!!!

Very Nice! Sisters are BEST!

awome you lucky lucky guy